Braun 9385cc Shaver Review: How Efficient and Worth the Braun Series 9 9385CC Electric Shaver?

The name Braun Series 9 is becoming buzz day by day in the sophisticated men’s grooming industry. The German brand Braun is dominating the foil shaver market for a long time with different electric razor series. You might know that Series 9 is the utmost creation by Braun even the most advanced creation in the industry yet. After doing great business over the market with their Braun Series 9, they launched a new trump card in the series with more advantages that is the 93xx model.
The Braun 9385cc is one of the newest Series 9 shavers and the most popular of them. Although a new release, the brand could minimize the cost very little. Let’s know what’s special in the new costly giant.

What’s in the Box?

Unboxing Braun Series 9 9385cc Electric Shaver

Before you focus on the review, you should know what you will get with the package. There must be some extra things since the price is challenging. So, let’s unbox the package first and find the Braun 9385cc shaver first, and the other following items are included:

  • Advanced cleaning and charging dock
  • A small cleaning brush
  • Travel pouch
  • Charging adapter
  • A Cleaning cartridge
  • User manual

We will cover the qualities and usage of the attachments later on. Just want to say about the manual graph. It is a graphical instruction book with detailed descriptions. The manual makes the shaving process easy and handling the device. The small cleaning brush is very useful for manual fast and simple cleaning of the device.

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Product Analysis

Award-winning Design

The shape of all the Braun series 9 shavers is identical and Series 9 won the German Design award 2017. The new Braun 9385cc shaver comes with a slick graphite design in the typical Series 9 shape. The shaver does not look too glossy like the older models and that feels classier. While you are a lover of glossy design, you might not like this new one but everything of the new shaver looks exactly similar to the older 92xx models.

5 Synchronized Shaving Elements

Did you count your current shaver’s shaving elements ever? While you have a foil shaver, you will find it 2-4 shaving elements and very few come with 5 shaving elements. All the Braun Series 9 shavers come with world’s most advanced 5 shaving elements. Do not mix shaving elements with cutting elements; I said shaving elements in the Series 9 shavers.

If you are familiar with Panasonic Arc 5 shavers, you will find 5 cutting elements only there and the Arc5 is the only competitor of Braun Series 9 on the market. But the Series 9 comes with 4 cutting elements and different element has different duty while shaving. Braun used world’s most advanced technology to arrange the shaving elements to deliver advance shaving experience. Among the 5 shaving elements there are 2 OptiFoils, 1 Lift & Cut trimmer, Direct & Cut trimmer, 1 Skin Guard. Let’s elaborate the elements for better understanding:

#OptiFoils 2x

OptiFoils are Braun’s typical foil blocks that cuts the hairs from the base and cover all type of hairs. If you are familiar with Braun’s down-grade shavers like Series 1, Series 3 you will find there are 2 foil shaving elements and they are enough to do their duty for a complete shave. But Braun used more advanced foils on their series and named OptiFoils that provide maximum foil cutting action for a clean and close shave in every stroke.

#Lift & cut trimmer

There are some facial hairs that lei over the skin and feel stubborn to the electric shaver to cut. Consequently, Braun used the advanced Lift & Cut trimmer on their Braun Series 9 shaver head. The trimmer guides the flat lying hairs and pulls up and cuts those hairs for minimizing hair spare. Thus the shaver ensures cutting the flat lying hairs while the OptiFoils fail to capture them.

#Direct & cut trimmer

There are some hairs that grow in different directions and feels messy. While you have a coarse hair, it’s very common for you. It’s pretty difficult to capture those messy hairs by the foil holes even there is chance to leave some hairs. For that, Braun used Direct & Cut technology on their Series 9 shavers that easily can read the messy hairs and capture them to cut effortlessly.

#Skin guard

You might be heard the Braun Series 9 shavers are blessing for sensitive skin. Braun used a unique skin guard on their series 9 shavers with the shaving elements. The Skin Guard protects the skin from the cutting elements controlling the pressure while passing. Thus the shaver makes the shaving process comfortable and keeps the skin super safe.

All the shaving elements work together while make a stroke and delivers smooth and super efficient shaver every time. Although 4 cutting elements, these are enough to compete with Panasonic Arc 5 shaver’s 5 blade actions. The Skin guard is a bonus thing for more secure and comfortable operation.

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SyncroSonic Technology

This is an old topic on the Braun Series 9 family. Braun uses the unique SyncroSonic Technology in their Series 9 shavers. As a result, the shaver produces 10,000 motions per minute that make 40,000 cross-cutting actions. Doesn’t it sound tremendous? Yes, only the Braun Series 9 shavers can cut too fast to make very quick shaves since it features sonic technology. The rival Panasonic Arc5 may fall through the cutting action of SyncroSonic technology. The new Braun 9385cc did not break the tradition and works like the other series 9 shavers in terms of the unique technology.

Upgraded Advanced Battery

One of the main notable points that upgraded in the new Braun Series 9 shavers 93xx is the battery power. Braun claims they made the new battery 20% larger than the older series 9 models. As you know the Lithium-ion batteries of the older series 9 shavers provide 45-50 minutes of cordless runtime. But Braun says the new 93xx shaver will deliver up to 60 minutes of performance time with a full charge. I also acknowledge their claim. They noticeably upgraded their new battery power although the older runtime was adequate.

I think they wanted to capture the Philips Norelco 9000 models market where the battery provides 60 minutes runtime. Although the Philips Norelco shavers are rotary type and they are not the real competitor. Does the Braun 9385cc really provide 60-minute runtime? The answer is positive and the battery really provides a great runtime of 60 minutes. Since a cordless device, the battery power really matters and the Braun 93cc shavers pass in the term.

The shaver takes approximately 60 minutes for a full charge after inputting the charging cable or charging dock.

On the other hand, the Braun series 9 shavers provide a quick shaving facility with a 5 minute quick charge. When you are in a hurry and need an urgent shave but your shaver’s battery is fully drained, you can charge the shaver within 5 minutes and it will provide you enough juice for a full and accomplished shave.

This facility indicates that the shaver is not for corded use. Yes, Braun series 9 shavers do not work while it’s on charge. So, you are not allowed to use it while charging. This feature keeps the shaver and you secured from electrical shock or any other accidents.

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Durable Design

No one wants to invest in a fragile product moreover such a big budget product like Braun Series 9. Braun developed their new series 9 shavers with ultra durability. The manufacturer produces the shavers to last a minimum of 7 years. Don’t you think it’s a very long period? An electric product that lasts minimum of 7 years is really a big deal and a shaver is a frequent using product though. The made in German Braun 9385cc shaver has a well finished graphite plastic body.

Although plastic, it feels sturdy enough but not as strong as the metal body. While comparing with Braun Series 7, the built quality of series 7 will defeat the series 9. As we know the series 7 is also made for 7 years of durability. The rival Panasonic Arc5’s built quality also feels sturdier. I don’t know if series 9 will last until 7 years since I don’t have 7 years of experience. But have been using older series 9 shavers since 2016 and still, these look very new.

Advanced 32bit Chip

Braun says they have made a major update in the inner processor of the shaver adding a 32bit chip. The older Braun Series 9 shavers feature an 8bit processor where the new processor sounds great. But I didn’t feel anything changed in the power and didn’t understand what the main use of the upgraded processor is. I think it’s good for handling the inner technologies flawlessly.

Waterproof Device

All the series 9 shavers are 100% waterproof. So you are allowed to clean the shaver with direct running water. Just detach the foil chamber and rinse it for a thorough clean while you don’t want to buy cleaning solutions with extra cost. Since waterproof, you can use the shaver under the shower or into your bath tub and you don’t need to worry about water causing damage.

Wet/dry Shaver

The Braun 9385cc is a wet and dry shaver. So you can have a quick shave with the shaver and also allowed for refreshing wet shaves. You can use water, foam, shaving cream, gel, or soap for wet shaves and make a refreshing shave. The wet & dry is a common facility to the all series 9 shavers since such an expensive shaver series. You may know most of the wet-dry shavers do not provide satisfactory shave even with maximum tries in the wet shave. But the series 9 is special in this fact and provides identical performance to the dry shave.

Premium Slide-up Trimmer

An additional trimmer with a shaver is a very useful thing. Some men like to keep their mustache and shave off the beards. The additional trimmer helps the person to shape and precise the mustache. Shaving the sideburns is a must doing thing while shaving the beard. If you don’t have a precision trimmer, you have to go with manual scissors and that is not ideal in this digital grooming world. Or you can buy a separate trimmer costing some extra bucks. However, all the series 9 comes with a precision slide-up trimmer. And the new 93xx shavers also come with the typical popup trimmer of the series 9. There is nothing new in this fact and provides the identical performance. But it is adequate for precision trimming and better than the rival’s built-in trimmers.

Pro LED Display

The time of assuming battery status, hygiene status, travel lock status has gone. Now it’s time to stay up to date with digital LED display. All the Braun Series 9 shavers come with a Pro LED display that indicates important status with digital icons. Braun improved the LED from blue icons to white in the new series 9 shavers that look clearer. Another improvement is the battery icon that provides a clearer idea about charging the battery.

In the Braun 9385cc’s LED the battery status shown with 5 white segments. Each line indicates 20% of the charge and when the battery time remains less than 9 minutes, it starts the count down from 9-0 and the segments disappear. There is a travel lock indicator with a lock icon, a cleaning reminder indicator with 2 water droplets, a replacement head signal with 3 foil lines and a head shape icon, and a charging alert indicator.

10D Pivoting Head

A flexible head makes the shaving process easier and comfortable. How would be if your shaver head flexes in 10 directions? Yes, Braun claims their new generation series 9 shaver head pivots in 10 directions. That means there is no side or direction that the shaver head can not move at. To clarify, the head can swivel back and forth, left and right; and moreover, the foils can move up and down independently.

The Braun series 9 shaver’s heads are super flexible and the world’s one of the most flexible heads ever. In the term of the pivoting head, the rival Panasonic Arc5 will be defeated where the arc5 has a very complex and bigger head. Even the new Series 9 93xx shaver head is more flexible than the older series 9 shavers. That is to say that the older series 9 shavers are also the world’s most flexible shaving heads and the newer ones are more advanced. To sum up, you are going to experience the ultra-flexible shaving facility with the Braun 9385cc shaver.

Beard Density Adjustment

The Braun 9385cc along with all the Braun Series 9 shavers comes with auto sensor technology. The technology reads the beard density automatically and adjusts the shaving power. I have a thick beard where the shaver produced high torque for shaving the thick hairs efficiently. If you have a thin beard, it will produce lower torque to make the shaving process more comfortable. Therefore, the shaver is efficient to cut any type of hair without manual power adjustment.

Precision Head Lock

The flexible head may be the reason for difficulties while shaving in a specific area. That is why Braun used a head lock system to get rid of the difficulties. The shaver head locks in 5 pre-determined positions to shave at a specific angle or position. You will find the head lock button above the S9 wet/dry logo. Yes, that dotted big button is for multi head lock system. Just slide down the button to lock the head at your preferred position and enjoy a fixed head shaving facility too. In conclusion, the Braun series 9 is an all-rounder shaver in the terms of the shaving head.

The Cleaning and Charging Dock

Since a CC shaver model, the Braun 9385cc comes with the world’s most advanced automatic cleaning and charging station. This is an alcohol based cleaning base and universal charging socket that cleans, dries, lubricates, and charges the device at the same time with a touch of the start button. The alcohol based cleaning solution into the cleaning dock cleans it hygienically and lubricates every time to make the shaver new like every time.

You will get a piece of free cleaning solution into the package and you have to replace the cartridge after consuming the alcohol based solution. Charging with the dock saves your extra effort to charge it and also it doesn’t need to remind the charging time in your busy life.

What about Traveling?

Braun provides a hard deluxe travel pouch with the Braun 9385cc shaver. The travel pouch is improved from the older series 9 shavers and it’s more secure. The travel pouch allows you to keep the shaver super safe inside your baggage and protect from outer hits.

Since the shaver comes with a super powerful battery, it offers you to stay with clean face during the full holey day. The battery is capable of covering a full month with cordless power if you make a full charge before the travel.

The shaver features an adorable travel locking system that locks the shaver from accidentally turning on. If you are in a travel and the shaver is inside your baggage, the power button might be pressed by any other carry from your bag. This press can not turn the shaver on if you turn the travel lock on. Just press the power button for 3 seconds to activate the travel lock and it will show a red lock icon on your display. Easily deactivate the travel lock while using the device by another long press of 3 seconds. To sum up, the Braun 9385 is a travel friendly shaving device tough.

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Built Quality of Braun 9385cc

Always Braun Series 9 has mixed feedbacks since everyone has a different outlook.  But no one will praise its mostly plastic-built casing since the Braun Series 9 is the most advanced and expensive electric razor production. Braun did not make any noticeable update to the new generation Braun Series 9 shavers like Braun 9385cc in the built quality.

The first thing you’ll find the change is the color where the older models were glossy chrome finished but the Braun 9385cc has a graphite finish. Braun’s specialized shaving elements are always praised by the users and grooming experts for what the Series 9 shaver can capture more hair without compromising any type of hair even flat-lying or curvy grown.

Another admirable feature is the headlock system of Braun Series 9 that allows you to lock the flexible head in 5 predetermined positions. The main rival Panasonic arc5 features only 1 direction headlock if you compare. You’ll find the headlock switch at the front side of the shaver right above the Series 9 logo. The switch has too many textured pimples that make handling easier while sliding the switch up and down. Right below the S9 logo, you’ll find the power button where Braun engineered the travel lock too.

The manufacturer updated the LED display with HD white emitting icons rendering blue icons from the older models. At the bottom of the shaver, there is the power socket where you can charge with the power cord directly if you do not use the cleaning & charging unit. When looking at the rare side, I did not find anything new there where you’ll find the popup trimmer that you need to slide up and down to open or close and two studs that are used for adjoining the cleaning center. Some users said built quality would be great if Braun would have used a metal casing or a sturdy body in the new update. But I think Braun tried to maintain the lightweight body of the shaver for maximum user-friendly operation.

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Braun is always proud of their Series 9’s shaving performance and they claim the shaver is the world’s most efficient production ever. The Braun 9385cc creates 40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute to make the shaving process faster and smoother. In terms of close shaving, the Braun Series 9 9385cc doesn’t take more than 1-2 stroke at a place to complete its operation.

So you can say the shaver is good enough for making close shaves. If you have a 3-day long beard, the shaver will not leave a hair compromising with the stubbles where most of the premium shaver fails. Braun Series 9 never compromises with the cutting power while using wet or dry. Braun’s super flexible shaving head and floating foils make the shaving process comfortable than any other shaver on the market. As a result, most skin health specialists suggest Braun Series 9 shavers for irritation-free and most comfortable shaves even if sensitive skin.

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Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and proper maintenance keeps your shaver healthy and active to feel new-like every time. So, we do recommend keeping your device hygienic with careful cleaning and maintenance. Braun Series 9 shavers come with universal cleaning facility that allows you to clean it in all the methods. Let’s know which cleaning method is suitable for you:

#Cleaning with cleaning dock

You know the Braun 9385cc electric shaver comes with world’s 5 action alcohol based cleaning dock. The dock allows you to clean the shaver automatically without any effort. To clean the device after every use, you need to put the shaver head into the cleaning base and then press the start button. You are done! Your cleaning station will automatically select the cleaning program to clean the head and inside the foils thoroughly.

After 1 hour, you can detach the shaver from the cleaning base and you will find the head is shining like a new shaver. By this method, the shaver will be charged fully and make your foils ready for next use with proper lubrication. Certainly you do not need to wipe or make manually dry the shaver since the cleaning dock dries the head together.

#Rinse the head for thorough cleaning

Since the shaver 100% washable, you are allowed to clean the shaver thoroughly with direct running water. To clean the shaver in this method, you need to detach the foil chamber by pressing head buttons situated left and right to the head.

After detaching the foil chamber, put the shaver head into the tab and turn the power on. After turning the shaver on it will make the blade motion and wash out the debris easily and then turn off it after 10-20 seconds. This method will thoroughly clean the inside blades thoroughly. After that, put the foil cassette into the tab. By this attempt, it will clean the foil blocks too.

You can use some liquid soap or any other lubricator to hygienically clean the shaver. After cleaning the head, softly jerk out the shaver to remove the excess water and then wipe it out with a soft towel. Then attach the foil chamber to the head by a soft push. I recommend using a couple of drops of appliance oil after drying the shaver for lubricating the blades before the next use.

#Cleaning with the cleaning brush

Again you know the shaver comes with a little cleaning brush. This brush is very useful to clean the shaver manually without water. To clean with the brush, just wipe the foil cassettes easily and then detach the foil chamber. After that, wipe out thoroughly inside the header to clean the blade debris. After cleaning the blades, clean the foil cassette too. And again put the chamber in its place for next use.

You can choose any of these 3 methods according to your convenience. Since the replacement cleaning solution charges some extra cost, you can choose the manual cleaning methods to save the cost. But I do recommend cleaning the device with the cleaning dock to keep the shaver super hygienic.

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Replacement Parts of Braun 9385cc

The main replacement part of the device is the foil cassettes. There is a replacement foil alert icon on the LED display which shows three foil lines. I found the replacement head signal is worthless and it alerts very frequently even your foil is new and good enough. I recommend replacing your foil cassettes when the performance goes dull. Replacing a new foil cassette will make your shaver performance like a new one. Replacing will not break your bank but make your shaver feel newer.

Since a CC shaver, you need to refill the dock with cleaning solution after consuming one. Dock cleaning and charging makes your shaver fresh and active. So, refill your alcohol based cleaning dock cartridge to keep cleaning process easier and healthier.

All the replacements are available on Amazon and I recommend buying a spare one while ordering the shaver. This will help you to stay drop less using habit.


  • Advanced battery with more power.
  • Blessing for sensitive skin and very comfortable operation.
  • Durable built quality.
  • Very close performance.
  • 32bit chip.
  • More user-friendly LED display.
  • Waterproof.
  • Wet/dry shaver.
  • Travel-friendly.
  • 10D pivoting head.


  • Plastic-made body.
  • Did not compromise the price.
  • Should have update the slide-up trimmer’s quality.


Braun Series 9’s new revision comes with some improvements such as battery, processor, LED display and more where the Braun 9385cc is a graphite model. The Braun Series 9 9385cc has enough positive aspects to beat any other alternatives and acquire user’s satisfaction.

But Braun did not make any compromise with the price range where the new generation Braun Series 9 is the world’s most expensive shavers ever. Undoubtedly the Braun9385cc along with all the Braun Series 9 shavers are the highest-end electric shaver production in the industry.

So, we would like to suggest the Braun 9385cc only if you have a need for the most comfortable shaving experience with smooth/fast results and quality precision trimming.

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What’s the warranty period of this shaver?

2-year warranty.

Is it returnable?

Yes, it’ll cover 60 days of return policy if you buy it from Amazon.

What is the difference between the Braun 9390cc and 9385cc models?

There is no difference except colors. The 9385cc comes in a graphite appearance and the 9390cc comes in a matte silver appearance.

Can you clean or charge the shaver with an older cleaning dock from the older generation Series 9 shavers?

No, the cleaning units have been designed for specific models only. You can not clean the shaver with any other model’s cleaning dock.

Can you use it out of the U.S?

Yes, the shaver comes with a universal power adjustment capacity. So, you can use it anywhere in the world.

Will it hamper the battery if you place the shaver very frequently in the clean & charge dock although the battery has enough power?

No, the cleaning center is very smart since it can select the programs automatically and does only the thing it should do. It will stop charging while the shaver has a full charge.

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  1. You said it comes with pro led, but do not find anything special in this new shaver of braun’s series 9. Are you over stating the new release or is there really something more? I found my friend’s 9290cc has the same led. Even the both have similar design and function. On the other hand, the 9385cc do not come with the lubricant oil and we need to buy It separately I found in your unboxing list. How would you react this?

    • Hi Nicolas,
      The matte look of 9390cc is really good. But there are lots of people who like the unique graphite look as well. I think it’s your personal opinion about the color choice that could be adverse by other people.

  2. Overall okay. But not good for longer hairs as described 3 days beard. My older norelco shaver worked better for long hairs which costs almost half of this Braun shaver. Liked its comfort cut system.

    • Hi Karl,
      The Graphite Braun Series 9 shaver (Braun 9385cc) is a new product in its line. Unfortunately, the manufacturer doesn’t sell the new graphite replacement head separately and I wish they will produce it very soon. However, the new matte silver replacement head (Braun 92M) is available now that comes with the Braun 9390cc. You can use that one now instead. Remember, the matte silver one and the graphite one have no significant difference except the color.

      -Thank you.

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