Wahl 9818 Multi-groomer Stainless Steel Trimmer and Hair Clipper Review

The Wahl clipper brand has been designing and manufacturing their grooming instruments since 1919. Wahl is made for professional barbers and also for home consumers. Wahl 9818 beard trimming kit is continuing their heritage set nearly 100 years ago. This is really an all-in-one groomer with an abundant of attachments and it can groom the different types of hair on the body, face, and head. It is able to trim your hair from the top of the head to those erring toe hairs.


  • For beard trimmers and hair clippers, Wahl clipper is the number #1 brand. It has been professionally used since 1919.
  • Wahl 9818 clipper is made in the USA.
  • It has a dual voltage system- you can use it in 110v to also 220v.
  • The battery is rechargeable.
  • The blades are long lasting and self- sharpening. Many problems but the solution is one.
  • There are 4 attachment heads- you can create the different look through it. One blade is for trimming, outlining, body grooming, and for touch-up, detail shaver is for shaving and outlining, detail trimmer is for beards and goatees, the last one is for nose, ears and brows hairs.

User Reviews and Ratings About Wahl 9818

Many consumers say that the Wahl 9818 all-in-one grooming kit is a high-quality product and it can meet their expectations.

Most of the users give positive reviews about this product and it is able to cut all type of hairs that meant this grooming tool is not bad.

There are also some users who are not satisfied and they said that this product could not fulfill their expectation or what they wanted from the groomer.

Now, the Wahl 9818 gets an overall rating of 4 stars out of 5 stars various online pages. It provides a clear indication as to the number of satisfied users.

So, let’s know what consumers liked and what didn’t like about this groomer.

I prefer to hear the bad news first, so let’s talk about what the consumers did not like about this.


  • Some of the users complained that the guides are not well and explained that after buying the guides broke softly. If anyone of these users contacted with Wahl for this issue, got a guide replaced free of charge.
  • Some consumers had a rigidity getting the trimmer to turn on and off while others experienced issues just with inclosing of the trimmer.
  • The trimmer is not for wet use. You can use water to clean but you cannot use under the shower.


The majority of the users said that Wahl hair clipper 9818 is a very good product.

There have many positive reviews about Wahl 9818 from the users. They say that Wahl is able to trim their head, goatee, sideburns, the back side of their necks, full beard very well. Here are some positive sides of the Wahl hair clipper 9818

  • The Wahl 9818 is strongly manufactured and it does not feel cheap or plastic.
  • You will get plenty of attachments and give you exact trim as you wish.
  • You can easily fit the attachments on the trimmer body.
  • It can retain a charge for a very long time
  • Lightweight and it can easily fit in your hand. It is able to trim your difficult areas like behind the ears, on the nose, the back side of the neck.
  • Warranty- 5 years

many users reported that Wahl has a power control problem and they are not happy with this product. Many users said that- it is poor quality, the battery and power control is not good.

Features and Specifications

What Comes in the Wahl 9818 Package?

The package Wahl 9818 trimmer is full of attachment. Anyone will be surprised after unboxing the package. After opening the package, you will see –

#WAHL 9818 stainless steel beard trimmer

#4 attachment heads

  1. Precision T-blade
  2. Detail trimmer
  3. Detail shaver
  4. Ear, nose, and brow trimmer

#AC adapter for universal use

#Cleaning brush

#Oil for blade

#English/ Spanish instructions

#Travel bag


#12 T- blade guide

Attractive Look

Wahl 9818 clipper is beautifully designed. The weight is very light and it looks very strong. The blades are so sharp and the motor of this trimmer is quiet. Its stainless steel outer has uplifted for many trips/ drops.

Battery Life of Wahl 9818

The battery is very long lasting.  I used it much time to do an experiment on how long life it is. Generally, I cut my hair 2 times every month and cut my beard 2 times a week.

When I cut my hair I never need a corded use.

The battery is enough good because I don’t need to travel with its charger for trips about 21 days.

You can use this charger everywhere even a foreign country.

You can use it in 100volt-220 volt.

Cleaning Method

It is very easy to clean the trimmer and also easy to remove the trimmer head from the body; the users can easily apart from the trimmer and clean all parts thoroughly.

Wahl clippers can easily suck a large amount of hair into every section of below the blade, you have to unscrew the blade then take it separately in pieces.

This was extremely disadvantageous because if I did not do this, the Clippers would heat with trouble and the motor would not move spontaneously.

If unfortunately fell down into the sink, the clipper will be useless without a screw. So you have to be careful when you will clean the clipper.

The Portability of This Clipper

The size of this clipper makes it advantageous to transit with the assistant pouch that comes with it.

The battery lasts for a long time so I don’t need to take the charger cable with me.


Not long after I bought this, one of the iron rods that management the blades broke down and turned my clippers fully worthless.

I was capable of giving back it, but I abode with the nonstop fear that it also break again while I will trimming.

Then I make sure it is very well lubricated with the oil before every use.

I loosed the oil bottle that I got with it then I buy one another oil from online.

The plastic attachment that I generally use to cut my hair is noticeably warped.

The attachment does not settle closely against the blades. This does not affect my haircut due to I press the clippers hard against my skin to negate the unrolling, but it is very exhausting.

I have observed a case when the blue charging light will sparkle, it is being charged.

I generally swing the plug at the ground of the clippers to make it pull up.

Aside from these problems, the Clipper look to still be going sturdy.

No Stand

There is no stand with it. It should come with a seminal- looking, plastic stand and that will help the clipper to sit on my bathroom counter.

The new fancy groomer is made with strong lithium ion 2.0 technology, which gives up to 4 hours work time, twice the torque as well as a 1-minute quick charge for 3 minutes of use.

The added power is qualified Wahl’s newest grooming solution to give true, multi-purpose performance in a sophisticated slate ending stainless steel package.

Wahl Multi Groomer 9818 VS 9864

What you will get with Wahl hair clipper 9864 and what is the difference between 9864 and 9818.

  • You will get a lithium-ion rechargeable battery with 9864
  • A user guide and up to 8 hair guide, combs are available
  • You will get up to 4 beard guide and combs are available as well as ground trimming blade of the precision type
  • Power cord, 5-year warranty, made in the USA

You will get more instruments with Wahl 9864 than 9818. There are also some issues with 9864

There are no problems with the power button unless you get water in the power button. The unit is not reverberating.

The manufacturer said that it is the only reason for damage the power button.

The combs are made of plastic and the plastic is not cheap plastic. The combs of 9818 also made with plastic.

The blade of 9864 can cut my hair without irritation. I don’t have a long beard, stubble only.

It is very easy to clean, cleaning is not time-wasting or hard.

You have to just take the blades out from the trimmer then use the brush to clean the blades and inside of trimmer.

The cleaning method of 9864 and 9818 is the same. It will take for clean less than 2 minutes to fully clean you have to use the oil after every use.

Both are professional grade trimmer and if you can take care properly they will be long-lasting.

When you will clean these trimmers you have to be more careful and please try to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


The Wahl hair clipper 9818  is very well grooming tool and it is for who want a very close trim within less price and You will get all grooming instrument in one product.

I am not satisfied with the Wahl 9818 for 1 reason the on/off switch. Sometimes it does not work. Otherwise, everything is good.

Related Questions and Answers

How much close shave does it provide???

  • ANS: About 1/16

Can I use it cordless/ corded???

  • ANS: Its a lithium powered rechargeable cordless trimmer, you cannot use while it is charging.

Can I use it under the shower/ is it waterproof???

  • ANS: NO, you cannot use it under the shower but I can wash all the attachments under the tap.

Is it able to cut a longer length full beard, face/ stubble trim???

  • ANS: I think it can work because it comes with different types of attachment heads and guides.

Is it good for women???

  • ANS: No.

Can I use it for head shave???

  • ANS: Yes, you can do the head shave.

How much warranty???

  • ANS: You will get 5 years warranty and 60-day money back guarantee.

Is it noisy???

  • ANS: It is quite quiet.

When do I need to recharge the trimmer and what is the full charging time???

  • ANS: In the charging time, the LED will be on. When you will use the trimmer, the LED will be on. After getting 100% charged, the LED will go from ON to OFF. When the trimmer energy is almost run out, the LED will indicate to you that the battery has less than 15% battery capacity. For fully charge it will take 1 hour.

Battery size???

  • ANS: AA Battery

What is the actual trimmer size???

  • ANS: Including the primary trimmer, the actual size is about 6’’. The size will be changed for other attachments (hair guard, nose, and ear trimmer) it may be another inch. It will fit in your hand easily.

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  1. I love my Wahl. But this is the second time that the main stainless trimmer had broken the plastic little piece that holds it in place broken. This is my second one. Can you help

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