Wahl Color Pro Clipper Review: How Efficient and Convenient Is the Wahl Color Pro Hair Clipper?

Wahl, the American grooming product manufacturing company, is the ancient and, moreover, the first brand in its industry. The company marketized lots of hair-cutting kits, and the Wahl color pro is one of their best-selling productions. I found there are very few hair clippers that can compete with the Wahl color pro hair cutting kit in terms of popularity on the market. Very few professional saloons in the USA do not have the Wahl color pro hair cutting machine in their tool’s line. Is the reasonable price only responsible for making this overwhelming on the market for the Wahl color pro hair clipper? Let’s check the full review with the pros and cons to find the main game-changer.

What’s in the Box?

The Wahl color pro is a surprising hair-trimming kit with lots of attachments at a very reasonable price. The Wahl color pro hair trimming kit package comes with the following items:-

  • Wahl color pro hair clipper itself
  • 9 color-coded guide combs
  • Hard travel pouch
  • Both ear tapers
  • Ear trim guide
  • Blade guard
  • Small cleaning brush
  • Appliance oil
  • Scissor
  • A Barber comb
  • A styling comb
  • User manual

Features and Specifications Analysis

Self-sharpening Blades

The Wahl color pro hair clipper comes with high-carbon precision ground stainless steel blades. The Blades are shelf-sharpening. So you need to be less worried about oiling the blades, but it doesn’t mean you do not need to oil them. We recommend oiling the blades after 3-4 haircuts and keeping them sharper for a long time. The self-sharpening blades actually mean they last longer than the normal steel blades, and you do not need to replace them frequently. With their self-sharpening blades, Wahl promises to provide maximum precision hair cutting with super sharp performance. But some users disagreed with their proclamation and said the blade jammed out on the very thick hairs. However, you can get rid of jamming the blade by cleaning it regularly and oiling it.

Color Coded Guide Combs

The main reason why the hair clipper is called a color pro is the color-coded guide combs.

Why the color variations?

There are 9 color keys for color-coded guide combs that represent the actual trimming length of a certain comb. The color keys ensure the correspondence of the correct color comb. Thus your hair clipping makes it easier and more enjoyable. Although the color correspondence is unnecessary for expert persons or professionals, the color variations make the haircut hassle-free. The color variations are very efficient for the new users to remember and get the actual cutting length.

Heavy Duty Motor

The Wahl color pro hair clipper comes with a so-called heavy-duty motor.

Why said so called?

The manufacturer named the motor drive heavy-duty motor. I don’t know why they named it, but I found it’s not much reputed for heavier performance. In other words, it can provide you enough power to do usual hair cutting and styling but not so much power to say heavy-duty motor. While you are a regular user or professional, you can go with it, but I do not recommend it for thicker hair as it can jam up the performance or pull the hairs. You can rather get the magic clip and do prolonged cordless powerful hair cutting for heavier duty.

Comfortable Rubber Grip

The Wahl North American corporation designed their color pro hair clipping machine with a rounded comfortable rubber grip. When you grasp the device, it will feel secure and super-comfortable for the comfort grim system. But it doesn’t mean the device is comfortable in all perspectives.


It may be a boring device for its bulky size and weight. This will not feel boring all the time, but it will feel heavier after prolonged use. If you do not like a bit heavy devices, you can choose the lightweight Oster Fast Feed hair clipper instead.

Power Source

There are 2 types of Wahl color pro devices on the market (corded and cordless). The corded Wahl color pro comes with a 7 feet long power cord. Is not 7 feet enough for you? Most corded hair clippers come with a 7-9 feet long power cord. So, it’s a common power cord length. You can choose the Oster Classic 76 or other premium hair clippers for a longer power cord to trim hairs from a farther distance. There is a disappointing fact about the power source, it supports only a 120v power socket. So you cannot use it out of the USA.

Taper Lever

The Wahl color pro hair clipper comes with a smooth and flexible taper lever that allows you to adjust the blade length. The convenient taper lever is very useful for blending and fading hair. You might find the lever flimsy according to its size, but I think it’s good enough for adjusting the blade length, and don’t worry about breaking down the lever.


Since the Wahl color pro hair clipper comes with precision ground self-sharpening blades, the super sharp performance of the blade is adorable.

The heavy-duty motor provides mid-range trimming power for usual hair cutting.

But the device is not perfect for actual heavy-duty such as thickest hairs.

Moreover, the device produces enough noise to disturb someone’s sleep.

So, it’s not recommended for child’s hair cutting as they do not bear the sound while cutting the hair over the ear.

A usual hair-cutting professional or person can undoubtedly have the product.


  • Complete hair grooming kit
  • Very affordable price
  • Self-sharpening blades
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Comfort grip


  • Only for the USA, not for international use.
  • Make noise
  • Vibrates much
  • Bulky device


The Wahl color pro is an affordable hair-cutting kit. Affordable doesn’t mean cheap quality. It is actually a surprise of low-range cost but mid-range quality. Plenty of attachments and professional-grade accessories may be a big reason to love the product. The Wahl color pro is a complete hair-cutting, blending, and fading machine for home and professional use. So, someone can undoubtedly have this product while you need a complete package on a little budget and usual grade hair clipping. Not recommended for heavy-duty on thicker hairs.


    • Both cordless and corded versions of color pro clippers feature equivalent power. But some saloon professionals said the corded one is powerful than the cordless one. On the other hand, cordless devices are flexible than corded devices. If you ask about the comparison of the built quality of both versions, I’ll suggest the corded one.

  1. Cordless Color Pro can be used outside the USA, just buy European style round prong adapter. The reason Corded 79300-1001 cannot be used outside North America is in Hertz. NA has 60 Hz and Europe 50 Hz. Even with volt converter this device won’t work in Europe. However, you can buy European model 79300-1616 from Amazon.de or Ebay.de. But on shorter trip cordless Color Pro works well.

    It is funny and con, new cutting blades cost almost the price of a new clipper.

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