Philips Norelco Multigroom 7000 MG7750/49 Trimmer Review

Philips is a famous brand all over the world for their great production of electric shavers and trimmers. The Philips Norelco multigroom 7000  trimmer is Philips’s one of the top creations in the industry. The Philips Norelco multigroom 7000 has quite handy replaced sideburn trimmer, nose hair trimmer, and eyebrow trimmer, body groom shaver, and hair trimmer. It is much better than the cheap operated alternatives I have ever used. Maximum time they barely work or the batteries become damaged. I prefer the Philips Norelco multigroom 7000 7750/49 because it is their updated model and the battery capacity is very large. The battery running time is almost 5 hours with 1 hour of charge.


#This is an all-in-one grooming kit. You will get 23 pieces of grooming attachments for all of your hair removal needs ( body, head, beard)

#The blades of Philips Norelco multigroom 7000 7750/40 are 2x sharper and that will stay until 3 years of use.

#Its dual-cut technology system includes maximum precision.

#The battery of Philips Norelco 7750/40 trimmer is rechargeable and it is made with lithium-ion. You will get 5 hours of work time per full charge.

#The blades are made of stainless steel.

#Philips Norelco’s cutting guards are reinforced and the fiberglass material is very strong to prevent blending and buckling, ensuring premium trim each time.

#Philips Norelco multigroom 7000 7750/40 trimmer comes with a full-metal motor and it has a drive train that has been reinforced by tempered steel.

What Comes with the Package?

  • Stainless steel handle (1 piece)
  • Trimmer (1 piece full size)
  • Precision foil shaver (1 piece)
  • Precision detail trimmer (1piece)
  • Standard metal trimmer (1piece)
  • Extra wide hair trimmer (1 piece)
  • Nose and ear trimmer (1 piece)
  • Extra wide hair guards (6 pieces)
  • Beard guards (2 pieces)
  • Stubble guards (2 pieces)
  • Body guards (2 pieces)
  • Storage bag (1 piece)
  • Cleaning brush (1 piece)
  • Power cord (1 piece)

The Philips Norelco Multigroom 7000 is a package of 23 pieces. Therefore, there is everything to cover your whole body grooming. The trimmer and all of its attachments are fully washable. So You can simply rinse them under the faucet for easy cleaning.

Feature and Specifications

Dual Cut Technology

The Philips Norelco Multigroom 7000 trimer’s blades are special for its blades. Philips used dual cut technology into all their precision blades of the Multigroom 7000 and the blades are 2x sharper than the usual trimmers.

The Blades are self-sharpening and made them for longtime lasting. Likewise, you will find the blades similar sharp after 3 years and feel it like new. So, the durable blades must be a great feature for the grooming kit.


5 Hours Work Time

The powerful Lithium-ion rechargeable battery will provide 5 hours of work time by per hour of full charge.

You can also use the device when it is plugged in.

Philips Norelco Multigroom 7000 is 100% Washable

Philips Norelco multigroom 7000 7750/40 trimmer and all of its attachments are fully washable, so you can use water for easy clean.

Simply hold the trimmer under running water to clean the device.


15 Reinforced Trimming Guards

Philips Norelco multigroom 7000 7750 has 15 reinforced trimming guards and these trimming guards are reinforced to prevent skin irritations.

The reinforced guards are able to cut and trim the beard, head hair, stubble and body hair, and the guards are individually marked.

Premium Stainless Steel Frame

Philips Norelco 7000 trimmer’s frame is made with stainless steel.

The stainless steel frame protects the trimmer from severe damage even in an accident.

This protective frame ensures super durability and long-lasting performance.

The rubber grip around the trimmer makes it so much comfortable to control.

Steel Trimmer Blades

The Philips 7750 trimmer’s blades are stainless steel and these blades give you clean, straight lines and it also able to trim the thickest hair thoroughly.

The trimmer blades are self-sharpen for a long time and the blades won’t rust.


Foil Shaver Head

With the trimmer, you will get a foil head. It is called the foil shaver which shaves very fast and gives you so much comfortable shave.

The shaver shaves very safely and also cleans the lines around your style.

Although the foil head will not be much powerful as the premium foil shavers like the Braun Series 9 and Panasonic Arc5, it completes its work perfectly with the trimmer.

Nose and Ear Trimmer

Removing the nose and ear hairs are very challenging because the places are very sensitive.

By this trimmer you can trim your unwanted hair like nose hair, ear hair and you can trim without any kind of irritations or cuts.

Extra Wide Hair Trimmer

You will get a lovely extra wide hair trimmer head with the device.

The trimmer head is designed with extra wide and this feature helps you capture more hair in every stroke.

Extra wide hair trimmer provides very faster trimming, fading, and haircutting.


How to Trim Mustache?

First, comb all hairs to the side and clip on the desired setting.

Beginner’s tips: start on a larger setting and work your way down to the desired length.

Then, you have to comb down over the lip and the guard have to remove.

If anything hangs over the lip trim them.

To give longer mustaches symmetry and direction: comb again to the sides, down the middle of the philtrum (which is just below the septum of the nose)

Use scissors to cut a tiny, upside- down “v” inside the philtrum.

Philips Norelco Multigroom 7000 Highlight

  • You can use this trimmer and all its attachments if the battery is dead by plugging it in! This is a super feature.
  • So powerful it is. The tempered steel reinforced motor for long lasting and it can cut through anything very neatly and cleanly as you deserve.
  • It is very easy to change out all the tools, just tilt the cutting head backward (front to back) and it pops right off than installing is the reverse back to front. The shaving guides slip over the sharp end at the front and you have to click the tabs into place over the back very slick and very quick.


  • Only 1 hour charging time, the battery will give you 5 hours of work time.
  • Very sharp blades and you will get very close cutting. Going over spots you don’t have to repeat.
  • All the attachments including the foil shaver are perfect for trimming up the beard edges.
  • The shave is very comfortable for moving and not so heavy.



  • The Clipper guards trim only up to 7mm but it would have appreciated for a longer hair for the gentle areas
  • The quality of the carrying bag could be better.

Philips Norelco Multigroom 7000 vs 3100

Now I am using the Philips Norelco 7000 and it is the replacement over my older trimmer Norelco multigroom 3100.

The cost of 7000 is 3x more than 3100 so, I expected a better quality of 7000 and I have not been frustrated.

The difference between 7000 and 3100 is night and day. For the beginners, it is a great product and the motor is very quieter.

It is made with new technology and for the more cost this product gets a batter quiet motor, the 3100 is buzzed and vibrated.

But by the noise always we cannot judge the quality of operation.

When you trim your facial hair or other sides, the 7000 do not make noise.

The attachments of the trimmer are more comfortable and you can easily adjust.

The 7000 has specific attachments for specific hair size but the 3100 has a generic guard with multiple hair settings.

The Philips Norelco 7000 trimmer series is very narrow, extra wide and it has a nose/ear trimmer.

There is a lot of difference. The tolerance of power and the overall design are superb.

The clipper head of 3000 was so wide.

I get it quite stupid that something would be designed to open and loosely as to allow debris to build up inside and slowly demote functionality but this problem does not have in the 7000 series trimmer.

On the design, Every part is very tight and tidy.

I was significantly less worried about the Philips Norelco 7750.

I have been using this trimmer for 3 months and trim my facial hair twice a week.


Philips Norelco Multigroom 7000 VS 7100

Philips also has another series and it is series 7100, it is more powerful than the Philips MG 7750/49. It is very difficult to compare one directly against another. The performance of 7100 and 7000 almost the same. 7000 have precision, nose trimmer, and ear trimmer, 7100 also have this item.

But the body groomer shaver of 7100 allows you to shave below the neck, your chest and also your armpit. You also can do this by series 7000 too but you don’t feel comfortable like 7100 and you feel little irritations in sensitive skin. The turbo option of 7100 can put difficult tufts of hair to shame.

I will say if you want to groom your whole body the 7100 is better for you otherwise the 7000 is good for your face and head.


Final Thought

If you want to buy and looking for the best quality small and comfortable personal trimmer, you will find it available on Amazon. We know that it has 23 attachments, while I don’t need all of them, it is nice to have them if I ever do and I keep the attachments that I don’t use in the bag that comes with it in another drawer.

In case I decide that to get creative and this is especially nice to only one tool have in my drawer with my electric shaver. Neat and organized, about a dead battery with this unit I never have to worry, since it works while plugged in.

In summation, this unit is very nice looking, has a great feel as well as it is well balanced.  It has a high capacity battery, a high strong motor and it is very easy to change the tools. It gives me everything which I was looking for in one tool including it reduce clutters in my drawer.

There is no good in having “all in one” if it feels uncomfortable and a hassle to use. But all the tools of this best trimmer provide you with pleasurable work and this one makes your work quick and easy.


Disclaimer: While we ensure that the product details are correct on occasion manufacturers may alter their item lists. Original product packaging and elements may hold more or different information than that is exhibited on our website.

We recommended that you should not only believe in the information submitted and always read dockets, warnings, and instructions before using any product. For further information about a product kindly contact the manufacturer of this product.


Some Important Questions and Answers

Can you use it in the groin area???

  • Yes, but when you trim sensitive area you have to use a body guard always.


What are the attachment’s exact sizes???

  • You will get two stubble guards (1mm and 2mm)
  • There are three beard guards (3mm, 7mm, and 5mm)
  • 1 eyebrow guard (6mm)
  • 4 sizes of hair guards (4mm, 9mm, 12mm, 16mm)
  • 2 sizes of body guards (3mm and 5mm)
  • And at last the fading guards (4 – 9mm)

Does it work on 220 V???

  • Yes, the voltage is automatic, it works up to 100-200v.


Can you use it in the shower???

  • No, but all the attachments are fully washable. Just hold the trimmer under running water for easy clean. But until full dried do not charge it or operate it.


How many warranty years???

  • You will get up to 5 years warranty with registration.


How you will know the charge level???

  • There is an LED indicator, this will show you how much charge left and when the battery is empty, the battery indicator light colors orange.


How much distance between the teeth of the comb???

  • The distance between the teeth of the comb is nearly 2mm apart.


Can you use it cordless/ corded???

  • Yes, you can use this with the cord plugged in when the battery is completely dead.


What is the difference between mg7790/40 and 7750???

  • The main difference is the cordless time period.  Philips 7790 provides you 6-hour cordless time and then another one 7750 provides you 5 hour work time.


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  1. This is a machine what I was looking for long time. In my experience, I can say that, this is the grooming kit which can beat any trimmer on the market. Head’s off.

  2. Love to read this article. Thanks for this great post, I find it very interesting and very well thought out and put together. I look forward to reading your work in the future.

  3. Really good one. I got my actual one ultimately. It gives me lots of choices. Thank u guys for your description and suggestion.

  4. The only superstar that solved all my problems together with one package. I love it because I do not need to buy separate grooming kits for other hair removals like nose and ear as well as most specially shaving off my eadges and other unwanted hairs that other trimming machine can not do. I love its silver metal coated frame and self sharpening blades. I love most the battery life, that wow me. 5 hours. This grooming machine provides me tons of choices even I do not need to use everything that it comes with extras. I wasted my money buying my previous trimmer called brio beardscape and now very satisfied with philips 7000. Guys, never buy a separate trimmer but multigroom.
    Thanks admin.

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