Philips OneBlade Review – Is This Exceptional Men’s Groomer as Efficient as Advertised?

Philips OneBlade is a new schemed electric men’s groomer that offers 3 grooming facilities together. The design of the device is really compelling for men who are tired of holding big electric shavers and trimmers. On the other hand, it saves a big amount of money from buying separate electric shavers and trimmers. However, is this device worth its hype? or is it really efficient to do its job done? Read this full article to get the answer and judge the overwhelming grooming device “Philps OneBlade”.


  • Phillips OneBlade 2520 men’s grooming kit is a 3-in-one device that offers trimming, shaving and edging the beard.
  • It comes with an unique design that is very lightweight and user-friendly.
  • The OneBlade trimmer & shaver is an inexpensive solution for all in one beard grooming.
  • This electric machine comes with rechargeable battery.
  • The battery provides 45min operating times per 8 hours of charge.
  • This machine can adopt 100volt – 240 volt AC. Therefore, it is for universal use.
  • The blade is not like a traditional blade for that your skin will stay comfortable.

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Features and Specifications Analysis

Unique Technology

Phillips OneBlade 2520 electric machine is engineered with a revolutionary design.

This electric machine is designed for facial styling and body grooming.

It is able to trim, shave and edge almost all kinds of hair.

The fast-moving cutter can move 200X per second.

Shave the Machine Off

This one blade does not cut like a traditional blade.

So your skin will stay comfortable and move the machine against the grain then shave off easily all length of hairs.

3 Click on Stubble Combs

There are 3 stubble combs come with this package.

To get the even stubble length, just attach one of the click on stubble combs.

The 3 stubble combs are :-

The 1mm comb is for a 5 O’clock,

The 3mm comb is for tight trims,

And the 5mm comb is for long stubble.

Contour Following System

The Phillips OneBlade electric trimmer and shaver can easily follow every contour of your face and you will get a comfortable trim/shave to all areas of your face.

The Durable OneBlade

This one blade is durable and provides you a long-lasting performance.

But for an optimal result, you have to replace the blade after 4months of use.

Dual Sided Blade

The Philips OneBlade can easily follow every contour of your face and use the dual-sided blade to style your edges and create a clean line.

You can move the blade in any direction.

Wet and Dry Use

The Phillips OneBlade trimmer and shaver 2520 is for wet and dry use.

So you can use it dry or you can use shaving gel, foam, and soap for a wet refreshing shave.

This electric machine is water resistant for that cleaning is so easy.

Just hold it under running water for the easy rinse.

Full 2 Years of Warranty

Phillips North America Corporation warrants their every new product for a period of 2 years from the purchase day.

They will repair or replace your product if there is any workmanship problem (without blade and comb) with free charge.

This warranty does not cover if your product damages for abuse or misuse, accident or lack of reasonable care.

45 Days Money Back Guarantee

After buying the Philips OneBlade, if you are not fully satisfied with this product, you can return it within 45 days.

The Phillips Norelco will back your full money.

But when you will return it, you must have to return it along with the dated sales receipt.

The product must be postmarked within 45 days.

All the instructions you will find in the warranty card and user guide.

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Built Quality of Philips OneBlade

Philips OneBlade 3-in-1 men's grooming kit

The Phillips Norelco Oneblade 2520 electric trimmer and shaver is a combination of 2 colors – lime green and charcoal grey.

The machine’s handle is made with a ribbed rubber grip.

So there is no chance of suddenly falling down.

There is an ON/OFF button on the front side of the handle.

The charging socket is situated at the bottom of the machine.

There are 3 stubble combs for even stubble trim – 3/16 inch/5mm, 1/8 inch/3mm, and 3/64 inch/1mm.

The blade is not so sturdy, it feels fragile.

The machine dimensions – 7.1 x 8.1 x 2.4 inches.

This machine is for wet and dry use. You can use any kind of shaving cream, gels, and soap for a refreshing wet shave.

Being water-resistant, the cleaning of this machine is so easy.

There is no risk of water causing problems.

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Battery Life

Phillips OneBlade electric trimmer and shaver QP2520 is powered by a Ni-MH rechargeable battery.

The battery will provide you 45 minutes of operating times per 8 hours of charge.

8 hours is a really long time.

But you should consider the price range.

There is a battery indicator; this indicator will provide you the notification when the machine needs to plug in for the charge.

When the machine becomes fully charged, the battery percentage will show 100% and the light will flash continuously.

This machine is only for cordless use.

The battery quality could be better because sometimes it makes misbehave, does not work properly and take more than 8 hours for a full charge.

Some of my friends gave objections about the battery.

Honestly, I am not happy with the battery life and its quality.

I rather choose the Philips OneBlade pro for the battery quality.

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Cleaning and Maintenance

Philips One Blade washable men's grooming device

Important- the blade is breakable so handle it with care. Never tap the blade on the back to remove the hair from it. It can cause damage to the blade.

  • Always turn the machine off before removing the comb from it.
  • If a lot of hair deposits on the blade or comb, you have to simply blow them off first.
  • Then turn the machine ON and rinse the blade and combs under running hot water. Hot water does not mean the boiled water, it has to be lukewarm.
  • After the rinse, let all the parts air dry. Never use a cloth or tissue for drying the blades.

This machine is 100% waterproof so there is no chance of water causing problems.

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Shaving System

How to shave with Philips OneBlade grooming kit

The Phillips OneBlade QP2025 is not only a trimmer it is also a shaver.

The blade is not like the traditional blade. It will provide you a comfortable shave.

We all know how to shave.

I don’t need to talk about this section it is like another general shaving machine.

For the best shaving result,

  • Always move the machine against the hair growth.

I don’t have any objection about shaving.

My shaving experience is good and even I don’t feel any kind of razor burn or irritations.

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How to Trim with the Combs?

Philips OneBlade Trimming System

There are 3 stubble trimming combs with this package for the different lengths of hair.

Tip- to get the best result, trim your beard dry, and operate it against the hair growth.

  • 1st place the comb on the blade properly. The comb teeth can upwards or downwards.
  • If you trim for the 1st time use the 5mm trimming comb. Because it will prevent accidentally trimming hair too short.
  • Don’t operate the machine so fast. Move it gently.
  • Never operate the machine against its teeth.
  • All the hair doesn’t grow in the same direction, so you have to move the machine different positions like – upwards, downwards, across.

Practice makes as perfect and to get an optimal result just do the practice.

I don’t have any objection to this section. Only, the comb quality is not so good.

But we have to remember the price range.

If you use it carefully, I think it will be last longer.

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Replacement Parts of Philips OneBlade

The manufacturer recommended that to get an optimal shave/trim, we have to replace the blade after every 4 months.

After the replacement of the blade, your machine will work like before.

Replacement is less costly than buying a new one.

How you will know when you need to replace the blade?

The blade is furnished with a blade wear indicator; a green bar will slowly rise on the blade when you use it.

When it is highly visible, that time you need to replace the blade.

Replacement Blade- QP210, QP220, QP610, QP620

The replacement head is available on Amazon.

You will get all the instructions in the user guide about replacements.

Buy Replacement Head From Amazon


To minimize the risk of electric shock, burns, fire, and injury to the users.

  • Don’t use this machine with plugged in. it can cause electric shock.
  • Do not use the power plug in the bathroom. Accidentally it can fall or pull into the tab or sink.
  • Immediately unplug the machine after recharging.
  • When you clean the machine, be certain it is unplugged.
  • You have to be more careful when you will use this machine on children or invalids.
  • Don’t use another attachment which comes from another machine.
  • Never operate the machine if the power cord is damaged.
  • Keep the machine and its attachments as well as the power plug from heated surfaces.
  • If the blade or the combs becomes broken or damaged, don’t use it. It can be causes of facial injury.
  • Use the power plug supplied only with this machine.
  • Never keep the machine in direct sunlight.

What’s in the Box?

I found the following items after unboxing the Philips OneBlade grooming device.

  • Blade.
  • The handle handle.
  • 3 trimming combs (1mm, 3mm, 5mm).
  • Charger
  • User guide.
  • Warranty card.

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  • Inexpensive price range.
  • 3 in 1 device.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Satisfactory shaving performance.
  • Fully washable.
  • Comfortable.
  • Capable to trim any length of hair.


  • Mostly plastic built quality.
  • The blade feels fragile.
  • The battery sometimes misbehaves.
  • 8 hour charging time.
  • Replacing the blade is a bit costly.


Always I like to try something new, and for that, I bought the Phillips OneBlade 2520.

The Phillips Norelco one blade electric trimmer and shaver QP2520 provided me a satisfactory performance but it broke down after 10 months of use.

The built quality is not so good. It can break down through a little pressure.

But if you use it carefully I think it will be last longer.

I don’t have any objection to the shaving performance.

My displeasure is only about the battery and the cheap plastic.

I don’t want to recommend you for this product. For better quality, you can choose the Philips OneBlade Pro.

You can buy it for a test. After the test, if you will be not fully satisfied, you can return it within 45 days.

To get all the services, register your product immediately after buying.

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Philips OneBlade vs OneBlade Face & Body

  • This machine is for facial + body hair.
  • There are 2 blades – one is for the facial hair and another one is for body hair.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • There are 4 stubble combs for even trim + 1 comb for the body hair.
  • Powered by lithium-ion battery which will provide 60 minutes running time per 4 hours of charge.
  • Full 2 years of warranty and 45 days money back guarantee.
  • The customer rating is 4.1 out of 5 stars.
  • This machine is costly than the QP2520.

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Philips OneBlade vs OneBlade Pro

  • This machine is capable to trim, shave and edge any length of hair.
  • 100% waterproof. Use wet and dry.
  • Powered by lithium-ion battery which will provide 90 minutes operating time per 1 hour of charge.
  • It only comes with one blade and a comb.
  • There are 14 hair length settings in the comb.
  • LED battery status indicator.
  • Universal voltage – 100volt – 240volt.
  • The customer rating is 4.1 out of 5 stars.

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Can you cut your body hair???

This machine is only for facial hair and this machine is not recommended for using any parts of your body.
The QP2630 is for the facial + body hair.
If you want to cut your body hair you can buy the Philips OneBlade face and body shaver QP2630.

Can you use it cordless + corded?

No, it’s only for cordless use.

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