Panasonic ES2207P Ladies Shaver Review: How Efficient is this Inexpensive Women Shaver?

Removing unwanted hair from a woman’s body is crucial, so there is a desperate need for a quality shaver for her. As you know, every part of a woman’s body is very sensitive, so you should choose a comfortable and high-quality electric shaver for removing hair. The Panasonic ES2207P ladies electric shaver comes with hypoallergenic foil, which will provide you with a completely pain-free shave. It is perfect for extremely sensitive skin, and it is now one of the most popular electric shavers for women on the market. Let’s learn everything about this shaving and trimming machine.


  • Ultra-sharp blades: This Panasonic ES2207P electric shaver for women engineered with 3 ultra-sharp shaving blades. The ultra-thin foils can easily follow every contour of the body and provide a quick, close, and comfortable shaving experience.
  • Flexible shaving head: the shaving head can move independently and glide effortlessly over the skin.
  • Shaver and trimmer: the Panasonic ES2207P electric shaver is not only a shaver; it comes with a pop-up trimmer.
  • Wet/dry: this electric shaving machine is waterproof and you can use it with foam, gel, soap or other liquids.
  • Hypoallergenic blades: this women’s shaver is engineered with hypoallergenic stainless steel blades and foil which will prevent your skin from razor burn and provide you maximum comfort.
  • Easy cleaning: since the shaver is fully waterproof, cleaning the shaver is very easy. Just hold the shaver under running water for quick cleaning.
  • Rechargeable battery: The Panasonic ES2207p electric shaver is powered by rechargeable battery which will provide up to 20 minutes of shaving and trimming time per 12 hours of charge.

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What’s in the Box?

  • The Panasonic ES2207P women shaver
  • Protective cap
  • A little cleaning brush
  • Charging stand
  • Travel pouch

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Features and Specifications Analysis

Wet/Dry Shave

Wet and dry shaving with Panasonic ES2207P women shaver

Panasonic ES2207p ladies electric shaver comes with wet/dry shaving technology.

The shaver offers you to have fast dry shaves and refreshing wet shaves with your favorite shaving softeners like shaving cream, soap or gel.

Women body is more sensitive than men.

That’s why women should maintain carefulness while shaving her hairs from sensitive areas.

I recommend every woman who loves to shave her unwanted hairs by shavers to use softeners and get comfortable shaves.

100% Waterproof

The Panasonic Ladies shaver ES2207p is a 100% waterproof device.

3 Floating Shaving Head

This Panasonic shaver has been engineered with 3 floating heads which can move independently and provide you a clean, smooth shaving and trimming experience.

It can glide naturally over the skin and follow every contour individually:  on legs, underarms even on bikini lines.

Pop-up Trimmer

Panasonic ladies shaver ES2207P with popup trimmer

To provide a perfect finishing, this Panasonic ES2207P comes with a pop-up trimmer for using as a bikini trimmer.

To get a clean bikini line and fast remove the unwanted long hairs, 1st trim and then shave if you want.

But the manufacturer did not recommend use the shaver in this area.

Hypoallergenic Blades and Foils

The hypoallergenic blades and foils prevent your skin from razor burns, redness and provide you maximum skin comfort, even on the sensitive skin.

So you can get an irritation free shave after every use.

Shaver Charger

Panasonic ES2207p women shaver charging system

The Panasonic ES2207p electric shaver comes with an AC charger that saves your bathroom counter space by plugging directly into an electrical outlet.

It supports only 110v power outlet. So, this product is not recommended for the outside of the USA.

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The North American Corporations of Panasonic warrants their every product for 2 years from the purchase date.

This product also comes with 2 years warranty. Within 2 years, if your product damages against defective materials or workmanship, the Panasonic Corporation will repair or replace your shaver without cost.

This warranty does not work if your shaver damages for lack of reasonable care, abuse/misuse or accident.

NOTE: This limited warranty coverage for the USA and Puerto Rico only.

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Built Quality

The Panasonic ES2207P ladies electric shaver is very lightweight, the product dimensions are – 4.8 x 3 x 11 inc; total 5.3 ounces.

This Panasonic women’s shaver is engineered with 3 direction flex pivoting head that can move independently and follow every contour of the body – legs, underarms, even in bikini areas.

The hypoallergenic stainless steel blades and foils prevent your skin from any kinds of skin problems like – razor burns, redness, nicks and cuts etc.

The foils help to lift the hair and reduce skin irritations.

The integral pop-up trimmer will start its work by single touch of a button.

If you have long hair, 1st trim the hairs with the pop-up trimmer and then shave.

Otherwise, you may not get a close and clean shave. Especially this trimmer is very workable for the bikini area.

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Battery Life

This Panasonic ES2207P electric ladies shaver is powered by a nickel-metal hydride rechargeable battery.

This battery will provide up to 20 -30 minutes of running time per 12 hours of charge.

The charging time is really so long and the operating time is very short.

But I think 20 – 30 minutes is more than enough for one use.

This shaver is only for cordless use.

#Before use

  • You have to charge the shaver for 12hours before use; otherwise, the battery charge can run out.
  • You have to charge the shaver at least once a week.
  • Be certain the shaver is turned off before charging.
  • The charging indicator will flash when it is connected with the electrical outlet and it will flash up to remove the charger.

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How to Hold the Shaver in Different Area???

To get the best result, hold the shaver at 90-degree angle to the skin as if the 2 blades and the foil can contact with skin together and move it back and forth.


To get a perfect, close, and clean shave, you have to hold your arm enough to stretch and then move the shaver back and forth.


Be certain, move the shaver from your ankle to knee.


You have to move the shaver from outside to inside.


The pop-up trimmer is recommended for this area.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Panasonic ladies shaver cleaning and maintenance

Since the shaver is waterproof, cleaning is so easy and quick. Timely cleaning will keep your shaver long-lasting and workable.

  • Before thorough cleaning, you have to remove the outer foil from the shaver head.
  • To realize the outer foil, you have to press the outer foil frame.
  • Now lift this part from the shaver head.
  • Brush the foil head to remove the loose hairs.
  • Hold the shaver handle under running water. Don’t rinse in the boiled water.
  • For a hygienic clean, you can use a bit of liquid soap.
  • After a rinse, let all the parts dry. And reset them.

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Replacement Part

Replacement is very important to keep your shaver workable.

After replacement, your shaver will provide the same performance as a new one.

The manufacturer recommended that the user have to replace the outer foil annually and the inner blade bi-annually.

But I think replacement depends on using habit and on the shaving performance of the blade and foil.


  • Provides me a fast and clean shave every time.
  • Cleaning is very easy.
  • Affordable price.
  • Lightweight.
  • Water resistant.
  • The pop-up trimmer does a great job without cuts and nicks.
  • There is no skin irritation after shaving.


  • The charging time is really so long.
  • Shaving power is very short ( only 20 -30 minutes)
  • It needs to clean after every use.


I would like to recommend this Panasonic ladies electric shaver personally.

It provided me the perfect value of money.

Shaving performance is able to achieve my satisfaction.

My only objection in this shaver is the charging time.

If you want to buy a new shaver or want to change your regular shaver, I think you should try this shaver.

The shaving performance is quite comfortable and irritation free.

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The Advantages of Shaving

#Pain-free shave

You have to tolerate pain when you will remove your unwanted hair by – waxing, tweezing, threading etc.

but these methods will provide you a long-lasting result.

Although this shaver will provide you a short-lasting result it is fully pain-free.

For a person who cannot tolerate pain like me, this shaver is perfect for you.


The most beneficial feature for me, the dry use of this shaver.

This feature allows me to shave anywhere at any time.

#Fast and easy

This shaver is able to provide me a fast shaving performance.

It can easily glide over the skin effortlessly.

#Easy cleaning

If you prefer to do wet shaves, in this case, you have to clean the shaver after every use but if you do quick dry shave, then just take the cleaning brush and brush all the loose hair.


To minimize the electrical shock:

  • Never charge the shaver beside the bath tub or sink.
  • When you will charge the shaver, handle it with the dry hand.
  • When you will charge the shaver, wipe off any moisture from the shaver and charger.
  • Keep the charger and shaver away from heated surfaces.
  • Don’t use any additional cord with this shaver.
  • The charger is not immersion.
  • Before using the shaver, check the shaver foil and blades, and don’t operate the shaver with damage/broken blades and foil.
  • Don’t charge the shaver with a damaged charging stand.
  • Always attach the charger with the shaver, and then attach the charger with the electrical outlet.
  • Be certain the charger is unplugged before plugging or unplugging the shaver.

One comment

  1. I recently purchased this shaver. I worked as well as any shaver I have used. But the charger was used less than five times and it quit. The replacement charger costs more than the original shaver and charger. BUYER BEWARE!!

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