How to Shave Perfectly with Electric Shavers.

Shaving with an electrical razor is mostly an easy method. However, when you are very new with electric shavers, you may be unsure of the way to use one.

You may even be questioning whether or not or not they’re right for you.

The following tips can assist you to decide if you’re able to create the move to shave with an electric razor and show you ways to stay the method straightforward.

This is not to mention that exploitation an electrical razor is for everybody, as several men notice them quite painful and that they will usually lead to skin irritation if you’re not careful.

Moreover, whereas there’s no quantity of preparation or information that may permit you to induce as shut of a shave with an electrical razor. Now follow the instructions below to have a perfect shaving with electric shavers.


Step 1: Choose The Shaver Best Fits for You.

Many different varieties of electric shavers are available on the market.

They vary in value and every associate with a range of options.

But there are two types of electric shavers mainly(Foil shavers and Rotary shavers).

Foil razors have 1 to 5 straight rows of moving blades, whereas rotary razors have 3 rotating circular blades.

In both types of shavers, there are some different models for different hair type, skin type, and shaving habit.

Some razor has been engineered for shaving thick beard wheres some for the thin beard.

And some shavers are suitable for sensitive skin but some are not.

On the other hand, some shaver can perform in the wet/dry atmosphere wheres some performs only on dry condition.

The razor you decide on can depend upon your wants, your budget, and your hair kind.


While you like to have wet shaves with shaving cream, foam, gel, soap or water, you should choose a wet and dry shaver. The wet/dry shavers are also good for sensitive skin. But you do not need the refreshing wet shaving feature, you can choose a normal razor which provides only dry and close shaves.


Step 2: Wash Your Face and Be Prepared for the Shave.

It’s useful to scrub your face before operating an electrical shaver. Nice and cozy water opens the pores and softens the hairs.

Pre-shave cleansers will provide you a closer shave by serving to the hairs to face up.

Shaving right once showering may also assist you to get an in depth shave. Once wash your face, take care to dry it totally unless you’ve got a water-proof razor.

Some electrical razors may be used with shaving cream, soap, water, and alternative products. However, take care to fastidiously consult the manufacturer’s directions before applying something along with your razor.

Applying a pre-shave lotion or cream will facilitate take away excess oil from your face for the associate.


Step 3: Hold the Shaver Perfectly for Shaving.

Hold the shaver at right angles to your face, and use your freedom to drag your skin educated as you shave that the hairs stand upright.

This may guarantee most contact with the skin, scale back shaving time and minimize snagging.

Foil shavers work the best victimization simply back-and-forth strokes, whereas rotary shavers ought to even be used with circular motions.

Note: Before starting the shaving process, please check the battery status of the shaver and must check the blades are neat and clean or not.


Step 4: Stroke the Shaver Carefully on Your Beard and Mustache.

Remember that every shaver has the different method of shaving the hairs to optimize your shave in the different direction of your face.

When employing a rotary shaver, build tiny circular motions with the shaver head on your face, however, bear in mind to not press exhausting or reconsider an equivalent spot repeatedly to avoid irritation.

When it comes to foil shavers, it will give the best performance with back-and-forth strokes.

Keep the pressure even to realize the most effective attainable shave.

No have to be compelled to push as laborious as you are doing with a manual razor.


Step 5: Apply after Shave and Moisturize

Applying associate degree aftershave or moisturizer post-shave will facilitate hydrate and shield the skin.

There also are aftershave product that facilitates slow hair growth for extended lasting smoothness.

You may contemplate getting a product from your favorite cologne whole to create your aftershave your own.


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