Remington PG6025 All-in-one Trimmer Review: How Efficient Is This Popular, Inexpensive Multigroomer?

Remington is famous for producing machines like beard trimmers and electric shavers. The Remington PG6025 is an inexpensive grooming kit that is specially designed for trimming beards. But you can use this trimmer for trimming other hairs from your body and head. It offers 8 attachments making it well worth its price. Now the question is, how efficient the device is? In this article, I’m elaborating on the answer to this question.


  • The Remington PG6025 comes with surgical steel self-sharpening blades that ensure very sharp performance without compromising the thickness of the beard and hair.
  • The manufacturer engineered the trimmer with a rechargeable LIthium-ion battery that offers 65 minutes of cordless performance with a 4-hour full charge.
  • It comes with a foil shaver head that is useful for making close shaves on the body and detailing the beard.
  • The package also has a detail trimmer head that makes precise detail trimming.
  • The package comes with 3 fixed combs for beard trimming and 1 adjustable comb for beard and hair trimming.
  • All the attachments are fully washable.

What’s in the Box?

I found the following items in the Remington PG6025 package.

  • The trimmer itself
  • Storage pouch
  • Three fixed beard combs
  • An adjustable trimmer comb
  • A Foil shaver head
  • Detail trimmer head
  • Charging adapter with cord
  • User manual

Features and Specifications Analysis

As a full-service grooming kit, the Remington PG6025 offers a great solution for all kinds of hair grooming.

The lithium-powered unit has an ergonomic design to fit perfectly on a user’s hand.

Remington PG6025 comes with 8 attachments to offer maximum hair maintenance.

With this package, you will find a detail trimmer, ear, and nose trimmer.

You can easily go to hard-to-reach areas with the trimmer without pain or struggle. What else do you want?

There is a hair clipper comb with 8 length settings.

All of the attachments in the kit are made from high-quality materials so that each one can enhance its durability.

You will also get three separate beard and stubble combs.

The combs come with three different length settings, allowing you to style your beard how you want.

The cleaning work of these attachments can be done with warm water. You can make it easy by taking some liquid soap with the water.

You can also rinse them on the tap after every use for easier cleaning.

The cool shaver is fitted with some steel blades, which are self-sharpening. These blades are designed to last longer.

You can easily use the blades for up to 2 years without replacement.

It has a lithium-powered battery.

After a full charge, you can use the shaver for about 50 minutes of continuous shaving.

You are offered a travel pouch with the contents of the box.

This pouch is very handy when you have to travel with it.

The Remington PG6025 comes with several attachments in the box. These ensure styling versatility and grooming options for a man. Each attachment has a different work to provide maximum grooming options.

Full-size Trimmer:

remonton pg6025 all in one beard trimmer - full-size trimmer

The Remington PG6025 is mainly a beard trimmer. There is a full-size trimming blade with the package that you will find attached to the device’s head.

You can use this with or without the comb as you wish.

This cool attachment lets you clean up or trim the neckline, facial hair, and sideburns easily.

Details Shaver:

remington pg6025 all in one beard trimmer - details shaver

This is not only a trimmer, it is a shaver also. This tool ensures a very clean shave for you.

But the shave will not be too close like the dedicated electric shavers.

Although this is not a direct shaving machine, it gives a comparably good result in shaving.

It is ideal for cleaning up edges or trimming hair, even on your neckline and jawline.

Beard, Stubble, and Haircut Combs:

remington pg6025 all in one trimmer combs

Remington PG6025 comes with some attachments, and there are some combs, also.

These combs have various settings in them. You are allowed to trim your beard or hair to your desired length.

Whether you want a short haircut or a clean shave, the various combs will help you achieve the desired look.

The attachments of this series are very useful.

Each setting provides an even shave or haircut for a more polished appearance.

Nose, Ear, Eyebrow, Detail Trimmer:

remington pg6025 all in one trimmer - nose, ear, eyebrow trimmer

If you have any unwanted hair inside your nose or ears, and you want to remove this, then this trimmer can help you to remove it easily and comfortably.

Here is the other opportunity. If you want a tidy look, this attachment also helps you precisely comb and trim your eyebrows without irritation.

Strengths of Remington PG6025

The Remington PG6025 Grooming Kit is one of the strongest shaving kits produced by the Remington Company.

Nowadays, it holds a high position in the shaver market too.

This shaving kit is an impressive set. There are some of its highlights given below:

#Complete Versatility

This trimmer is a complete set. It includes a foil shaver, nose, ear and detail trimmer, a full-size trimmer, and a hair clipper comb with eight-length settings.

There is also a travel pouch with it. The opportunity for various kinds of trimmers and combs allows you to choose the style you want.

You can trim your face, sideburns, or neck and neckline. You can also define sharp lines around your goatee or beard.

#High-Quality Surgical Steel Blades

remington pg6025 all in one trimmer surgical steel blades

You don’t have to worry about cutting blades. There are some self-sharpening blades made of steel.

This fit in the shape of the face of each cutting side ensures that you have fewer maintenance tasks.

The blades are extremely sharp, offering the best close cuts with only a few strokes.

Again, the blades are made of surgical steel to be long-lasting.

#Lithium Powered

The Remington PG6025 uses a rechargeable lithium-powered battery.

This battery power unit is long-lasting. It allows up to 65 minutes of cordless shaving after every full charge.

The battery delivers a lot of power, and you can easily cut the thickest part of your hair.

#Balanced Weight

You are wrong if you think the Remington PG6025 Grooming Kit is the lightest shaver on the market.

It is not the lightest, and neither is it the heaviest.

It features a great geometry with the perfect balanced weight for better comfortable use.

This is especially got important when you need your precision cuts.

#10 Length Settings

First, thanks to its length settings, it is easy to achieve precision cuts with this shaving unit.

You can get your favorite length with this feature.

Weaknesses of Remington PG6025

Everything has some weaknesses too. There are some matters here that need to upgrade in the next version, including:

#Consequent batteries might not last long

After replacing the first battery, the second and third batteries might be quite short.

#Not wet/dry:

This is a big fact. You cannot use the shaver while you wash the attachments in water. This makes the limitation of its uses in the washroom.

#Heat up fast:

This trimmer heats up fast.

After using a couple of minutes, it gets relatively hot.

This can negatively affect battery runtime, and you may get no comfort in shaving with it.


Before making an article, we research the product first. From our market research, Remington PG6025 is one of the best hair clippers or trimmers.

The performance is good enough. It is better than most other hair clippers or trimmers available on the market. There is no doubt here; the Lithium-Ion battery gives you a long-time shaving experience.

This opportunity is here; you can use it with a cord or cordless. Normally, it takes a little more charging time, but you can trim it up to 60 minutes whenever it is fully charged.

You can use this trimmer for seven days when your device is fully charged. Lithium-ion battery provides the best service for cordless performance.

So, after one investment, you’ll get a fresh look each and every day. As said before, the blades of this trimmer are made of surgical steel.

These powerful self-sharpening cutting blades help to make it a great trimmer. It is an additional significant feature of the Remington PG6025.

Getting a good solution for your facial hair or mustache is possible. This extraordinary clipper is made of top-quality components.

You don’t have to worry about the service of the trimmer and need not worry about sensitive skin. As you like, you can use this clipper for extra skin care.


  • Surgical self-sharpening blades.
  • Washable attachments.
  • Powerful battery.
  • Much attachments.
  • The trimmer has a well-balanced weight. This low weight makes it easier to hold and shave precision cuts.
  • Ideal for traveling.


  • Although the blades are self-sharpening, they need replacement after 1-2 years of use.
  • The ear, nose, and detail trimmer can be too big for someone’s ears and nose.
  • Takes 4 hours for a full charge.
  • There is no quick charge option here.


When you are looking for a cheap trimmer that will offer you value for money, then Remington PG6025 Grooming Kit is perfect for you.

The unit is lightweight, but this is powerful enough to offer you clean and smooth cuts. If you use the set properly and clean the attachments after each use, the unit will last as long as possible.

Its shaving results will vary based on the shaving skills of the user. This grooming kit can be able to give you your desired look.

The Remington PG6025 Grooming Kit is a solid shaving kit that is worth its price tag completely.

If you want a simple and convenient way to maintain your facial hair, choose the Remington 6025 all-in-one lithium-powered grooming kit. Again Remington is always upgrading their products day by day.

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