Braun 3010BT Electric Shaver and Trimmer Review

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Braun 3010BT

Type Foil shaver, trimmer, and edger (3-in-1)
Blades 3
Shaving head Fixed (shaving elements are flexible)
Wet/dry shaving Yes
Washability 100% washable
Automatic clean & charge dock No
Power Source NiMH rechargeable battery
Runtime 45 minutes
Charge time 1 hour
Quick charge 5 minutes
Cordless + Corded No
Combs 5
Trimming lengths 1mm-7mm
Precision trimmer Yes
Battery indicator Yes
Head lock No
Suitable for sensitive skin Yes
Warranty 2 years
Guarantee 60 days money back guarantee

The Braun 3010BT is not only an electric shaver, It comes with 5 trimmer attachments that will allow you to trim your beard too. Braun claims this shaver will give you a clean and close shave. You can trim your sideburns, neck hairs, or groom your beard/body hair in different lengths by the different comb. This foil shaver is 100% washable up to 5 meters. We call this is an all in one hair grooming kit for men. The price is very reasonable which definitely attracts a person. Let’s check if this is for you or not.

Features and specifications

What comes with the package?

  • Braun Series 3 3010BT shaver: it has confusion with this shaver name because BT means Beard Trimmer, it has trimmer’s combs attachment but it is not a beard trimmer, it is a foil shaver.
  • A protective cap
  • Cleaning brush
  • AC adapter
  • A trimmer head
  • 1mm and 2mm combs- for short stubble
  • 3mm, 5mm & 7mm combs– longer length trims
  • Travel pouch

The travel bag which comes with the Braun 3010BT only for the attachments head, you cannot put the shaver or power plug in it. You will need another bag for keeping the power plug and the shaver.

Protective cap: adjoins securely and gives extended coverage over the power button to prevent by chance of turning it on.

The power plug is auto adjusting with 110-220 volt.

Advanced shaving

The 3 pressure sensitive shaving elements work together for a close shave.

It has the sensofoil system and it will protect your skin from the ultra-sharp blades.

5 Trimming Combs

There are 5 trimmer combs with Braun series 3 3010BT (1-7mm) for your preferred beard style: you can get a masculine 3-day beard or an attractive stubble look.

Sensitive Skin Compatible

Braun’s sensitive blades are not harmful to your skin even sensitive skin.

The sensofoil system will protect your skin from ultra sharp blades.

You will get a gentle shave and soft skin feeling.

Technical Design

The shaver looks very smart and the shaving head is very thin.

It easily reaches your difficult areas like the back side of the neck, underarms, under the nose.

For Wet and Dry Use

The Braun 3010BT is a wet and dry shaver. So you can do a quick dry shave or a refreshing wet shave with the shaving gel, cream, foam.

100% Waterproof

All the shavers of Braun are waterproof up to 5 meters and you can wash these under the running water for easy clean and also do a hygienic clean.

Customer’s Review

The Braun Series 3 3010BT is a great electric shaver (consumer says).

Most of the customers gave positive reviews but some customers are not so impressed with this product.

Some say that it easily handles their thick beard perfectly.

But the shaver is not great for long hair. The trimmer is very strong

Some customer says that it is not so good because the shaver did not give close shave as well as they had to face shaver bumps and skin irritation.

Most of the customers give 4 stars or 5 stars but some customers who are not impressed give 3/2 stars.

Overall the average customer rating is 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.

Build Quality of Braun 3010BT

I have used many electric shavers even I also used Braun series 3 another models. My shaving experience with this shaver is good.

The weight of Braun 3010bt is light and it easily fits in my hand. The body color is a combination of blue and black.

The blue rubber grip makes it easier to wash and hold it and this blue grip will save your shaver from harm.

This shaver is not so expensive but gives you a high result.

There is no cleaning station with it but the Braun series 3 another model 3050cc which comes with a cleaning dock.

The 3 pressure sensitive blades will prevent your skin from skin problems.

These 3 blades give the close shave and it can easily follow every contour of your face even difficult areas.

It is not only a razor, it can do something more than the other shavers that’s price range is nearly like Braun 3010BT.

It is not the best shaver I have used but its performance will meet your satisfaction.

This shaver is worthy than its price.

It is typically made for the close shave and it is good for all kinds of hair but if you have long hair you will have to face a little bit problems.

When you will do shave or trim your beard, it will make more sound than Braun series 7or Braun Series 9.

Trimming and shaving sound of Braun series 3 3010 BT is quite loud.

The LED indicator will show you the percentage of charge when the charge is 15% the indicator will show you a reminder.

You cannot use it by plugging for security reasons.

It is not an expensive shaver but the structures of this shaver feel you like a costly shaver.

Trimmer Head

The trimmer head is very easy to set up on the shaver head and it is also extremely easy to change the trimmer head, just enough to shoot and clip the other head then press the power button.

It has various cutting ranges, The 1mm, and 2mm trimmer head is for short hair and 3mm, 5mm, 7mm are for long length hair.

When you will trim your low side of your beard you also put the shaver head in electric razor mode for finishing touch.

Battery Life

The battery of Braun 3010BT is Ni-MH rechargeable, it will provide you 45 min shaving time and it will take 1hour for 100% charged.

45min is enough for few days.

It also has a quick charge option with providing the shaver enough juice for one shave.

The LED indicator will give you a low battery signal when the charge is 15% or less.

The LED indicator will show you the duration of shaving time.

It will take 5 secs when you will turn on the shaver.

You have to wash the shaver fully at least once a week, after wash oil it with the light machine oil.

Replacement Parts of Braun 3010BT

The replacement part of Braun 3010BT you can buy directly from the Braun’s website page.

The manufacturers recommend that you will have to replace the blades and foils within 18months.

But before 18 months if you feel the performance of this shaver is not like before then you should replace.

Generally, replacement time depends on shaving habits, it can be before 18 months or after 18 months.

Replacement is a little bit costly. For details, you can visit the Braun’s website page.

[Buy Replacement Head of Braun series 3 3010BT]

Cleaning Methods

You won’t get the cleaning base with Braun series 3 3010BT but in series 3 another model 3050cc comes with a cleaning dock.

By a cleaning station, it is very easy to clean since there is no cleaning base with Braun series 3010Bt so you have to clean it manually.

Manually clean is not difficult.

1st, hold the shaver in the sink

Then turn off the shaver, when you will wash the shaver, you must have to remove the battery before cleaning.

If water gets into the batteries, it could damage the shaver.

Now, apart from all the shaving blades and foils then you have to brush the razor’s cutters and spinning areas, wash them thoroughly and let them dry.

Before joining all the shaver parts make them completely dry.

If you do a dry shave you have to clean the razor at least once a week.


Aftershave shake hair out of the razor regularly- after apart the shaver head, tap the shaver body for coming out the loose hairs.

This is very simple and it will take only a few secs. you can do this after every dry shave if you don’t want to clean thoroughly.

Clean the shaver thoroughly at least once a week-   If you don’t want to clean the shaver daily, at least once a week thoroughly clean the cutting assembly that makes your shaver long lasting.

Replace all the replacement parts every 18-24 months- you have to replace the cutting blades and foils after the period which is recommended by the shaver’s manufacturer.

It will be good for you if you will buy the replacement part directly from your shaver manufacturer. Replacement is expensive but it is less expensive than buying a new one. After replacement, it will work like before.

Alternative Products

Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver

You can use this shaver cordless or corded. 60 min shaving time and charging time is 2 hour.

The shaver head can maintain close contact with the chin, jawline, and neck. It can follow every contour of your body and face.

  • This is made with Pivot and flex technology
  • Pop-up-trimmer
  • Surgical steel blades and it quite easy to clean
  • Rechargeable battery
  • There is a short quick charge option- 5 min
  • LED indicator
  • Auto worldwide voltage- you can use this charger with 100-240 volt
  • The weight of the shaver is very light- only 1 pound
  • It will easily fit into the palm of your hand.

Weakness- Quick charge option sometimes does not work. Otherwise, everything is good.

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Braun Series 5 5030s Electric Shaver

This shaver made with skin sensitive technology. The auto-sensing motor for proficient shave even it can handle dense beard. It is 100% waterproof.

  • Made in Germany
  • 8 direction flexible head- the shaver head is flexible and it can adapt 8 directions for skin contact, it can also perform in difficult areas.
  • Two sensofoil blades- there are 899 unique apertures in the Braun shaving foils that are why the shave as close as 0.058mm and gives you a smooth shave.
  • The Activ-lift trimmer- the middle trimmer will capture your flat-lying hair.
  • 100% waterproof- this shaver is 100% waterproof up to 5 meters. So you can clean it under running water.
  • Pop-up-trimmer- it has a pop-up trimmer. So you can trim your sideburn and others area.
  • Battery life- the battery is made with Li-ion. It takes 60 minute charging time and gives you 50 min working time. There is also a 5-minute quick charge option; this is enough for 1 shave.
  • Cordless/ corded use- you can use this shaver cordless or corded.
  • Lightweight- only 1.1 pound

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Braun Series 3 3040 Men’s Electric Shaver

You will get an electric razor, a protective cap, a little cleaning brush, and a charger.

The cutting system of this shaver is triple action, it has a middle trimmer including 2x sensofoil. It is a wet and dry shaver, so you can do a refreshing wet shave with shaving gel, cream, foam or a quick dry shave. 100% waterproof.

  • Advanced shaving system- the 3 shaving elements give you a close and gentle shave. The senso-foil will protect your skin from ultra-sharp blades.
  • The micro-comb system- the micro-comb able to catch more hairs and give you faster shaver.
  • For sensitive skin- this shaver is made with pressure sensitive blades that prevent your skin from skin problem.
  • Pop-up-trimmer- there is a pop-up-trimmer in the back side of the shaver. This shaver is capable of shaping your sideburns or trimming beard hairs.
  • For wet/dry use- this is a wet and dry shaver
  • Hundred percent water-proofs – This shaver is waterproof up to 5 meters. For a hygienic clean you can conveniently wash it.
  • Battery life- the battery is NI-MH rechargeable battery. Charging time is 1 hour and the running time is 45 minutes including 5 min quick charge option. The LED display will give you the reminder when the shaver needs charging.

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Some Related Questions and Answers

Can you use it under the shower???

  • ANS: Yes, but you have to use it cordless and if the input is wet you shouldn’t attach it with the charger.

Does the charger work for 110 volts and 220 volts???

  • ANS: Yes, it works proficiently

Can you use it for shaving your head???

  • ANS: All the Braun shavers series 1-9 are workable for shaving the head (it provides you very short hair). Braun has other devices which are specifically made for trimming or shaving your head (Braun hair clippers HC5090, HC5050, HC 5030 and HC5010)

Can you use it in the bikini area???

  • ANS: The Braun did not recommend it.

Can you use this shaver when it will be plugged in???

  • ANS: No, it does not work when it directly plugged in with the power point.

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