Philips Series 6000 Shavers Review: Philips Norelco 6800 vs Philips Norelco 6900 – Which One Best Suits You?

Philips Norelco is the popular name of rotary type electric shavers and hair trimmers. They have lots of electric shaver models on the market in different editions and qualities. They recently released an advanced rotary shaver Philips Norelco 6900 and 6800 under the Philips series 6000. Although one of the most advanced electric shavers, it costs under 100 bucks. While analyzing the market and customer’s reaction to the shaver, we found both positive and negative reactions. In our experience, there are different opinions too. So, let’s know what is adorable and miserable in the Philips Norelco 6900 shaver.

What’s in the Box?

When you will open the package, you will see some attachments except the shaver Philips 6900 and 6800. Let’s check what you are going to see after unpacking the box.

  • The Philips 6800 shaver itself
  • SmartClick trimmer
  • Blade protective cap
  • Charging adapter with cord
  • Cleaning brush
  • A comb attachment ( Philips Norelco 6900 only)
  • A charging stand (Philips Norelco 6900 only)
  • User manual

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Rotary Type Shaver

Philips series 6000

You know there are two types of electric razors, rotary and foil.

The Philips Norelco 6900 and 6800 even all the Norelco shavers are rotary type.

The rotary type shaver has three circular cutting elements which perform in the rotating movement.

The three cutting elements work together to deliver smooth and comfortable shaves.

The Design

Philips Series 6000

The Philips Series 6000 razor 6800 and 6900 come in a sleek design with a fully black colored handle.

The shaver handle is made with a comfort rubber grip to make the shaver more secured even you have a slippery or wet hand from accidental falling down. Y

ou will feel a very comfortable grasp while handling the shaver for every pass.

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Skin Protect Blades

philips norelco 6000

Philips Norelco used skin protect blades in their Philips series 6000 shaver for fast and smooth operation in every pass.

The blades are very strong and sharp to capture hairs and cut in a single pass.

So, you are going to have fast and smooth shaves with the shaver according to Philips’s acclamation.

ComfortGlide Rings

philips norelco series 6000

Philips series 6000 shaver 6800 features comfortglide ring system to protect facial skin from nicks and cuts.

This technology will provide you super comfort with smooth and clean shaves.

You have to forget about shaving irritations while using this shaver because of the ComfortGlide ring technology.

Flexible Shaving Head

Philips Norelco 6900

Philips Norelco 6900 and 6800 shavers used multi-flex pivoting head with flexible shaving elements.

The head with shaving elements can move in 8 directions to ensure reaching in every hard to reach areas.

The pivoting head glides smoothly over the skin and follows every contour of the face to make a smooth and close shave without leaving a single hair from problem areas.

This feature also makes comfortable handling of every pass.

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Wet and Dry Shaver

Philips series 6000 - Philips Norelco 6900

In the advanced shavers, Philips used Aquatech technology to provide wet and dry shaving facility.

We should thank the Aquatech system for its smooth and wet shaving advantage.

The Philips series 6000 electric shaver 6800 comes with Aquatech technology for both wet and dry shaving.

So, you can have fast dry shaves in a moment and also refreshing wet shaves with your favorite shaving cream, gel, foam, soap or water.

Some electric shavers support wet shaving system but do not provide smooth shave.

But the Philips 6900 shaver is proven with every wet shaving element and provided very smooth and close shave without leaving a single hair.

So, this must be a great shaver for wet or dry shaving.

100% Waterproof

Philips Norelco 6800 electric shaver is 100% water resistant.

So, you can have shower shaves under the shower while bathing.

Even you can sink the shaver into the bathtub. It will not face any kind of water causing problem although you accidentally throw the shaver into water.

Digital LED

Philips series 6000 designed their Norelco 6800 shaver with an advanced and digital LED interface.

The LED provides every needed indication for user convenience.

You will see 3 stage battery level indication, travel lock indication, charging unplug indication, cleaning indication, battery low indication, replacement head indication, and travel lock indication in the LED.

So, you do not assume anything for better performance and shaver health.

Powerful Battery

Philips Series 6000

The Philips Norelco 6800 electric shaver comes with a powerful Lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

The battery provides 50 minutes of cordless shaving in every full charge.

It takes only 1 hour to be fully charged.

I think the battery is comparable with the premium shavers like Philips Norelco 9700 or Braun Series 9.

5 Minute Quick Charge

Since a cordless shaver, the battery charge is very important for it.

But the Philips series 6000 shaver comes with 5 minute quick charging system.

The system offers you to have a quick full shave with only 5 minutes of charge after the battery going fully drained.

So, you do not need to worry about charging even the battery is empty.

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Travel Friendly

It’s really important to bring your shaver while going on a long tour.

But it is difficult to charge some shavers from abroad because all the electric plugs are not the same.

A matter of joy that, the Philips series 6000 shaver comes with a multi-voltage adapter which allows you to charge your shaver from anywhere of the world.

There is a travel lock system in the shaver so that it can not start automatically by accidental touch.

The travel lock saves the shaver from accidental turning on or moving the head.

These features make the shaver super flexible for traveling.

But I think Philips should provide a travel bag with the package although you can buy a travel bag separately with a bit of cost.

Premium SmartClick Trimmer

Philips Norelco 6900

Philips provides a premium smartclick precision trimmer with the package.

The trimmer helps to detail or shape the sideburns and mustache, make edge lines, make precisions in the beard.

The trimmer quality is good enough to perform smoothly.

While buying the Philips Norelco 6900 instead of 6800 in the Philips series 6000, it comes with a comb attachment to provide you different trimming lengths of trimming.

The comb allows you to trim your beard from stubble to longer beard style.

Skin Guard Mode

You will find a button below the power button called Skin Guard button.

The button is to control the speed of the blade rotation. There are two power mood of the speed.

You can select the turbo mood for faster shaving and the mild mood for super comfortable shaving.

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Replacement Part

We recommend replacing the shaver head blades while the shaver loses the performance grade.

It’s better to replace the head than buying a new shaver which saves a big amount of money.

After replacing the head elements, the shaver will perform like a new shaver.

The replacement heads are available on Amazon.


Like the other Philips Norelco shavers, the Philips series 6000 shavers also come with 2 years of limited warranty.

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Philips Norelco 6800

The Philips series 6000 is not famous for its design but very famous for its performance.

Since the shaver features very sharp skin protect blades, the shaver can cut 10X more hairs with 10X more skin comfort than the traditional blades.

The blades are self-sharpening, so you do not need to oil the blades for making them sharper.

Philips series 6000 comes with ComfortGlide rings around the shaving elements.

The comfort-glide rings have special protective coatings that work like a shield for the skin to ensure irritation-free and super comfortable shavings.

Since the Philips series 6000 has a super flexible pivoting head that moves in 8 directions, it can read your skin contact and facial contours.

The head ensures super smooth and close shave in every pass.

Al together the SkinProtect blades, ComfortGlide rings, and the pivoting head, the shaver delivers a very smooth, close and comfortable shave.

The Philips series 6000 comes with a ClickOn trimmer head which is very strong in quality and delivers satisfactory edging and detailing.

You can also make a stubble look of your full beard with the trimmer.

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What is the Difference between Philips Norelco 6800 and Philips Norelco 6900?

Both Philips Norelco 6800 and Philips Norelco 6900 are electric shavers from the Philips Series 6000.

We did not find any built-in difference between the Philips 6800 and Philips 6900 shavers.

The only difference is, the Philips Norelco 6900 comes with some extra attachments like a charging stand and a trimmer comb.

The Philips 6800 does not come with these attachments. Since Philips Norelco 6800 comes with two extra attachments, it costs a little more.

But the shaver quality is exactly similar. Generally, the Philips Norelco 6900 provides little more benefits as it has little more options.

You can get 5 trimming length of your beard which is not possible with the Norelco 6800 and you can safely charge the shaver with the charging stand while purchasing the Philips Norelco 6900.

So, we recommend purchasing the Philips Norelco 6900 if you need trimming length options and want to charge the shaver into a charging stand.

But the 6800 is okay if you do not need these two extra features. That’s all.

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Cleaning and Maintenance

Philips Norelco Series 6000 shavers Philips 6800 and 6900 come with 100% waterproof handle and attachments.

So, the cleaning is very easy with direct water. You can rinse the shaver and it will not face any water causing problems.

Philips provides a cleaning brush with the package the clean the shaver head after every dry shave.

So, you can easily clean the shaver with the cleaning brush quickly.

But you need to clean the shaver with water for thorough cleaning after wet shaving.

Although the shavers Philips Norelco 6800 and Philips Norelco 6900 do not come with automatic cleaning station, you can clean them easily with direct water and cleaning brush.


  • SkinProtect blades
  • ComfortGlide rings
  • Close and comfortable performance
  • Digital and user-friendly LED
  • Wet/dry shaver
  • 100% washable
  • SmartClick trimmer
  • Travel friendly adapter and travel lock
  • Speed selection mode
  • Very good battery
  • Quick charging facility
  • Flexible head
  • 2 year warranty


  • No travel bag
  • No automatic cleaning system


In our view, we found very few reasons to blame the Philips series 6000 shavers.

Since there is no electric shaver brand that can provide a faultless product, the Philips series 6000 shavers also may have some faults.

But we did not find any fault in the performance and built quality of the shavers.

The consumers of the shaver also provided similar opinions about the shavers.

Although the shaver Philips Norelco 6900 and Philips Norelco 6800 do not come with travel case and automatic cleaning station, we can not expect such kind of attachment with these budget-friendly shavers.

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