Wahl Lifeproof Shaver Review: How Efficient and Reliable Is This Inexpensive and Popular Shaver?

Everyone knows Wahl is one of the most influential companies for grooming products, especially for hair clippers, beard trimmers, and electric shavers. Wahl was the first brand that marketed electrical grooming devices in 1919, and still, they have maintained their reputation with different quality grooming devices. The Wahl LifeProof shaver is their new generation electric shaver with lithium-ion technology for cordless operation. The Wahl LifeProof shaver is one of the hot topics in Wahl’s marketing department, and the device is rapidly attaining the market. Wahl designed the Wahl 7061 LifeProof shavers in 4 different colors, and all of them are very attractive. What is special in this shaver, and why is it the center of buzz? Let’s check it out in this full review of the Wahl LifeProof shaver.

What’s in the Box???

  • The Wahl LifeProof shaver itself
  • Storage bag
  • Charger
  • A foil guard
  • Cleaning brush
  • Lubricating oil
  • User manual

Features and Specifications Analysis

Reasonable Price:

Although a new generation electric shaver, Wahl demands a very reasonable price for their LifeProof shaver. The electric razor offers almost all the features of the premium shavers, but you will get it on a very smart budget. So, it would be your best companion at a very reasonable expense.

Self-sharpening Blades:

The American company Wahl designed their new generation LifeProof shaver with advanced self-sharpening blades. The blades will last longer and stay sharp after handling very heavy duty. So, you will get very fast, smooth, and close shaving every time.

Advanced Foil Technology:

The Wahl LifeProof shaver has been designed with dual floating foil technology. There are 2 foils and 1 hair cutter bar on the shaving head. All the cutting elements are very flexible and well coated for maximum comfortable and efficient shaves. The floating head technology ensures reaching any area of the face and follows the facial curves in need to cut all the hairs smoothly without leaving a single flaw. So, the foil technology must have a good outfit.

Wet/dry Shaver:

Can you believe a 3rd price-range shaver can come with wet and dry shaving features? Yes, the Wahl 7061 shaver offers you wet and dry shaves. You can have a fast dry shave with your shaver and refreshing foamy or wet shaves with your preferred shaving cream, gel, foam, or water. So, I think it’s very classy for those who love to have both shaving experiences on a handsome budget.

100% Waterproof:

Wahl declared their LifeProof razor is 100% water resistant. So, you do not need to panic about water causing problems while the shaver is wet. Since the shaver is wet/dry and 100% waterproof, you can use the shaver under the shower while bathing.

Premium Lithium-ion Battery:

Do you believe the budget-friendly shaver comes with a premium gigantic battery? Yes, the Wahl LifeProof shaver comes with a very powerful Lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The battery takes 1 hour to be fully charged and provides 90 minutes, yes, Ninety minutes of continuous cordless shaving power. Even the premium Braun, Panasonic, and Philips Norelco shavers do not provide such a long duration of cordless power. So I think the Wahl LifeProof electric shaver is one of the most advanced products considering the battery capacity.

#5 Minute Quick Charge

Another adorable thing about the Wahl LifeProof razor is it takes 5 minutes to charge to provide a full shaving power. While your device battery is fully dead and you need an urgent shave, you can make a 5-minute quick charge and have a full shave without any repentance.

Slide-up Trimmer:

The Wahl shaver comes with a built-in slide-up trimmer. The trimmer is responsible for detailing, precision trimming, sideburn shaping, and edging. So, the shaver can make the final touch with the slide-up trimmer for an efficient shave.

Travel Friendly:

The package of the Wahl LifeProof shaver comes with a travel bag for storing the device and additional while traveling. The bag will keep the product safe from dust and make it easy to carry. A travel lock system on the power button keeps the shaver safe from automatically turning on with accidental touches. Just hold the power button for a few seconds to lock the device, and again press the power button and hold to release the lock.

Note: The travel bag is not strong enough to protect the device from outer attack, it only can protect from dust. You can have a separate solid bag to make the device more secure.

Shock-proof Device:

The Wahl shaver is named with LifeProof attribution, you know. That means it is safe from any risk, like an electric shock or water injection. Yes, the Wahl LifeProof shaver is 100% shockproof. So, you do not need to panic about electric shock while touching the device, even with wet hands. And also, the device will not face any electrical damage while charging or overcharging as it is 100% shockproof.

60-day money back guarantee

Wahl offers 60 days of risk-free trial with their Wahl LifeProof shaver. You can return the product within 60 days after purchase if it doesn’t meet your satisfaction. So, I think the product is totally risk-free.

Important: the guarantee only applies to Amazon customers. So, purchase the product from Amazon to get the guarantee.

5-year warranty

The American brand Wahl warrants 5 years with their Wahl LifeProof shaver. Wahl will replace and repair the product if you find any fault in performance or manufacturing defect within 5 years after the actual purchase. The warranty will not cover if you make any injury with abuse, misuse, or accident. So, use the product carefully and enjoy a risk-free shaving life.

Built Quality

The American giant Wahl has designed their Wahl 7061 shaver with a very attractive look and intelligent UX. There are 4 different colors of the LifeProof shavers, and we will highlight the Wahl 7061-100 model. The razor comes with a yellow and black interface, which is definitely attractive. Wahl used an intelligent soft rubber grip on the shaver to secure it from accidentally slipping down. Because of the rubber grip, the shaver perfectly fits the grasp and feels comfortable. In a word, the Wahl shaver comes with a very user-friendly and attractive design.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Since the Wahl LifeProof electric shaver is a wet/dry shaver, you must clean the shaver thoroughly after every wet shave and slightly after a dry shave. As 100% waterproof, you can rinse it with direct running water. The foil cassette is removable, so you can remove the cassette to clean the blades and insides. Wahl provides a small cleaning brush with the package. You can do dry cleaning with the cleaning brush after dry shaves.


  • Great built-quality
  • Attractive design
  • Premium battery
  • Quick charge
  • Wet/dry shaver
  • 100% waterproof
  • Shockproof
  • Intelligent price range
  • Good in performance
  • 60-day risk-free trial
  • 5 Year warranty
  • Pop-up trimmer


  • Travel bag is not protective
  • The head is fixed, it does not flex.
  • No battery life indicator


Wahl produced the LifeProof shavers considering the user’s budget and satisfaction with quality. I think they succeeded with the shaver. You can have a premium shaving experience with a very short budget. My shaving experience is very good with the shaver, and I found this is the best electric shaver in its range. So, I recommend it if you intend to have a low-budget shaver but all the premium shaving facilities.


    • Hi J,
      I found the replacement blades are not a quality drop of the shaver. The original one and the replacement head quality are equivalent since you found the replacement blades are made in china.

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