Philips Bodygroom 7000 Review – All in One Body Grooming Kit

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Philips Bodygroom 7000

Type 2 in 1 men’s body groomer
Close shave Yes
Trimming Yes
Trimming comb 1 attached with the device
Comb adjustment 3mm to 11mm
Length without comb 0.5mm
Shaving head Direction flex head
Power source Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Runtime 80 minutes
Charging time 1 hour
Battery indicator Yes
Power compatibility Universal volt (110v-220v)
Corded use No
Sensitive skin compatibility Yes
Waterproof Yes
Wet/dry Yes
Travel pouch Yes
Blade type Self-sharpening stainless steel
Back handle attachment No
Extra facility A replacement foil included
Under waist grooming Yes
Warranty 5 years
Price $80

Philips is the dominating bodygroom kit producing brand on the market. The Philips Bodygroom 7000 is their top level production in its category. A bodygroomer is as important as a beard shaver. You can remove unwanted hairs from your full body including hard to reach areas with a bodygroomer. The process was too embarrassing when men had to shave the body hairs with traditional blades with nicks and cuts.

But it’s quite easy now in blessings of body groomers. Philips promises to provide maximum comfort and flexibility while removing body hairs with their bodygroom 7000. Is the product really worthy? Let’s check our full review with the customer’s reaction to decide about the Philips Norelco bodygroom series 7000.

What’s in the Box?

After unboxing the package you will find the following items:

  • Philips bodygroom 7000 itself
  • Travel pouch
  • A small cleaning brush
  • A bonus replacement shaving head
  • An attached comb on the trimming head
  • User manual

The Philips Bodygroom 7000 electric device does not come with too many attachments but it comes with enough attachments you need to trim or shave your body hairs. The solid travel bag and the extra shaving blade must be plus point for you.

Dual Sided Body Grooming

The Philips Bodygroom 7000 has dual sided grooming technology.

What does it mean?

It means it is a two in one grooming device. On the top side, there is a foil shaver head and on the bottom side, there is a trimmer head. So, you can both shave or trim with the groomer.

Certainly, very few body groomers have dual-sided technology which offers super flexibility in choice.

#The Foil Shaver Head:

The dual-sided grooming machine features a skin-friendly foil shaver head on the top.

The foil cap is very comfortable to deliver super smooth and comfortable full body shaving.

It can capture any kind of hair (short, long, and thick) from any area of the body.

#The Trimmer Head:

Another side of the groomer, it features a super flexible trimmer head.

It offers to trim your hair from any area of your body.

Before shaving long hairs, you can trim all the hairs by the trimmer head for smooth and easy shaving.

Instead of shaving, you can trim some hairs too.

100% Washable

The Philips Bodygroom 7000 series groomer is 100% waterproof.

So you can easily clean the heads after every use and it will not face any kind of water causing problems.

For being waterproof, you can use it in the bathroom or under the shower.

Wet and Dry Compatible

Since 100% waterproof, you can use the foil head with shaving cream, foam, gel, soap, water for refreshing wet shaving.

It will not cause any problem while your hairs are wet or the using atmosphere is wet. Moreover, you can have fast dry shaving in any area.

Adjustable Trimming Capacity

At the bottom of the groomer, Philips added a trimmer comb with 5 adjustable length settings.

It has 3mm to 11mm adjustable lengths with 2mm of incremental steps.

The length flexibility offers you to trim your hairs from shorter to longer according to your choice.

You just need to press the comb click then up and down the comb for different lengths.

Super Sharp Stainless Steel Blades

The Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7000 features very strong and super sharp stainless steel blades.

Since ultra-sharp, the blades can shave and trim very fast and smooth for a premium result.

We did not need to pass the shaver or trimmer for a second time in one place to get the optimum result.

So, the blade quality is appraisable.

5 Year Warranty

The most adorable service in the Philips Norelco BG7030/49 bodygroomer is, it comes with 5 years of warranty period.

Isn’t it impressive? I think so.

Very few electric products especially grooming products on the market come with such kind of long warranty period.

Now I can remember only the Philips Norelco Multigroom 7000 grooming machine comes with 5 years of warranty which also owned by Philips.

So, we can trust and rely on Philips for their Bodygroom 7000 grooming machine.

Flexible Shaver Head

The shaver head flexes in four directions for maximum adaption of body contact.

So. the head can follow your body contours and reach hard to catch areas for smooth and close shaving.

Since a flexible shaver head, it is very easy and comfortable to handle it while operating.

Ergonomic Grip

Philips engineered their bodygroom series 7000 with an ergonomic and sleek design.

The groomer features a comfort rubber grip that feels very comfortable on the grasp.

So, operating the machine feels super premium in every use.

It works as a security for a secure catch as it can not slip down while your hand is even slippery.

Skin Friendly Foil Block

Philips used super comfortable foil blocks on the shaver head which prevents nicks and cuts while shaving the body.

There are some sensitive zones in our body where we feel razor burn while shaving with tradition blades or bad quality electric shavers.

But the Philips bodygroom 7000 series groomer ensures super comfort even in the sensitive areas.

80 Minutes of Cordless Shaving and Trimming

The Philips bodygroom series 7000 comes with a very powerful Lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

The battery offers 80 minutes of continuous cordless shaving or trimming with one full charge.

On the other hand, It takes only 1 hour for a full charge. The battery quality is really appreciable for its long performance and short charging period.

LED Battery Indicator

Philips designed the bodygroom BG7040 grooming machine with an LED battery life indicator.

As a result, you can be assured about the battery status and charging status of the shaver by the indicator.


As described before it comes with a powerful battery, it comes with a travel friendly charging adapter too.

You can charge the shaver and trimmer from anywhere in the world as it is compatible with 110v-220v of power source.

So, the device is fully travel friendly for travel geeks.

Replacement Parts

The only replaceable part in the Philips bodygroom series 7000 is the foil head cassette.

Philips recommends replacing the foil cassette in every 12 months of use.

Like other electric shavers, it also depends on shaving habits. So, it depends on your shaving frequency.

The foil cassette of the Philips bodygroom 7000 is Philips BG2000.

Where to buy?

You can buy it from your nearest Philips showroom or Amazon. We suggest to get it from Amazon for easy finding.

Note: Do not forget the Bodygroom 7000 BG7040 comes with a spare replacement foil head.


While checking the customer’s reaction about the Philips Bodygroom 7000 series grooming kit, we found most of the users are satisfied with the device.

Very few consumers have objections and these are also very weak issues.

So, we can undoubtedly recommend it for premium body grooming.

The Philips bodygroom 7000 is the latest upgraded model of Philips bodygroom 7100 which was thought to be the No.1 body grooming machine ever.

So, now it’s up to you to decide how will be the latest model indeed.


  • Best dual-sided technology
  • 100% waterproof
  • Wet/dry operation
  • Self-sharpening trimmer blades
  • Comfortable shaving element
  • Flexible shaving head
  • Great battery quality
  • Universal charging compatibility
  • 5-year warranty


  • The battery becomes dead because of careless use
  • Comparably expensive
  • Shortest length is 3mm by the comb that is not short enough
  • Little hard to shave back side hairs, a long back shaving attachment should be there like the Philips Norelco Bodygroom 3500.


Some customers have objections to the battery. In addition, some told the battery becomes damaged after some days.

Therefore, we made some research on this issue and found it happens because of careless installation.

So, if you take proper care after purchasing the groomer, you will not face such kind of problem I can firmly say that.

#Put the groomer into charging and charge it a minimum of 6 hours before the first use after purchasing an intake package.

This habit will make your battery healthy and the battery will not be dead unexpectedly.

All the best for your premium body grooming machine Philips bodygroom 7000.

Can I use it on the baby’s body?

Yes, since a flexible and comfortable shaving unit, you can use it on the baby’s body. But you must be maximum cautious while operating on the baby. And always handle the device with a soft grip and pressure.

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