Suprent Beard Trimmer Review – Li-ion and Wet/Dry Trimmer

Suprent beard trimmer

A trimmer is an essential part of men’s world. So, we have to choose a perfect trimmer according to our skin and beard type. Today we are introducing a new trimmer, the SUPRENT Rechargeable Beard Trimmer. The Suprent beard trimmer is 100% waterproof there is something special in this new attraction.
Let’s have a close look at it.

Features and Specifications

What Comes with the Package

SUPRENT trimmer

  • The Suprent beard trimmer itself
  • Blade guard
  • Trimmer charger
  • A storage
  • Charging dock
  • 11 guide combs
  • A barber comb
  • 1 styling comb
  • A cleaning brush
  • Blade oil
  • English/Spanish/French/German instructions/styling guide.

High Performance Blades

The blades come with self-sharpening capability. You obviously know that the good kinds of blades always made of stainless steel. As a perfect trimmer, its blades are also made of 420 stainless steel and these come with precision gap. You will be sure that it will give you long-lasting performance with more pruning and low-friction heat. It never produces high-temperature which can feel you uncomfortable to your skin.

Cutter Replacement

You are able to remove the cutter from the body. For this, you have to press the button with your thumb and index finger. It takes only 2 seconds, then you can put the cutter on your palm that you need. It’s so easy, right?

Lithium-Ion Battery

The Suprent beard trimmer comes with lithium-ion battery which is so good in performance. When the battery is good, obviously it will give you the best performance. This trimmer gives you two convenient options. One of them is charging for 2 hours. After doing this, you are permitted to use it more than 60 minutes to run. The other option is you can charge it for five minutes. It’s called quick charge option. If you choose quick charging, you will be able to finish a full trim perfectly.

Guide Combs Setting

The SUPRENT company attached 3 adjustable combs to the shaver. It is available in 3, 6, and 9 mm. You can complete your shave with perfect smoothness and make sharp lines around your beard.

Full Size Trimmer

You can call SUPRENT beard trimmer the full size trimmer. Because of its adjusted parts you are able to do any style with your beard or hair. 4 hair clipper combs, 4 precision adjustable combs, and also a nose hair trimmer make the trim easy. It will give your desired look.

100% Washable

The SUPRENT trimmer is fully washable. You can wash it fully immerse under water. To clean the blades, you just rinse them under running water and this is obviously hygienic. You also get a cleaning brush inside the box. With this brush, easily you can clean away the short hair cling from the blades.


Charging Dock Design

Suprent Beard trimmer comes with a charging dock. This dock keeps the beard trimmer always ready for doing its duty. You can’t find any worse thing in it which you get in your last trimmer. You will get it without any extra charges.

Moving and Standing Blades Run Together

Here the authority uses 420 stainless steel blades which are too good at moving and standing with the precision gap. You will get more pruning and relatively low-friction heat than others for the intelligent blades. It doesn’t produce high-temperature which can scald your skin. So, don’t be afraid of trimming with this comfortable machine.

2-Point Pressing Cutter Replacement Button

The Suprent beard trimmer comes with 2 point pressing cutter. You can operate and lock the device with a replacement button. You can trip with it so smoothly.


SUPRENT Li-ion Rechargeable Beard Trimmer is a perfect trimmer for any kind of skin. You will be a fan of it if you try it once. It is very easy to clean and use and obviously harmless. Don’t misjudge the product seeing its very low budget. Since a new brand, the producer kept the price affordable to catch the market I think. You can find 5 benefits in one trimmer. Personally I recommend this trimmer for sensitive skin. You will be very glad by using it.

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