Braun BT7240 Beard Trimmer Review: How Efficient and Reliable Is This New Generation Braun Trimmer?

Braun is now more commercially focused, taking their beard trimmer productions seriously. They had many objections to their previous underwhelming beard trimmers and expensive price range. That is why the manufacturer is updating and upgrading their beard trimmers very frequently to provide maximum user satisfaction to their consumers. The Braun BT7240 is a new beard trimmer revamped from Braun Series 7 7050 trimmer. After releasing the trimmer, it has become a very hot topic in the industry and popular on the market. The beard trimmer comes with an enforced mechanism and too many extra facilities than the older ones.


  • The Braun bt7240 beard trimmer comes with Braun’s toughest blades that are harder than any older generation beard trimmers.
  • Braun used ultra-sharp long-lasting blades to cut any hairs and beard without pulling and tugging where other trimmers fail to cut.
  • It comes with precision dial technology that allows you to trim your beard or hair in 20 lengths (0.5mm to 10mm).
  • There are 2 additional hair guide combs to cut hairs and beards in different lengths.
  • There are 39 trimming length settings with and without the trimming combs for achieving minimum to maximum beard/haircut.
  • Braun engineered the trimmer with their most powerful Lithium-ion rechargeable battery that provides 10 minutes of continuous cordless performance with a 1-hour charge.
  • There is a Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor to achieve clean shaves or edges.
  • An additional charging stand comes with the Braun bt7240 trimmer package that is handy for charging securely on the countertops.
  • Braun introduced the auto-sensing technology in beard trimmers with this new generation trimmer.
  • The package has an additional narrow detail trimmer head; this is a plus for precision trimming and detailing.
  • The Bruan BT7240 is 100% waterproof, allowing you to clean it with direct running water.
  • Braun provides a small foil shaving head with the beard trimmer that is handy for shaving tricky areas and, moreover, shaving body hairs.

What’s in the Box?

I’m pretty much impressed to see the arrangement of the Braun BT7240 trimmer package. Here are too many things and more than I expected. At first impression, I thought it might be a multi-grooming kit package, though. However, I got the following items in the package after unboxing the package.

  • A narrow foil shaver head
  • A detail trimmer head
  • Charging cord
  • The Braun BT7240 beard trimmer itself
  • A charging stand
  • A small cleaning brush
  • 2 beard trimming combs
  • A Gillette Fusion 5 Proglide razor handle
  • 2 Gillette razor head
  • A travel bag
  • User manual

Features and Specifications Analysis

New Life Time Lasting Blades:

Braun BT7240's lifetime lasting sharp blades

Braun used their hardest blades in the Braun BT7240 beard trimmer, and they promise that the blades will last until the trimmer gets damaged.

Consequently, you do not replace the blades ever.

On the other hand, the blades are excessively sharper to cut any kind of hair since Braun used their ultra-sharp blade technology in the trimmer.

Therefore, you have to handle the trimmer very carefully because the blades may cut your skin for improper usage.

39 Lengths Setting:

Braun BT7240 precision length settings with Precision dial technology.

The Braun BT7240 comes with a Dial-up wheel technology that will catch your eye at first look.

The dial-up wheel can provide 39 lengths of hair-cutting facility with and without the attachment combs.

You need to rotate the dial-up wheel left and right to change your trimming length.

2 Hair and Beard Combs:

Braun added 2 smart trimming comb attachments with the Braun BT7240 trimmer that enable customizing one’s style in 20 different lengths to make the exact length he prefers.

The small comb is for middle hair trimming from 1mm to 10mm.

The big hair comb is for trimming longer hairs from 10mm to 20mm.

Braun’s Most Advanced Battery:

The Manufacturer used their highest-end lithium-ion rechargeable battery in the Braun BT7240 beard trimmer.

Consequently, the trimmer provides 100 minutes of continuous cordless trimming performance with a 1-hour charge.

Braun never used such a powerful battery in the predecessor beard trimmers.

100% Waterproof:

Cleaning system of Braun BT7240 beard trimmer

The Braun BT7240 beard trimmer is washable.

After finishing your trim, you can easily wash it in tap water.

Since 100% waterproof, there is no chance of getting damaged by water.

Charging Stand and Cord:

Braun provides a user-friendly charging stand with the Braun BT7240 trimmer package.

It is very handy to charge the trimmer safely on the countertop.

On the other hand, you can recharge the device without the charging stand.

You can use the smart charging plug directly in the charging slot.

Detail Trimmer:

The Braun BT7240 beard trimmer package comes with a narrow detail trimmer head.

The head is handy for making precision trimming and detailing.

I used the detail trimmer for edging and detailing my face and found it pretty handy.

Premium Travel Bag:

This trimmer comes with a large protective travel bag.

The travel bag is pretty useful because it can carry the trimmer and all the attachments together.

The bag is enough to protect the trimmer and other attachments from dust.

But it’s not enough to protect outer hits since it’s a soft garment bag.

The Gillette Razor:

edging and close shaving with the provided Gillette razor

Again, Braun provides a Gillette Fusion 5 ProGlide razor with the Braun BT7240 beard trimmer package.

It’s a regular safety razor that is handy for clean shaves.

It can handle your styling task while closely cleaning neck and cheek areas.

Autosense Technology:

Braun used innovative auto sense technology in the Braun bt7240 beard trimmer.

The trimmer can read beard density to adjust the power and handle any type of beard and hair.

So, it will not jam up if you have a very coarse/thick beard or hair for the powerful technology.

On the other hand, it will behave softly if you have a very thin beard.


  • Very tough blades for sharp performance.
  • No replacement is needed.
  • Very powerful battery.
  • 39 lengths setting.
  • Bonus Gillette razor.
  • Detail trimming.
  • Bonus foil shaver head.
  • Waterproof device and attachments.
  • Charging stand.
  • Auto sense technology.


  • The LED display should be more user-friendly.
  • No appliance oil for blade maintenance.
  • Built quality could be sturdier.


Although some compelling features, I also found some downsides in the Braun BT7240 beard trimmer.

I do not recommend the trimmer if you are a new user and not experienced in trimming beards or handling attachments.

However, the Braun BT 7240 offers facilities I never found in any other Braun trimmer.

It is a great solution for men with bad experiences with short-time batteries and fewer trimming choices.

The Braun BT7240 is a great beard trimmer for personal grooming if you are experienced enough with complicated beard trimmers.

Do you need to lubricate the blades?

Yes, you have to apply lubricant oils to keep the blade healthy, sharper, and durable. Moreover, lubrication will reduce the irritations of the blade’s grind.

Can you use it on your head hair?

Yes, it is powerful enough to cut head hairs. So you can use it for both beard trimming and hair clipping.

Can you trim body hair with the trimmer?

You can trim body hairs but not recommended since the blades are very sharp and can cut your skin.

Can you get a clean shave with the foil shaver head?

The foil shaver head is for precision shaving; not good for regular beard shaving.

Can you use the trimmer while charging?

No, it’s a cordless trimmer and only for using cordless.


    • Hi Mark,
      The LED of the trimmer turns red when the battery is low. Consequently, you can understand when the battery is low and you need to put it into a recharge.

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