Top 6 Travel Shavers 2023: Why You Should Use Travel Shaver and Which Is the Best One for You?

Some people love to travel and some need to travel for professional purposes. So, we need to bring our shaver with us on a travel to keep the face clean and smooth all the time. But carrying an electric shaver with its charger is very annoying even most of the time we forget to bring the charger with us and the rechargeable shaver becomes useless after the battery goes dead. And also we do not like to use a manual razor in this digital world as the manual razors are very uncomfortable and irritating to the skin. Considering this side, the electric shaver companies specially designed the battery-operated shavers for traveling.

6 Best Travel Shavers

A travel shaver could be a great companion for your travel. But having the great travel shaver is a little confusing although there is very few travel shaves on the market. To clear your confusion, we listed the top 5 travel shavers together and ranked them 1 – 5 according to quality. Before buying a travel shaver, you can have a look at our top 6 travel shaver list to get the proper product for you.

1. Braun M90

travel shaver Braun m90

Braun is the child company of Proctor and Gamble and another part of Gillette company.

While talking about electric and travel shavers, the name Braun will come first because Braun deserves it.

The Braun M90 mobile shaver is the first in the line of travel shavers by Braun.

It is called a mobile shaver because you can carry this shaver like a mobile in your pocket or other little space.

Foil type shaver.

Black and silver color combination with a sleek design.

Auto cap lock system to lock the shaver while not using and traveling as the shaver can not start accidentally.

Fully washable shaver, so you can clean the shaver with water after every use.

A precision detail trimmer is included with the shaver to detail your sideburns, mustache, and eyebrows.

The Braun M90 mobile shaver runs with 2 AA batteries which are available anywhere in the world, even in your nearest shop.

The shaver consumes very little power in every use. So it will provide 140 minutes of consistent shaving with 2 AA batteries.

It weighs only 3 ounces which is very light to carry.

For its floating foil guard system, it provides the ultimate comfortable shave even in sensitive skins.

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2. Babyliss Pro FoilFX02

Babyliss pro foilFX02

The Babyliss pro FoilFX02 is actually a professional shaver that you can use for personal grooming as well while you require a very close and comfortable shave from a travel type shaver.

Although a travel shaver, it comes with a very powerful rechargeable NiMH battery that provides 3 hours of runtime at a signle full charge.

I think this is enough coverage for a big trip of a full month or more. On the other hand, it is a dual voltage device that you can use worldwide with the cord while charging.

Most importantly, the shaver casing has been made with stainless steel that makes the shaver super hard and durable for a long lasting investment.

I found the shaver on many saloons where the professionals use the device for fading, outlining, and close shaving the head and face.

Babyliss made the shaver with double hypoallergenic foils that ensure super comfortable glides over the skin along with faster shaving performance.

When I used the shaver on my thick beard, I never felt any pinch or skin irritation for its flexible hypoallergenic foils.

This heavy duty shaver is for only men who like luxurious travel shavers since it costs very higher than the other battery operated travel shavers.

But if you calculate the charges of replacement AA batteries, I think this budget will not hurt you since it’s a one-time investment.

There are 3 color variations in the Babyliss pro FoilFX shavers (silver, gold, rose gold) where you have the opportunity to purchase your preferred color.

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3. Panasonic es3831K

Travel shaver, panasonic 3931K

Panasonic is another giant company from Japan. All the products and services by Panasonic are welcomed by people worldwide.

The Panasonic 3831K a notable travel shaver in their line of battery operated shavers.

This is a foil type shaver that performs in a straight way with or against the grain. This is a Wet/dry shaver, so you can have a wet shave with foam, gel, cream, or soap for refreshing a shave with this shaver.

The popular mobile shaver features a speedy linear motor that provides 8,500 cuts per minute. Isn’t it impressive for a tiny shaver?

The fully black color and sleek design easily fits on the hand for a comfortable grasp. Since very little in size, you can carry it in your pocket. The travel razor is Fully washable, so you can rinse the shaver under running water.

Importantly, the shaver is very good at consuming power. Provides 120 minutes of operating time with 2 AA Batteries. Moreover, the Panasonic ES3831K is skin-friendly and super sharp to provide a smooth and comfortable shave even on sensitive skin.

This package comes with a plastic cap to protect the foil from accidental misuse.

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4.Philips PQ208

travel shaver , Philips PQ208

Who doesn’t know about Philips?

Philips is one of the top brands for electric shavers, beard trimmers, and travel shavers.

The Philips PQ208 is their highest quality shaver in travel type.

This is a rotary type shaver that features 2 rounded rotary blades for making close shaves.

Most importantly, the manufacturer used self-sharpening blades in the shaver to make it super sharp and efficient.

I observed the shaver provides unchanged sharpness until they get dull and need a replacement.

On the other hand, the blades are made with pivoting technology to float individually on the face to adapt to the facial curves and shave efficiently at every angle.

Moreover, I have to admit that the circled heads are pretty comfortable on the face and make a good feeling although a very inexpensive shaver.

The Philips PQ208 has been engineered with tempered black plastic that feels premium on the grasp and fits perfectly on my hand.

In short, lightweight and ergonomic design is really compelling for men who like a pocket shaver for staying clean and fresh all the time even in the office.

However, it is not a rechargeable shaver and it runs with 2 AA batteries.

So, you have to replace the batteries after the current batteries are drained which is really an extra cost.

I found it provides 80 minutes of shaving juice with 2 AA batteries.

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5. Wahl 5 Star Shaver

wahl 5 star, travel shaver

Wahl is the oldest company in electric trimming and shaving category.

They first launched their electric trimmer in 1919 when there was no competitor in the market.

And still, they have lots of quality product in the electric shaver, beard trimmer, and travel shaver quality.

The Wahl 5 star is their very popular shaver which is a combination of an electric shaver and also a travel shaver.

  • oil type shaver.
  • 2 Foil blades for super close shave.
  • The foils are hypoallergic refined to provide super comfortable shave even in the sensitive skin.
  • The head of Wahl 5 star shaver specially angled for ultimate skin adaption.
  • Most adorable thing is that it is a cordless and corded shaver. So, you do not need to buy batteries with extra money and use the shaver while the battery is fully dead.
  • It is a little bigger than other travel shavers. So, it can be a downside for those who do not like a shaver with extra wide.
  • You can clean the head with direct running water.
  • Wahl provides 2 years of limited warranty only for the USA.

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6. Panasonic ES-RS10-S

panasonic es-rs10-s travel shaver

Again it comes to Panasonic.

The Panasonic  ES-RS10-S is the third generation travel shaver.

  • Foil type shaver.
  • Mostly silver color and a black color combination with a sleek design.
  • Little wider than the Braun m90 and Panasonic ES3831K. But the weight is similar.
  • Made in Japan.
  • Smarter look than the other competitors.
  • washable foils, so you can easily clean it with water after every use.
  • Waghs only 3.5 ounces.
  • The Panasonic ES-RS10-S provides 90 minutes of consistent performance with 2 AA batteries.
  • Coated foil cap to provide comfortable shave in every skin type.
  • Better in operation than the other competitors for thick and long hairs.

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All the travel shavers are not only for traveling, some of them like the Wahl 5 star shaver and Babyliss pro shaver you can also use as your regular shaver at your home.

While considering as a regular shaver, a travel shaver may not give you an extremely close shave but give you a satisfactory performance according to its price.

If you want a more advanced shave, you can choose a premium electric shaver which is the best in the market.

Can you shave head hairs with the travel shavers?

All of these travel shavers are not good enough for heavy duty such as head shaving. But some like Bybiliss pro foilfx02 is very good for head shaving.

Where can you buy replacement AA batteries?

From any branded showroom or your nearby super-shop. AA batteries are very available on Amazon.

Which travel shaver is better, battery operated or rechargeable?

Battery-operated shavers are easier to carry but rechargeable shavers save extra costs of regularly replacing the batteries. On the other hand, rechargeable shavers are pretty much powerful than battery-operated travel shavers.


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