Braun Series 9 9390cc Electric Razor Review vs Alternatives: How Efficient, Powerful, and Worth Buying Is This Expensive Shaver?

The German brand Braun made 2 major revisions to their highest-end Series 9 shavers after the first release. They declared that their new revision comes with many updates and more facilities. The Braun Series 9 9390cc is the most advanced model in the new release that comes in a matte silver finish instead of the older glossy chrome finish. I’m sharing all the features and specifications in this article, including updates and my full experience with the Braun 9390cc shaver.  This will help you make your proper decision before buying your next electric razor.


SpecsBraun Series 9 9390cc
TypeFoil shaver
Total cutting elements5
Shaving head10-D pivoting head
Wet/dry shavingYes
Washability100% washable
Automatic clean & charge dockYes
Power SourceLithium-ion rechargeable battery
Runtime60 mins
Charge time1 hour
Quick charge5 minutes
Cordless + CordedNo
Precision trimmerYes
Head lock5 predetermined positions
Supported voltUniversal volt (110v-240v)
Travel lockYes
Special technologyAutosense technology
Motor32bit high power motor
Cutting action40,000 cross-cutting actions/minute
DisplayFull HD LED
Warranty2 years
Guarantee60 days money-back guarantee

What’s in the Box?

You will find nothing extra than the older Series 9 models; the inside is like the traditional Braun Series 9 package.

But the new sign on the box, “New” is sealed to clarify that it is not a refurbished product. Along with the Braun Series 9 9390cc shaver, we found the following items:

  • Premium travel pouch
  • Cleaning and charging station
  • Cleaning brush
  • A cartridge
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

Features and Specifications Analysis

You can differentiate the new Braun 9390cc shaver from the older 90xxcc and 92xxcc ones in terms of features. So, the trump card is into the new features to achieve the market.

Improved Battery:

The biggest change over the new Braun Series 9 is the battery power.

Braun used a 20% larger battery on the Braun series 9 9390cc shaver.

If you are familiar with the older series 9 models, you know those models provided 45-50 minutes of cordless shaving.

But the new generation Braun series 9 shaver provides 60 minutes of continuous shaving with a full charge.

Does the claim worth it?

Yes, when I tested the shaver to check the battery power, it provided me a similar cordless power as the manufacturer advertised.

So, It’s a great improvement by Braun in their 2020 version series 9 shavers. What is the exact charging time?

The charging time is like the traditional series 9 shavers that take 1 hour for a full charge.

Although no change in charging time, 1 hour is not a big deal and the minimum period of all the electric shavers on the market.

Tip: After unwrapping the package, first charge the device for 2 hours and then use it. Make the battery fully empty before the 2nd charge; do this procedure twice yearly to keep your battery healthy.

#5 mins quick charge

The quick charging option is not new to the series 9 shavers.

All the Braun series 9 shavers provide a 5-minute quick charging option to have an urgent shave if your battery is fully drained and you are on the go.

For this option, you do not need to wait for a long 1 hour to charge it fully and then shave.

Upgraded LED Display:

Braun 9390cc electric razor

Braun emphasized the digital display on the shaver and improved with lighting colour and functionalities.

The old LED displays the icons and indicators with blue emitting lights, but the new, improved display shows the icons and indicators with a more HD interface and white emitting led.

Braun added a battery icon below the battery segment countdown to confirm the battery segment gives a better look.

I found the icon is not much useful practically, but a better look.

There are 5 battery life segments where every segment lasts for 20% of the total battery life.

There is also a charging indicator, a cleaning indicator, a replacement head indicator, and, most importantly, the travel lock indicator.

This smart display will feel like your cell phone, I think.

5 Synchronized Shaving Elements:

shaving elements

There are 4 shaving blades on the Braun series 9 shaver head that work together to provide efficient shaves in every stroke.

Why does Braun say 5 synchronized shaving elements?

You see, a special soft divider between two cutting elements prevents the blade from engaging with the skin too harshly.

The divider ensures a more secure cut with super skin comfort beard shaving without any skin irritation.

Including the divider, Braun advertised there are 5 shaving elements.

But there are practically 4 shaving elements that cut hairs at different angles.

So, do not mix the shaving elements with cutting blades where you see, the Panasonic arc5 actually features 5 blades, but the Braun 9390cc does not.

What are those 4 shaving elements?

The foil shaver contains 4 different shaving elements on the head, and everyone has a different duty to fulfil the most efficient shaving result.

The shaving elements and their duty are following:

#2x optifoils

The front and last shaving elements on the shaver head are called Optifoil blades.

These are the Braun’s usual foil chambers why the shaver is called a foil shaver.

The Optifoils persistently cut all kinds of hairs to make smooth results.

#Direct & cut trimmer

The next cutting element from the front of the shaver is the direct & cut trimmer.

The function of this special cutting element is to capture and cut the hairs that grow in different directions and makes the beard messy.

When the Optifoils fail to capture the messy hairs from different directions, the direct & cut trimmer accomplishes this task without sparing any single hair.

#Hyperlift & cut trimmer

This is another special cutting element coated in golden colour.

This cutting element captures the flat-laying hairs and lifts them to the cutting elements to cut them efficiently.

For this game changer element, the shaver does not leave any hair and makes flawless shaves in every stroke.

Is Braun series 9 9390cc capable of competing with Panasonic arc5’s 5-blade duty with its 4 blades?

Since the elements do their duty flawlessly, there is no chance of sparing a single hair to be defeated in terms of shaving quality.

On the other hand, the only rival Panasonic arc5 features a bulky head for having 5 blades at a time, whereas the Braun’s one looks and feels smarter.

Upgraded Power:

Braun made their new Braun series 9 more powerful with an extra-large 32-bit processor.

Do you know how powerful chip the older Braun series 9 shaver uses?

The older series 9 shavers and the rivals use 8bit chip and those are enough powerful to make efficient shave to any kind of hair.

Meanwhile, Braun’s new edition series 9 shavers use a 32-bit chip. Sounds great, huh?

This powerful processor creates high-volume vibrations that can handle any beard density without any compromise.

Although highly powerful, the shaver performs its work gently; this is its speciality.

You would not feel any harshness, although the device makes high torque for coarse beard and accomplish the process with super comfort.

100% Waterproof:

You know maximum Braun shavers are washable. In the same vein, the Braun series 9 shavers are 100% waterproof.

So, it’s not a new feature to the new series 9 edition.

You can rinse and immerse the shaver for up to 30 minutes, and it will not face any water-causing problems.

Waterproof devices are very user-friendly to use anywhere and in any atmosphere.

On the other hand, an electric shaver is a device mostly used in the bathroom and kept on the countertop.

As a result, it’s the best practice to select an electric shaver that comes with a waterproof interface.

So, the Braun 9390cc is very suitable for wet atmospheres even if you can use it under the shower.

Keep the device fully dry while placing it into the charging outlet.

Wet/dry Shaver:

Wet/dry shaving facility is a must having feature now a day’s, even if a man always uses a razor for dry shaves only.

There is no doubt that premium shavers like the Braun series 9 come with a wet-dry shaving feature.

The only matter is to consider the efficiency of shaving while using wet beards.

I found the new Braun Series 9 9390cc is more efficient than the older Series 9 models as you know, older Series 9 models are also great for wet shaving.

The shaver never compromises with its power to cut hairs on wet beards to provide maximum smooth and close shave every time.

In a word, the Braun 9390cc is ideal for wet shaving and undoubtedly efficient for dry shaving.

Note: Clean the shaver thoroughly/place the device into clean&charge station after using it with shaving cream, soap, gel or other liquids.

Advanced Clean & Charge Station:

clean and charge station

You noticed the model name ends with CC(clean and charge station).

The Braun Series 9 comes with the world’s only 5-action alcohol-based clean and charge station.

This very user-friendly device automatically charges, cleans, lubricates, and dries the device with a single touch of the small start button.

The device automatically selects the cleaning and charging method after starting the process.

Since it uses alcohol-based cleaning lubricant, it makes the shaver 99% germ-free and ready for the next use.

So, we recommend using the clean&charge station for cleaning and charging the device, although it costs some extra bucks for refill cartridges.

Precision Slide-up Trimmer:

Braun Series 9 slide-up trimmer

The older series 9 shavers received great customer feedback, and Braun claims the series 9 comes with the most advanced premium slide-up trimmer.

I also acknowledge their proclamation, and I really satisfied with the finishing trimmer.

Likewise, the new series 9 shavers (93xx) have the same slide-up trimmer.

Although a major release, Braun did not improve the new shaver’s additional trimmer.

This could be a downside, but I mentioned before that the older slide-up trimmers are good enough to do their job.

Travel Lock:

Travel lock is a must have feature for such kinds of cordless devices and, moreover, a super expensive shaver.

The Braun Series 9 shavers come with the world’s most advanced travel lock system in its industry.

And the new generation series 9 shavers also come with the same travel lock.

I don’t find anything that needs improvement in this field.

The system is very user-friendly where you need to just press the power button and hold for 3 seconds to activate the lock and follow the same procedure to deactivate it.

After activating the lock, you will find the lock icon is locked in the LED display and show an unlocked indication when you deactivate the lock.

Multi Head Lock:

Braun 9390cc head lock

Sometimes it’s important to have a fixed head while shaving tricky areas.

Since the shaver head of Braun 9390cc is much more flexible and swivels freely, it would be hard to shave tricky areas if there is no head-lock system.

But Braun considered this while developing the world’s most advanced electric shaver series 9.

You will find a physical switch at the front of the shaver that slides up and down to lock and unlock the shaver head in 5 pre-determined positions.

However, this switch will be useful very occasionally while shaving only hard-to-shave areas.

Secondly, not only the Braun 9390cc but also all the series 9 shavers, even older models, come with this switch too.

The Travel Case:

I like Braun’s deluxe travel case with the series 9, and the new generation series 9 packages come with a more advanced and sturdy travel pouch.

The leather travel pouch is strong enough to protect the shaver from external hits.

I observed the shaver didn’t get minimum damage when it dropped from my hand while stored inside the pouch.

So, the shaver is safe enough to get damaged from general accidents.

But the travel pouch can store only the main device, and you must carry the other things with a separate carry bag.

As a result, it may be a downside for some users.

Built Quality

There is no major difference between the older versions of Braun Series 9 shavers and the new Braun 9390cc in the design except the colour. The new generation shaver Braun Series 9 9390cc has a brushed matte silver finish, whereas the older ones have a glossy silver finish. Honestly, I was expecting such kind of update in the Braun Series 9, where the glossy ones felt cheap to me because they easily take the fingerprints and appear lots of smudges while holding.

However, the Braun Series 9 is always blamed for its plastic-built body, and the new generation Braun 9390cc comes with the same built quality. I think Braun is still using the entirely plastic built body in the highest-end Series 9 shavers to keep them lightweight. As a result, it feels pretty comfortable on the grasp and is easy to operate. Braun’s super flexible 5 shaving elements on the Series 9 are always appreciated for super comfortable shaves, even on extremely sensitive skin. In my opinion, no electric shaver on the market can beat Braun’s super special flexible heads and cutting elements on the Series 9 shavers. I think this is why Braun charges a bit higher than the competitors, and the Series 9 is still popular.

While looking over the front of the Braun Series 9 9390cc, the large sliding head lock button will take the attention first. The button has been designed with user-friendly squired pimples that make operating easier. To know the functions of the headlock switch, you can look back to the multi-headlock section above. After the headlock switch, there is the Series 9 and wet/dry logo.

Below the S9 logo is the shaver’s circled power button. The power button is used to start the shaver, start the slide-up trimmer, enable the travel lock, and reset the LED display. Right below the power button, there is the advanced LED display that shows battery status, cleaning alert, battery count down (last 9 minutes), travel lock’s padlock icon, replacement head alert, and more.

The new LED display of Braun Series 9 9390cc is pretty brighter than the older versions and that feels smarter. At the bottom of the shaver, there is the charging port that you can use directly with the charging adapter to charge without the cleaning centre. While looking at the rare side of the shaver, most part of the side has been covered with soft-grip rubber. The rubber has been designed with textured pimples to make it more secure on the grasp. The rubber grip felt pretty comfortable on my hand.

Most importantly, the slide-up trimmer is situated on the rear side. To release the trimmer, there is a small button on it that you need to press and slide up. I’ll make a detailed description of the functions and performance of the trimmer in the performance section. However, the Braun Series 9 9390cc has a well-built quality and smart interface that I appreciate.

Performance of Braun 9390cc

There are many questions about the new generation Braun Series 9 shavers, and the most focused question is how efficient the performance is.

I found the Braun 9390cc performs similarly to the older generation Braun 92xx.

However, the most expensive electric shaver Braun Series 9, is always overwhelming for its performance and ergonomics.

I’m sharing my shaving experience with the Braun Series 9 9390cc separately for your better understanding.

Shaving Closeness:

A shaver is always considered good if it can shave close enough.

I tried the shaver from all angles, including wet shaves, to get the proper idea about the shaving efficiency.

I found it worked well at all angles and provided me very close shaves in every stroke.

The result is comparable with the close shave monster Panasonic arc5, but the Braun 9390cc feels better while passing for its comparably smaller head. 

Even the Braun 9390cc feels better than the Panasonic Arc5 for versatile shaving ability that can reach tricky areas, and moreover, I could lock the head to shave problem areas.

Although the shaving closeness is not beatable that of the safety razors, the result is very smooth and close to competing with other highest-end shavers.


Braun engineered their top-of-the-line shavers (series 9), especially for comfortable results since the lower grade Braun Series 7 is also great for close shaves.

I think Braun’s effort is not vain, and possibly the Series 9 is the world’s most comfortable shaver series in the foil line.

My shaving result without any softener like cream, foam, or water was extremely comfortable.

Braun’s floating shaving elements respond with facial curves and skin sensitivity to deliver comfortable operation without irritating the skin.

I never felt the pulling and tugging issue with the Braun 9390cc and got very smooth results though.

Shaving Long Hairs:

Generally, foil shavers are not good for shaving long hair.

But Braun Series 9 is always praised by consumers for comparably longer beard-shaving ability.

The Braun Series 9 9390cc can shave up to 3 day’s long beard smoothly without any hassle, whereas the bulky Panasonic arc5 is flimsy.

I tried it on 1-day beard, 2-day beard, and 3-day beard and got satisfactory results.

If you use it for 4 days long beard, this powerful shaver will not gem up, but you have to make several strokes at a place for a smooth shave.

If you shave longer than 3 days beard, you can trim it with the built-in trimmer to make stubble and then shave it off.

Precision Trimming:

The built-in precision trimmer works well for final touches, and you can also trim longer hairs to make stubbles.

But it will take longer than regular beard trimmers since it has a narrow and shallow shape.

Moreover, you may feel uncomfortable while using the precision trimmer for its straight design, whereas the Braun Series 7’s precision trimmer feels more user-friendly.

However, it will not be a problem after getting used to, and moreover, the trimming result is good enough to complete your precision trimming perfectly.

Rating: I’ll rate Braun Series 9 9390cc 9 out of 10 in term of its performance.

Replacement Parts

The Braun Series 9 9390cc is a very new release by the Brand.

That is why the main replacement part (Foil Cassette 92M) is unavailable on the market. But the older foil cassette 92S is perfectly suitable and fits on the 93xx shavers.

Therefore, you need not worry about finding the replacement foil because the 92S is widely available on Amazon.

So, you can use the 92S on your new Braun 9390cc shaver. This is to clarify that you need to replace the foil cassette after 12-18 months of use of the original one.

I think Braun will release the 92M very soon, and you may get that before your original cassette goes dull.

Are the 92M and 92S similar?

Partially yes. The designs, dimensions, technology, and functions are identical within both models.

The only difference is the color.

The original (92M) has a silver matte finish, but the 92S has a silver glossy finish. That’s it.

Another replacement part is the cleaning cartridge.

The cleaning cartridge is also available on Amazon.

So, I think you do not need to panic about the availability of replacement parts since these are available enough.

Cleaning and maintenance

Proper maintenance keeps your shaver’s health active and extended.

Since the 9390cc comes with an automatic cleaning and charging station, it will give you 2 types of cleaning convenience (automatic & manual).

Automatic Cleaning:

Again, the Braun series 9’s cleaning and charging station automatically cleans, charges, dries and lubricates the shaver.

How to clean the shaver automatically with the cleaning dock?

If you are new to Braun’s automatic cleaning and charging station, you should follow the user manual provided with the package for careful cleaning.

Unaware maintenance of the cleaning dock may damage it.

Lost your user manual?

Then follow the following instructions to clean your shaver with the cleaning dock automatically.

Step 1: You will find a big button behind the cleaning dock. Just press the button to pop open it.

Step 2: Carefully remove the protective plastic cap from the cleaning cartridge included with the package.

Step 3: Insert the cartridge from the rare side of the dock like the following image.

How to insert the cleaning cartridge into cleaning dock

Step 4: Push the upper dock down until you hear a click sound that indicates lock the dock.

Step 5: Insert the power cord into the dock and put the adapter into a power socket.

Step 6: Turn the shaver off and put the shaver head into the dock (keep the front side at the front).

Step 7: Press the power button (the only button up-front of the dock) and then the dock will automatically select its functions and accomplish its work after 1 hour.

Enjoy your new-like shaver after 1 hour.

Important: keep the headlock witch unlocked before placing the shaver into the cleaning dock. Otherwise, the shaver will not be set perfectly.

Manual Cleaning:

Automatic cleaning is easier and healthier, but you must spend some extras after draining your cartridge.

As a result, sometimes, you need to clean the shaver manually.

Manual cleaning is also very easy for Braun series 9 shavers. Y

ou will find manual cleaning guidelines in your user manual too.

Here I’m sharing my manual cleaning method for your convenience.

Dry cleaning

The Braun Series 9 9390cc comes with a small cleaning brush you will find in the package.

The brush is used to make fast dry cleanings of the shaver.

Just detach the foil cassette and carefully brush the inside blades and outer foils to remove the debris.

After fully removing the dirt, put the cassette back in place, and you are done.

Wet cleaning

Braun 9390cc wet cleaning

Since the Braun 9390cc is 100% waterproof, you are allowed to do thorough manual cleaning with direct running water.

For a manual wet cleaning, follow the following steps.

Step 1: Turn the shaver on and put the shaver head under the tap.

Step 2: After 20-25 seconds, turn off the shaver.

Step 3: Detach the foil cassette to clean the inside blade thoroughly.

Step 4: Repeat the cleaning method after removing the cassette.

Step 5: Clean the cassette separately and attach it after a rinse.

Step 6: Jerk off the excess water and wipe with a towel.

Pro tip: Use a few drops of liquid soap for hygienic and thorough cleaning after shaving with shaving cream, gel, and foam.


Lubrication is also important while doing manual cleanings.

Since the Braun Series 9 9390cc does not come with any lubricating oil, you need to buy separate lubricating oil (you can use sewing machine oil).

Lubrication extends the blade life and makes the shaving performance sharper and faster.

Just apply a couple of drops of lubricating oil on the foils and turn the device on to lubricate the blades after thorough manual cleaning.


  • 20% extended battery
  • Premium design
  • Extended processor 32bit
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Close shave
  • More user-friendly display


  • Expensive
  • Traditional slide-up trimmer
  • No lubricating oil included


It’s a great opportunity for you if you are interested in Braun series 9 and intend to buy after the new series 9 release.

Because it comes with a similar price range but some much more facility.

The series 9 is a very powerful shaver production; moreover, the new Braun 9390cc comes with more power.

The powerful but gentle shaver is highly recommended for you if you are interested in premium shavers for the most comfortable and powerful shaving experience.

Too many affordable shavers on the market can provide you good shaves, but series 9 is something special that you can realize after a trial.

Since Braun offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, then why not try once?

Comparison with Alternatives

Since an expensive electric razor, you should not buy it like a blind without having proper knowledge about the alternatives.

The Premium Braun Series 9 9390cc has very few alternatives from other brands, and the Panasonic arc5 and Philips Norelco 9000 are thought to be only applicable in this fact.

The Panasonic Arc5 is a 5-bladed foil shaver, and the Philips Norelco 9000 is a rotary shaver series that features 3 circular blades on the head.

The following chart will give you proper differences among all the alternatives.

SpecsPanasonic Arc5Braun Series 9 9390ccPhilips s9000 Prestige
TypeFoil shaverFoil shaverRotary shaver
Shaving blades5 Nano polished precision-honed4 German blades with a shaving guard3 rotary blades
MotorJapanese high-tech linear motor32-bit motorPhilips’s high performance motor
Automatic cleaning and chargingYesYesNo
Pivoting head16 directions10 directions8 directions
Cutting action70,000 cross-cutting actions40,000 cross-cutting actions
Runtime45 minutes60 minutes60 minutes

The Philips s9000 prestige is the latest model of the Philips Norelco 9000 series. That is why we brought it as the perfect alternative to the newest Braun series 9 shaver.

Which one is best for you?

All these shavers are high-end electric shavers on the market and feature the most advanced technology of the brands. None of them has any questions about shaving performance and built quality. Therefore you have to choose your perfect one with the following method.

Fastest and closest shaver: Panasonic arc5

Most advanced, luxurious, and comfortable shaver: Braun 9390cc

Most advanced rotary shaver for the best smooth and comfortable shave: Philips s9000

How to release and refill the cartridge into the cleaning dock?

Knowing how to change the cleaning refill from the cleaning station is important. You can find a big button behind the dock. Just press the button, and the dock will pop up. After that, you will find the empty cartridge in the dock. Just drag it and replace it with the new one likewise, the old one was set and then push the dock down until it locks and sounds “click”. That’s it!

Can you shave your head with the Braun Series 9 9390cc?

Yes, this is a powerful shaver to handle coarse hair and cut smoothly on any skin type. So, it’s very good for head shaving. But you have to trim first if you have very long hair. In this case, the popup trimmer wouldn’t help you much, and you need to get a separate beard trimmer. After trimming the hair to a shorter length, you can easily shave your head hair very close.

Can I use the Braun 9390’s automatic cleaning and charging station for older Series 9 models?

Partially yes, the new generation cleaning and charging station looks identical to the older cleaning and charging dock. Dimensions and designs are also the same. So, you can put any older series 9 shaver on the dock, and it will charge the shaver without any hassle.  But Braun used more advanced technology in the newer docks that will only clean the 93xx models. Therefore, if you opt to charge your older shaver with the dock, you are allowed but not allowed to clean the device.

Are the older cleaning cartridges usable in the Braun Series 9 9390cc’s cleaning dock?

Yes. Since both models’ dimensions and designs are similar, you can undoubtedly use older cartridges in the new 93xx cleaning docks.

Where can you buy the lubricating oil?

Braun’s official lubricating oil is very available on Amazon. So you can easily buy one or more oil bundles from Amazon.

How to charge the Braun Series 9 9390cc without the charging dock?

Braun provides an auto-volt adjust power adapter with the package. You can directly charge the shaver with the charging cord if you are not interested in charging with the cleaning dock. Just input the jack into the socket, like in the image below. And then put the adapter into an electrical outlet. Remove the charging adapter after having a full charge.
How to charge Braun Series 9 9390ccc without cleaning and charging dock

How many cleans can you make with a cleaning cartridge?

You can clean your shaver with a cleaning cartridge 18-20 times, and after draining the full pack, you need to replace it.

How much does a refill cartridge cost?

$5-$7 per unit. See the price on Amazon

Can you clean the shaver with an older Braun Series 9 model’s cleaning dock?


Where has the Braun 9390cc been made?

All the Braun Series 9 shavers are made in Germany.

How to reset the display?

Press the power button for 10 seconds, and the display will be reset.


  1. Woh, its charm. Nobody gonna blame this shaver and the feel of this item is great. I donot find any alternative to this product. Braun is always great.

  2. The shaver okay overall, but does not deserve the hype created on the market. It seems there is no electric shaver but braun series 9 while viewing market trend. Honestly my older Panasonic arc5 is better than this braun shaver. The only difference is it provides more battery backups than my arc5 es-lv95. I didn’t notice any difference between the power of older version braun shaver and my friend’s new 9390cc but they said it features 4x powerful processor.

  3. Worth its price. Really great experience with with Braun. It was my great decision to buy the Braun 9390cc avoiding negative feedbacks. I’m very happy with its comfort level and cutting quality. Honestly, everything feels premium including the attachments. I don’t think its plastic body is a negative aspect for what people blame the Series 9 most since it’s not fragile.

  4. over the yrs I’ve tried many different brand’s of razor including rotary head absolute pants! foil better,but always come back to Braun, I’ve very sensitive skin,unable to wet shave,as bleed like a stuck PIG! braun always comfortable close shave, maybe exspensive but you get what you pay for quality every time! l rinse head out in warm water get rid of most whiskers, then run through cc I’ve got top up solution l got of net, that way l get 12to18mths out of cart before it’s got be changed for new only takes extra few mins to do that saves a bag of money, it’s nessary to put razor through cc to lubricate head prolonging life of head also remove anything left behind from manuel wash,recharge razor @same time.1ltr proline cleaner fluid last ages just top up when indicater show low,if you mark new cart with flued level so you only top back up to line,save mess of overflow when putting it back in,as pump will displace some when closing down,it’s good system but exspensive if you run it like braun would like you to,my way saves a bag of money on having to change cart every 2to3mths, depending how well you wash head be4 putting into cc it will go long time,you’ll be able to see when needs replacing by amount of debri in bottom of cart!

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