Philips Norelco Series 9000 Electric Shaver Review – 9300 and 9700

Philips norelco series 9000 electric shaver - 9300 and 9700

There are lots of advantages of using electric shavers. You can shave without foam or water. It helps you save time and money.

Choosing a perfect shaver is a complex task. You need to make a major decision that which kinds of electric shaver you want before buying an electric shaver.

In the market, there are two types of electric shavers foil and rotary. Foil shaver’s feature is several blades with a foil cover.

Rotary shavers include multiple rotating circular blades on the shaver head.

If you want to buy a rotary shaver, undoubtedly the Philips Norelco series 9000 is the best choice for you.

The Philips Norelco Series 9000 shavers won IF design award in 2015. There are four models in the Philips Norelco series 9000 shavers.

They all have almost same features. But we focus on 9300 and 9700 models because those two models are best among of them.

Philips is the leading rotary shaver brand in the market at present. The Philips Norelco series 9000 is better at shaving longer and thicker hair.

The Norelco series 9000 is Philip’s top of the range rotary shaver with a tri-blade head and the option to use it wet and dry.

It provides a close and comfortable shave and it is kind for sensitive skin. The Philips Norelco series 9000 has the newest shaving technology and it has smart cleaning station.

The shaver features the v-track precision blade that cuts hair 30 percent closer to the skin. We are giving detailed review below for your better understanding of the device.

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What will you get in the box?

  • The Shaver
  • Smart cleaning and charging station
  • Smart click precision trimmer
  • Power Adapter
  • One cleaning cartridge
  • Travel bag
  • User manual and 2 years of guarantee card.


The Shaver Head

The performance of the shaver head is so excellent. The shaver contains three individual shaving head.

The shaver head flexes 8 different directions for giving a superb result. It will catch 20% more hair with every pass.

You can easily renew your shaving unit using click off the system. The Philips shaver has a replacement reminder which will indicate you when to replace shaving head.

After replacing shaving head, you reset replacement trigger by pressing the on or off button for more than 5 seconds.

Otherwise, replacement trigger will turn off automatically after 9 sequential shaves.

If you see closely you will notice two distinct circular patterns. Every circular pattern is called track. The outer track is designed for cutting longer hair while the track on the inner portion cuts shorter hair.

When you need to remove the shaver head from the shaver you just need to pull this. After removing the shaver head you can easily attach the pop-up trimmer.

You had better change the shaver head every two years for getting best results.

It cuts almost 9 million hairs on your face within two years. Finally, it provides close, smooth and comfortable shave.

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Front of The Shaver

The front looking of the shaver is nice. The shaver is made of plastic and metal.

The Philips Norelco series 9000 shaver has just three buttons, located just above the display screen on the front of the shaver.

When you want to use the shaver you need to press the power button. If you want to increase or decrease the speed of shaver, just press plus and minus button.

When you need to lock your shaver just press the power button for three seconds, it will be locked automatically, this is called travel lock.

Each button gives a satisfying click sound when you press the button. 


Back of The Shaver

The shaver handle fits in your hand perfectly because the back of the shaver has rubber grips which help you to shave in the shower and protect from the sleepy.

At the bottom of the back side, it has a charging slot. By using this charging slot, you can charge your shaver with power adapter or charging dock.

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Smart Cleaning and Charging Station

You must clean your electric shaver properly. The models 9300 and 9700 both come with a smart clean shaving dock.

By using cleaning dock you will clean and charge your shaver. Pressing a button on the side of the smart clean dock unveil a hidden part away from the base.

It is here that you load in your cleaning cartridge. You need to place your electric shaver in the cleaning station and press a button to start cleaning.

During this process, the cleaning system cleans and lubricates the blades thoroughly dries inside the shaver, so that it is ready for the next use.

Charging the shaver when the battery is low can be done through either the charging dock or a traditional Ac-cord that plugs directly into the outlet.

The shaver is fully lithium-ion power battery, which gives you 50 minutes of shaving with a full charge, it takes 1 hour to be fully charged and if you have forgotten to charge it, you can charge quickly within only 5 minutes by the power adapter.


Convenient Travel Case

The Philips Norelco series 9000 shaver comes with a lovely semi-solid travel case which protects your shaver friendly when you travel.


Personalize Your Shave with Three Speed Settings

There are three different shave speeds of the Philips Norelco series 9000 shavers which are excellent for sensitive skin.

You can easily personalize (low or high) the shaving performance speed by the up and down personalization button.

All people’s beard is not same. When you need to shave other areas like back, neck, chin, body, or even legs, you can choose a slow mode for sensitive skin, then it provides skin-friendly shave, chooses medium mode for normal everyday shaving, chooses fast mode when the time is short. It is an outstanding design for users.

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Contour Detect Technology

Their contour detect technology merges with their super lift and cut action which qualifies them to shave super close.

This is totally a new technology of series 9000 shavers. It follows the contour of your face, chin and other hard to touch and sensitive areas.

The contour detect technology can do closer shave around the curves of your face and neck.

The Philips Norelco models 9300 and 9700 provide a greater range of movement with the individual rotary blades.

Each blade of the new contour detect technology is capable of moving independently in eight different directions.


V-Track Precision Blades

You may be familiar with the V-track precision technology. The V- track precision blades are available in both models 9300 and 9700.

Our most smart shaving system, the Philips Norelco 9000 series cuts hairs up to 30% closer to skin with its V-Track precision blades.

The newly designed blades shave closer and more comfortable. With the new V- track precision blades technology has managed to close the gap as no hair can be spared.

Advanced V-Track Precision Blades gently captures each hair regardless of its length, from 1 day up to 3-day stubble.

The blade is so sharp to ensure a premium shave day after day.

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Wet and Dry

The Philips Norelco models 9300 and 9700 are wet and dry shavers.

You can use those shavers in wet shave or dry shave and with or without shaving gel or foam for extra skin comfort.

Because of being 100% waterproof, you can have a perfect shower shave.

The wet and dry feature gives you the flexibility to shave in the most comfortable way.


Smart Click Precision Trimmer

Philips has decided to include an entirely separate trimmer attachment to complete your shaving experience to help you always look sharp.

The precision trimmer works with mustache and sideburn trimming to make perfect your look.

You can make different styles in different trimming style of your beard and mustache by the trimmer.


Battery Status Indicators

The Philips Norelco series 9000 shavers are really amazing for their digital display.

The digital display shows applicable information to get the ideal performance.

There are some important level in this display, a cleaning indicator, a battery high and low status, a replacement head indicator and a travel lock indicator.

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Features And Difference Between Norelco 9300 and Norelco 9700

Norelco 9300 Norelco 9700
Rotary Shaver Rotary Shaver
Fully Washable Fully Washable
Wet and Dry (Shower Proof) Wet and Dry (Shower Proof)
Battery Charging Time 1 Hour Battery Charging Time 1 Hour
Lithium-ion Batter Lirhium-ion Battery
Battery Running Time 50 Minutes Battery Running Time 60 Munites
SmartClean System Dock SmartClean System PRO Dock
SmartClick Cleansing Brush
SmartClick Precision Trimmer SmartClick Precision Trimmer
V-Track Precision Blade System V-Track Precision Blade System PRO
8 Directions Contouring System 8 Directions Contouring System
comfort settings with digital user interface
LED Digital Idicator LED Digital Idicator
AquaTec Technology For Comfortable Wet and Dry Shave AquaTec Technology For Comfortable Wet and Dry Shave
Personal Comfort Settings Personal Comfort Settings
Deluxe Travel Case Deluxe Travel Case
2 Years Warranty 2 Years Warranty
Price On AmazonPrice On Amazon



The Philips Norelco series 9000 Shavers promise to give a new and excellent experience in shaving.

All models of series 9000 have cordless mood. That is why you can shave easily with water even under the shower.

You get 2 years warranty and the shaver built for long-lasting durability and ensuring high performance to get comfort shave again and again.

It provides a great shave and is generally easy to use and maintain.

The shaver really is so comfortable to hold because it is not so heavy, not so light.

The shaver is only 165 grams. So, after a lot of researches and practical uses of the shaver the ShaverZone team especially recommends you to use Norelco 9300 and 9700 model shavers in series 9000.



  • 100% waterproof
  • Wet and dry
  • Cordless use
  • 1 hour charge time for 50 minutes usage
  • Rotary system
  • Smart clean system
  • Worldwide voltage for easy use around the globe
  • Li-Ion battery
  • 2-year guarantee



  • So Costly
  • Typically they are slightly quieter and slower than foil shavers.
  • The trimmer head will not fit in the travel case.
  • Makes much noise in performance time
  • The body is mostly made of plastic

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  1. Hi, I like rotary type electric shavers. Are the Norelco 9300 or 9700 same best rotary shavers for men? which one should I buy? Give me a suggestion please.

    1. Hi Mark,
      Both of the Norelco shavers are almost same but there is something upgraded to the new version of 9300 is the 9700. There are some new features and the design is little changed in the upgraded 9700. If you do not need these updates, then you can use 9300 but if you like to get the new features, then I suggest you buy the Norelco 9700 shaver. Actually, my personal choice is the 9700.

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