Wahl 5 Star Finale Shaver Review: How Efficient and Reliable is this Wahl Finale Shaver?

When someone looks at you, he/she will 1st look at your face. So, of course, you will want it to look good always. We have to face many skin problems like- razor burns, nicks, and cuts, redness because of poor-quality shavers. Shaving is a very important task in our daily routine. There are many good electric shavers in the market, some of which can make you feel comfortable shaving every time. I bought the Wahl 5 Star shaver finale finishing tool some days ago. I tried this shaver out myself, and here I will tell you all the specifics in this article.


  • Professionally use – from the Wahl professional’s commercial grade line of 5-star series, this 5 Star finale shaver is engineered for professional use. This shaver will deliver the shaving performance which an expert demands. The Wahl 5 star finale is enough for an ultra-close shave.
  • Stylish as well as functional – this 5 star ultra-powerful shaver will offer you an appealing aesthetic in addition to top-notch precision and function.
  • Hypoallergenic foil – the hypoallergenic gold foil will prevent your skin from skin problems like- razor burn, redness, nicks, cuts, or ingrown hairs. This foil is also suitable for extreme sensitivity.
  • Long-lasting battery – this Wahl 5 Star series finishing tool is powered by a lithium-ion battery. This battery will deliver up to 90 minutes of running time at the full speed per hour of charge.

This shaver is available only in the USA.

What’s in the Box?

  • The Wahl 5-star shaver finale itself
  • A foil guard
  • A charging stand
  • AC adapter
  • A cleaning brush
  • Another small brush for cleaning
  • User manual
  • Warranty card


This 5 Star shaver finale shaver is usually designed for professional use, and that means this shaver is engineered with high-quality features.

This high-quality shaver is designed with gold foil, and this foil is hypoallergenic.

You won’t feel any skin irritation even if you have sensitive skin.

This foil is guaranteed for a super close shave except for razor burns/ingrown hairs.

If you have sensitive skin but want a close shave and to shave your head hair, this shaver will provide you the closest performance possible except for snagging or skipping.

Built Quality

Wahl 5 star finale shaver built quality

Wahl 5 star finale professional shaver is apart from the other shavers in the market.

The biggest difference between this shaver is it does not look like other shavers.

I mean – shaver’s body shape. The manufacturer provided this shaver with a rectangular shape.

This shaver’s minimalistic and compact look makes it appealing to a mass range of people and styles.

Shaver’s dimensions: 9.5 x 6.5 x 3.2 inches, total – 15.5 ounces.

This Professional 5 star shaver does not come with precision and high-quality function.

The gold foil provides me a skin comfort and protection during the shave.

Because the foil is made with hypoallergenic technology, reducing discomfort and razor burn.

The power plug adapter is not for universal use.

You can use it with only 120 volts. So, we have to say, sadly, that you can use this shaver only in the USA.

Battery Quality

This Wahl professional 5 star finishing tool is engineered with a rotary motor that runs off a lithium-ion battery.

This battery will provide 90 minutes of running juice at full speed. How many days can you use this shaver with one charge?

It will depend on using habits. But I can use this shaver for 4 weeks without charging it again.

There is an LED display that will notify about the battery conditions when the battery needs to recharge.

  • When you charge the shaver, the indicator light will flash. But remember, ensure the shaver is turned off before connecting with the electrical outlet.
  • If the battery is fully discharged, the indicator light will take some time to flash.
  • Never charge the shaver over. Moderate recharging will prolong the battery life rather than continuous recharging.

You can carry this shaver with you on a camping trip/ traveling overnight, whether you running late for work because of the long-lasting battery.

Shaving Performance

For the durability and the shaving performance of this Wahl 5 star shaver finale, it deserves the 5 star title.

The shaver is built in a compact size and has a potent outer case.

This is an ideal product for the people who often go to travel.

This shaver will provide you up to 90 minutes of running time at full speed.

Replacement Part

The manufacturer recommended that users replace the shaver’s foil and cassette after 18 months of use.

After the replacement, your shaver will deliver the shaving performance as the new shaver.

Replacement is a little bit costly, but it is affordable for casual users and professional users.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Reasonable care and maintenance will give you a comfortable and razor bump-free shaving experience.

It is very essential to clean the cutter bar assembly and the foil thoroughly after every use.

Because debris must affect shaving performance.

#Cleaning system of the foil head

  • To remove the flex foil head from the shaver, press the round button which is located on the right side of the shaver.
  • Now lift the foil head from the shaver.
  • The cleaning system of this part is so easy, hold the foil under running water and tap it gently.
  • Replace the foil on the shaver head before the next use.

Always handle the head with highly caring because the foil head is micro-thin.

It is precise and raised inner cutting edges.

#Cleaning of the cutter bar assembly

  • 1st, you have to remove the foil head before removing the cutter bar assembly.
  • Press down on the cutter bar assembly gently and turn it 90 degrees to remove it from the shaver.
  • After removing the cutter bar assembly, gently brush it to remove the loose hair and debris.
  • Now hold it after running hot water.
  • You can use paper/towels to dry the cutter bar assembly.
  • Finally, replace the part after fully drying.


This Wahl 5 star finale shaver comes with a 1-year warranty.

Within 1 year, if your shaver gets damaged to a workmanship problem, Wahl will repair /replace your shaver without any charge.

NOTE – this warranty does not cover if your product damage for lack of reasonable care, accident, abuse/misuse.


  • Keep your shaving machine and the charger away from the heated surfaces.
  • Keep the machine always dry and clean.
  • When you charge the battery, only use the charger included with this shaver.
  • 1st, attach the power plug with this shaver socket, then the electrical outlet.
  • Never use the shaver with the damaged/broken foil.
  • Never connect the damaged power plug to the electrical outlet.

Quick Tips

#Hold the shaver lightly: – don’t press the shaver hard against your skin, if you press hard, it can cause your skin problems. It does not need much pressure for shaving.

#Cleaning: – keep the foil and cutter bar assembly always clean because removing hair and other debris will affect the shaving performance.

#Replacement: – replace the foil for a high-quality performance after 18 months of use.

#Charge: – charge the shaver almost 9.5 hours before 1st, And charge it for 1-2 hours after getting the battery fully dead.


There are many reasons why Wahl has been leading the name in the market for a long time.

  • This shaver is really built with professional shaver quality and precision.
  • The Hypoallergenic gold foil made the shaver suitable for sensitive skin.
  • The shaver is a great travel companion because of its compact size, lightweight, and long-lasting battery.
  • This shaving machine is a technologically advanced shaver in the present market.
  • The slip-free grip will never drop/fumble from your hand.


While Wahl is continuously impressed with their high-quality products, there are some things the buyer must look out for before purchasing this shaving machine.

  • This Wahl professional 5 star finale shaver is only for the stubble hair.
  • This shaving machine is available only in the USA.
  • The charger does not come with universal use. So if you don’t have the right adapter for travel, connect it where the electricity is 120 volts.
  • The styling attachments are available, but you have to buy them separately.


This is a middle-class shaver, but the performance shows it is a higher class.

The design is also an exception. It does not have too many functions and fancy settings. But For the close performance, I suggest this shaver.

Who wants to buy a new shaver and have a budget under $100, try it once.

Why do I say ‘’try it once’’? Because this Wahl professional 5 star shaver will provide you 60 days risk-free satisfactory trial.

After buying this shaver, if you are not fully satisfied with its shaving performance, you can return it within 60 days.


  1. El diseño minimalistas de la afeitadora finale me atrapó desde antes de utilizarla su potencia y duración de carga la convierten en una excelente herramienta de trabajo para quienes nos dedicamos a la industria de la barbería. En lo personal mi mejor adquisición está fin de semana.

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