Revlon One Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer Hot Air Brush Review

Review summary


  • It comes with shaped like a round brush.
  • The heating system is too good. It distributes the heat throughout the brush.
  • Comes with unique oval design which helps to add extra life on your roots.
  • The price is super affordable.


To be honest personally I couldn’t find any major problem in it. Just you have to adjust the heat level according to your hair. Overuse of the hot airbrush can damage your hair. But it totally depends on your use. And don’t try to use it on too wet hair. Let your hair air dry first. For this you can use a towel or anything like this.

Customer rating:

  • 4.5 out of 5 [total 89,336 reviews]

Our rating:

  • Price:– 5 out of 5
  • Built Quality:- 4.5 out of 5
  • Performance:- 4.5 out of 5
  • Overall:- 4.6 out of 5


Hair is the weakness of a woman. Every woman wants that kind of hair what kind they don’t have. Someone who grows up with pin straight hair, she can want waves in her hair. Now a day’s it’s not a major problem for us. We have a lot of products to make our straight hair peachy wavy or curly hair pin-straight. You can also go to the parlor to have your dreamy hair style. But if you feel that you could never be a boss in using hair dryers, hairs smoothing products, and then you are not alone.
A huge number of women end up their hair treatment creating frizz in their hair and their hand muscles give up in the min of process. Though we have the critical condition in this topic but don’t worry. All hope is not lost right now. Some perfect styling tool is invented out there which can end your blow drying woes. Today I will introduce you to a amazing hair brush which is a hair dryer at the same time. The Revlon One Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer hot airbrush is the tool. It has game changing ability ever since it was introduced on the market. You can say that, it is an almost essential styling tool that each woman dreams of. It comes with a combination of a round brush and also a hairdryer which may able to give you a perfect hair design.

Features and specifications

Unique oval design brush head:

Revlon one step hair dryer comes with an oval shape design which allows two different types of brushes. You can work with together at the same time. It has rounded corners, when they lift hair from the roots; it gives your hair a good bounce. The flat side of the brush generally works like a hair straightening paddle brush.

Two types of bristles:

The shape and the bristle design of the brush is kind of a magic of this hair drying brush. The bristles are topped by ball-tipped nylon and it cover the flatter sides of the brush. At the same time the curved edges have nylon boar hair bristles. So, they are giving two kind of bristles benefit at a time. The back of the brush is ceramic coated which can protect your hair from widespread damage and it also defend the extra heat evenly.

Air flow vents:

The Revlon One Step Hair dryer comes with some air vents which are very important in dispersing hot air more quickly. At the same time, it also makes the machine perfect for the exact dense curls. The tool is also fast by this advantage. It gives me a chance to style my long straight hair and change into curly hair within 15 minutes. You should be astonished that I have just come out of the salon.

Ionic technology:

This Revlon hair brush releases negative ions while you are drying hair. Like this, it just makes a neutral change of your hair. After finishing the work, you look gorgeous with your super smooth, shiny and conditioned hair.

Lightweight and easy-to-handle:

Weight of a regular used tool is so important. If you use a hair dryer with good weight, I think it is almost like a workout session for your arms. By this side, the Revlon One Step Hair dryer is easy to handle and it has a light weight which can provide you a great comfort while using. By the way, its swivel cord is 6 feet at length and totally tangle-free.

Is the Revlon one-step dryer good???

In a word, this Revlon Hot Air brush makes a great change in my hair style. It made my hairstyling so much easy and smooth. Personally I would rate it 9 out of 10, because of its features and offers. Let’s know why I give this high rate to this dryer.

Using comfort: 4.5/5

This Revlon airbrush is light in weight and for this it is very easy to hold. As I said before, it comes with swivel cord which has a flexible attribute and doesn’t annoy you while blow drying your hair. There are three heat settings in it. You just need to plug the tool and choose one of the heat types. This company has ETL certification seal because it follows the US safety requirements for hairdryers.

But, you have to remember that it has an auto shutoff feature. Though I don’t think that someone forget to switch off the hair dryer after using this.

Heat settings: 4.5/5

Revlon hair dryer has altogether three settings. Two for heat or speed set and the other is ‘cool’ option for cooling the device. If you have a heavy and strong hair, you could use the high heat setting. This one is too powerful, so, be careful about using this. Who has a thin and fragile hair, she can use the ‘low’ type. It also can be strong for her hair. That means you have to be careful when adjust the heat setting.

Value for money: 5/5

There are a lot of hot airbrushes in the market of different branded. But, in terms of price and quality, this Revlon one step hair dryer and volumizer styling tool is really super affordable. The high quality features and built skill can give you the value of your money. You can realize by yourself that, it worth every single penny.

Power: 4/5

This unit can make you to face a little problem. The voltage has been placed between 120 Volt. The Revlon One Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer has been specially designed for the outlets in the USA. If you want to use a voltage converter, it may damage the device. So, only USA people should go with it.

Warranty: 5/5

It is great news that the Revlon One Step Hairdryer and Volumizer brush comes with a 4-year warranty. If you have any problem with your device, the manufacturer will replace it with a new one. So, don’t worry about the reliability. Just be free to use.

Customer’s reactions

Every women dreams that kind of styling tool which can give them a perfect design. Revlon One Step hair dryer and volumizer is one of them. It is a quick and easy-to-use hairstyling tool. It does a great job of not only a hairdryer, but also a hair styler. The device is able to give you a good looking hair which is smooth, shiny and full of volume.

Revlon One Step hair dryer comes with ergonomic design and swivel cord which make it hassle-free. It has high and low heat or speed settings. They are suitable for most of the hair types. So, it is very easy to get a nicely groomed bouncy hair. According to your hair density, just section your hair by hand, and then use the device. Be sure, you will be done in just few minutes. As the brush is a little large, it might not work amazingly in short or thin hair. But it works amazing on my hair. I am totally satisfied with this hot air brush.

As it is a matter of hair, I recommend you to use a heat resistant serum before using any kind of hair dryer or hot air brush. Never overuse any kind of heating or hair dryer machine and also don’t use it in wet hair. You should damp your hair first before using the hot airbrush. Overall, Revlon One Step hair dryer and volumizer is a great tool. It makes my every day special and so much convenient, In short, I love it.


Revlon One Step Hair dryer and Volumizer Hot Airbrush is really a great tool in the hair styling device market. It has done a good change in my hairstyling routine. A tension free morning for hair style makes my life so much easier than before. It will work amazingly if you have medium to long, dense hair. This is one of the greatest tools which is able to give you a perfect salon-like blowout every time. So, use it and thank me later.

How many watts Is the Revlon one-step hairdryer???

Revlon one step hair dryer comes with 1100 watt power in built. It is able to provide the right amount of heat according to your hair density. So, it takes a few minutes to dry and style your hair.

Can you use the hairdryer with other volt outlets???

The answer is, ‘no’. It doesn’t have dual voltage coverage. This device is only designed for 120V and you can use US outlets only. We strongly discourage in using a voltage converter. It can make a bitter experience.

How long does it take to style your hair???

It totally depends on your hair density, hair type and length. Generally the tool is super fast. You need to section your hair then use it to style. It will take 12-15 minutes to give you a perfect style if you have middle length hair like mine.

Does regular use make any problem???

I use it regular in the morning. Till now, I don’t find any problem with my hair. But, obviously don’t overuse it to your hair. Personally I discourage in this matter.

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