Wahl Lithium-ion+ Beard Trimmer Review: Is the Wahl Lithium Ion+ Trimmer Worth Its Hype?

Wahl was the first brand that manufactured and sold hair and beard trimmers in 1919. The Wahl 9864 is their most upgraded multigrooming kit for men. In a word, this is an all-in-one hair removal and styling kit for men’s whole body. The groomer is well known for Beard and hair trimming kits. The Wahl 9864 trimmer offers many options with many attachments for comfortable hair removal and styling. Some men are very cautious and ambitious to have a quality hair and beard trimmer. For them, some brands manufactured some 1st graded trimmers to provide luxury hair solutions. The Wahl 9864 is one of the first quality beard and hair trimmers.


Check the features and specifications at a glance that Wahl offers in their multigrooming machine, Wahl 9864.

  • All-in-one hair grooming machine
  • The stainless steel body is more secure for a long duration.
  • 4 different attachment heads for head-to-toe hair grooming
  • 12 guide combs with different hair lengths
  • Self-sharpening trimmer blades
  • The grooming machine comes with Lithium-ion 2.0 rechargeable battery.
  • The battery provides 4-6 hours of cordless operation.
  • 1-minute quick charging option

What Comes with the Package?

First, when you unbox the package, you will be very surprised to see lots of attachments together in a package. Let’s see what these are,

  • The Wahl 9864 trimmer itself
  • The main T-Blade trimmer head
  • A detail trimmer head
  • A Foil shaver head
  • Nose and ear trimmer head
  • 12 guide combs
  • Charging cord with multi-volt adapter
  • A hair comb
  • T-blade protective cap
  • Travel case
  • A trimmer stand
  • Appliance oil
  • A little cleaning brush
  • User manual

Features and Specifications Analysis

All-in-one Grooming Kit

Wahl 9864 trimmer facilities

The Wahl 9864 is an all-in-one grooming kit for men, which offers any kind of hair removing and styling.

There are a lot of attachments with the package to deliver ultimate choices to make proper grooming.

There are 4 different grooming heads for different purposes: a T-blade head for hair and beard trimming, a foil head for body and beard shaving, a nose and ear trimming head for removing unwanted hairs from the nose and ear, and 1 precision head for outlining and detailing.

When you compare it with the popular Wahl 9818 trimmer, the 9818 does not have the full-size dual foil shaver which comes with the Wahl 9864 grooming kit.

12 Different Length Guide Combs

Wahl stainless steel trimmer 9864

Surprisingly, the package has 12 different hair and beard length guide combs, which offer 2mm to 24mm beard and hair length capacity.

You can make very short beard styles and haircuts to longer beards and hair cut with the attachment combs.

The combs are very easy to attach and detach for comfortable replacement.

Attachment Heads in a Nutshell

Wahl 9864 multi-grooming kit attachment heads

As mentioned before, there are 4 interchangeable grooming heads in the Wahl 9864 groomer package.

The heads are very easy to remove and change.

#The T-blade Trimmer Head

A T-shaped extra-wide trimmer head is in the package, known as the main trimmer head.

This trimmer head allows you to trim and stylize your beard and hair with or without guide combs.

The head can be used without any attachment comb to get a stubble look trimming.

The length is 0.7mm without any comb, which is almost a close shave.

#Full-Size Dual Foil Shaver

I bet you will be surprised that the Wahl 9864 multi-groomer has a full-size dual foil shaver head.

The head offers to shave your beard for a close look and shave your full body.

Professional shavers like Braun Series 9 or Panasonic Arc5 do not allow shaving body hair.

But the attachment foil shaver in this package allows you to shave the body too.

Although the result will not be similar to professional shavers, this is a primary solution for close beard shaving.

#Nose and Ear Trimmer

There is a nose and ear trimmer head with the package to remove unwanted hairs from your nose and ear.

Removing the inside hairs with other objects like scissors or traditional blades is pretty ridiculous.

That is why experts invented the electrical nose and ear trimmers, which can easily reach inside and remove every single hair from the nose and ear.

#Precision Detail Trimmer

Now it’s time for more precision. There is a precision detail trimmer with the Wahl trimmer to make a final touch to your beard and hairstyle.

It also allows you to shape your sideburns, mustache, and eyebrows.

You can make fine edge lines and precise the nicks with the detail trimmer head.

Self-sharpening Stainless Steel Blades

The trimmer blade is made with stainless steel, and it is self-sharpening, which will stay sharp until the trimmer’s head life.

So, you do not need to take extra care of the trimmer blade to keep it sharp, even if you do not need to oil the trimmer blade.

The super sharp stainless steel self-sharpening blades ensure very fast and flawless trimming every time.

You will not find any kind of trimming issue in the trimmer, and while analyzing the customer reaction, any user did not make any objection about the trimming performance.

Battery Life

The USA brand Wahl packed their new trimmer, Wahl 9864, with an ultra-powerful Lithium-ion 2.0 battery.

If you consider the quality of a trimmer with its battery, the Wahl trimmer 9864 must be one of the best machines ever on the market.

The battery offers 4-6 hours of continuous cordless trimming and shaving with one hour of full charge.

It’s really adorable that the battery gets fully charged within only 1 hour and delivers continuous power for 4-6 hours of performance of the device.

It means you do not need to recharge the device for almost a month after 1 full charge.

1-Minute Quick Charge

Since battery life is very long, you may forget to connect the device to recharge after fully drained.

When the device is dead after draining the battery power, you can also have a quick charge within 1 minute to get a 3-minute performance.

This one-minute charge is enough for a full trimming or shaving.

This feature tells you, you do not need to worry about battery life and have frequent performance.

Travel-Friendly Grooming Machine

There is a solid travel bag with the package to carry all your attachments and the device while traveling.

The Wahl trimmer machine comes with a dual power charging adapter (110v-220v), which allows you to recharge the device from anywhere in the world.

So, you do not need to worry about charging the device while going for an outing abroad.

These features make the groomer very suitable for traveling.

LED Indicator

The LED indicator of wahl lithium ion + beard trimmer

There is an LED indicator on the power button of the device.

The LED will light when you put the device in charge, and it will be automatically turned off after the battery gets fully charged.

The LED also lights when the device performs.

Built-Quality of Wahl 9864

Wahl designed the device for an all-in-one grooming solution.

The device has been engineered with stainless steel and a solid plastic body.

It has a perfect grip for comfortable operation every time.

But the full body is not waterproof, and the foil shaver is not for wet/dry shaving.

If you like wet clean shaving, you better choose a dedicated shaver instead.

The build quality of the attachment heads is really good, and you can get premium trimming with the T-blade trimmer.

Since the device has been equipped for head-to-toe grooming, you do not need to have a separate device after having this.

The replacement parts are very available here and there. You can easily replace the T-blade or other heads if you accidentally break it.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The attachments of the device and the heads are waterproof.

So, you can clean the attachments and the heads easily with running water after every use.

But the full body is not waterproof, so you should carefully maintain it.

The foil shaver head is also not wet/dry.

So, you should operate the shaver head on the dry hairs.

As the trimmer blades are self-sharpening, it is not mandatory to oil the blades.

You can oil the blade after long use to reduce noise.

You can also oil the foil head for better performance.

60 Days Money Back Guarantee

There is a crazy thing with the Wahl 9864 trimmer, you will get 60 days of a risk-free money-back guarantee.

If you find any problem with the groomer or the performance does not meet your desire, you can return the package within 60 days and get the full money back.

This must be the super-secured option while buying a product from the market.

5 Years Warranty

Another adorable thing about the Wahl 9864 trimmer is Wahl warrants for this trimmer for 5 years.

So, if you find any workmanship problems or face any performance issues, Wahl will repair or replace the device without any charge.

The warranty does not cover the guide combs, and if you do any accidental damage in anything. 5 years is a really long time, while most trimmer brands offer only 1-2 years of warranty.

While considering the warranty time, it proves that Wahl is pretty confident with their product.


  • Great battery quality
  • Very long-time cordless performance
  • All grooming solutions in one package
  • Self-sharpening stainless steel blades
  • Dual voltage adapter
  • More hair and beard length choices with beard combs
  • 1-minute quick charge
  • 5 years of warranty


  • Full body not waterproof
  • The T-blade can break for lack of careful use.
  • No rubber grip for a secure grasp


One can create a flawless product but a quality product.

We consider this product a 1st line product according to its features and performance.

While considering the customer’s reaction, the result also comes positive, and some have few objections about the T-blade breaking issue.

But you can easily replace the T-blade after any accidental damage.

Since Wahl offers 60 day of money-back guarantee and 5 years of warranty with the 9864 trimmer, you can have faith in them as you have more security.

You can make a trial for 60 days and return the product if it does not meet your desired performance.

We will provide a 4.5-star average rating out of 5 stars.

Now it’s your turn to decide whether it is good for you.


  1. I have an old Wahl low quality model from Canadiantire that still works well. It is even quieter than an Andis I purchased thinking it was better brand/model. but Now, i want buy a new clipper.

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