Panasonic ER-GB40-S Beard Trimmer Review

Trimming men’s beard is the new trend and everyone likes to keep pace with the trend. While it comes to trimming with a great trimmer, it’s little difficult to find out the right one. Because there are lots of products on the market and lots of annoying too. In this complexion, the Panasonic ER-GB40-S Milano all-in-one trimmer came to make a new trimming experience. The Panasonic ER-GB40 is a cordless and corded beard trimmer. The Panasonic ER-GB40 beard trimmer won the “Men’s Health Grooming Award 2013” for its design, features, and performance. Let’s check the detailed experience and features of the Panasonic ER-GB40-S.


  • The award-winning Panasonic Milano series comes with super sharp 45-degree angle stainless steel blades.
  • There are 19 precision settings to trim our hair, beard as well as cutting and detailing.
  • The trimmer is lightweight and engineered with rubber grip for maximum comfort and control.
  • Cleaning is very easy. Because this trimming machine is 100% waterproof. So we can clean the trimmer just within a few seconds.
  • This is a cordless corded beard trimmer. And you can use it wet or dry. But only dry while corded.
  • Battery Type – Nickel Metal Hydride Battery (rechargeable) which will provide the trimmer 50min of operating time per 15 hours of charge.
  • Made in China
  • Power source: 110v -120v. That means, it is only for American and European countries.

What Comes with the Package?

  • Panasonic ER-GB40 beard trimmer
  • 3 attachment combs
  • A little cleaning brush
  • Appliance oil
  • An AC recharger stand

There is a user’s manual in the box. All the instructions you will find in it.

Features and Specifications

Cordless and Corded

The Panasonic ER-GB40 is a cordless and corded beard trimmer.

So you can use the trimmer directly from the power socket by a charging cord while the battery is empty.

This is a great feature if you sometimes forget to recharge the trimmer and need an urgent operation.


The Panasonic ER-GB40-S trimming machine will allow you to trim your beard and mustache wet or dry. It is an all-in-one grooming kit.

Even you can use it under the shower.

But cannot use it for wet operation while using corded.

Panasonic ER-GB40 is Easy to Clean

This grooming kit is 100% waterproof. For that cleaning method is very easy.

We can clean the trimmer within a few seconds.

Since it is waterproof there is no chance to be damaged through the water.

19 Precision Hair Length Settings

For your desired trimming length turn the dial until the option comes.

The option started from 1mm -10mm with 0.5 incremental steps.

45 Degree Blades for a Higher Trim

The blades of Panasonic ER-GB40 are ultra-sharp.

The stainless steel blades are precision-honed to an acute 45-degree angle for the fast and fruitful beard, hair and mustache maintenance.

These high-end 45-degree trimmer blades are able to cut quickly and thoroughly even thick, unruly hair.

The attachment combs are for body grooming.

These combs are for chest, arms, and all other areas.

Rechargeable Battery

The Panasonic ER-GB40 grooming kit is powered by Nickel-Metal hydride battery.

This battery will provide the trimmer 50 min of running time per 15 hours of charge.

Battery Life of Panasonic ER-GB40

The charging time is really very long. But for some users charging time does not matter.

They just put the trimmer into the charging dock overnight and in the morning it is ready for operation.

15 hours charging time is not acceptable today’s day and age.

I think the manufacturer of this machine should give a quick charge option.

After fully charged it will provide 50min of running time.

But you can use the trimmer corded while you do not like to charge it with a long period of charging.

When the trimmer will charging the indicator lamp flash red.

15 hours charging time is really discouraging and for this reason, many customers won’t buy this product.

  • Don’t use the adapter in the bathroom
  • Plug the adapter in the household outlet and don’t handle it with wet hands
  • When you will charge and use the trimmer, it becomes warm but this is not a malfunction
  • You have to use the dedicated charger only (REF7-70)

Built Quality of Panasonic ER-GB40

The Panasonic ER-GB40 is not only a mustache and beard trimmer, it is more than enough.

It is a grooming kit and you can apply it all the parts of your body.

Look: The Panasonic ER-GB40 is a heavier machine.

When you will hold the trimmer for the 1st time, it feels how solid. It looks like a thick-set and masculine product.

This trimming machine is made of rubber.

The blue color gives it an attractive look.

The gluey rubberized grip will definitely help if our hands are wet.

It is very lightweight grooming kit-only 12.8 ounces and you feel good in the hand but the head is relatively large.

#Blade Life – the blade life is almost 3 years if you use the trimmer for 5 min 10 times a month. But if the efficiency of cutting reduces you have to replace it. The blade life is different according to the length of use and frequency.

#Functions/Settings: The Panasonic ER-GB40 trimming machine has an adjustable head. You could put it off to use the trimming combs. There are 19 precision hair length settings-for sculpting, detailing, cutting, and precision trimming. The trimming length is started from 1mm to 10mm with 0.5mm incremental step. Changing the setting is very easy, just turn the dial.

Since the trimmer is waterproof, so we can take it in the shower.

My Trimming Experience with Panasonic ER-GB40

I bought this trimming machine almost 2 years ago. Here I will share my experience.

It is great for my face and head-

I trimmed my head hair with no complaint and it gave me a satisfactory performance in my head and face.

Good life out of a charge and being lightweight it is very easy to hold.

It is a great product based on its price and performance. But just keep it in mind – the attachment does have sharp edges.

#Cutting capabilities – the stainless steel blades are able to cut the thickest beard perfectly. But it will take a few passes for the thickest beard. You need to oil the blades a lot after every use. I don’t feel any kind if skin irritations during the trim. Based on cutting capabilities I will give 4.7 out of 5.

#Tugging problems – there is no tugging problem with this trimmer. I did not get tugged. The head of this machine will perfectly tackle your beard and face unless the beard is so thick. It effortlessly follows every contour of my face and gives me precise trim. In this section, I will give 4.9 out of 5.


  • 100% waterproof
  • Corded/Cordless
  • Easy cleaning
  • 19 precision different hair length settings
  • So much silent
  • For wet and dry use


  • There is no indicator for saying when it is charged
  • The head is relatively large
  • The battery life is not great; there is no quick charge option.
  • Feel pull of hair when battery life goes down
  • The blades need to oil after every single use

Before Use!

This trimming product is for wet/dry use. So you can use it under the shower.

But here are some instructions for risk-free operation.

  • Check the blades before use as if it is not damaged or deformed.
  • Don’t use the trimmer for wet operation while it is plugged in.
  • Conclude usage when there is an abnormality
  • Turn off the trimmer before changing the trimming length and remove the attachments.
  • Before and after every use, use the lubricating oil in the blades. and where you need to oil these places are marked in the manual.
  • Do not operate the blades against the skin
  • Do not use this machine for any motive other than trimming.

Cleaning and Maintenance

When you will clean the Panasonic ER-GB40 trimming machine 1st you have to turn it off.

You must ensure that the trimmer is unplugged from direct electricity and charging stand before starting the cleaning.

Since the trimmer is waterproof for that cleaning system is so easy.

You will get a cleaning brush with this package.

It will help you to do an easy clean.

Brush the main body and blade assembly to remove any hair trimmings.

When you will rinse the trimmer don’t use hot or salt water.

After trimming apart the trimming head or attachment, then hold the trimmer and attachments in the running tap.

To remove the light dirt you don’t need to apart the trimmer head just hold the trimmer under running cold water for approximately 20 seconds.

But when you will remove the heavy dirt in this case you have to apart the blade assembly.

This machine is waterproof, so there is no chance of water causes problems.

After the rinse, shake up and down a few times to remove the water.

After drying especially 3 points you have to oil. There is a picture in the trimmer body, where are marked these 3 points.

Replacement Parts of Panasonic ER-GB40

The manufacturers recommend that the user have to replace the blades once a year.

But I think replacing the blades depends on how often you use it and its sharpness.

When feeling the blades do not perform like before that time you need to replace.

Buying a new product is costly than replacement.

After the replacement of the blades, the machine will work like before.

To buy the replacement blades, you can follow this link.

Buy Replacement Blade For Panasonic ER-GB40-S Trimmer

Some Usages Tips for an Optimal Experience

  • Rinse the trimmer after every use. And for a thorough clean it will take few seconds. You can use a little bit of liquid soap for a hygienic clean.
  • After a rinse, oil the blades. Because it will keep the blades always ready for operation and workable.
  • After each use, immediately put the machine on the charging dock and before trim check the battery.
  • Replace the blades once a year. It is a condition of manufacturers.


The Panasonic ER-GB40 is a well-made product and it is really a great value of money.

I like this product for its price range.

Although it is not my favorite trimming machine in the market, it is good enough for 1year – 2 years of use.

It is a solid purchase for personal use.

Basically, I like to try something new. That’s why I bought this product.

I won’t recommend you for this product if you do not like a trimmer which takes too much time to be fully charged.

But if you like the features of this trimmer you can buy it.

For more information or any question about this product, you can visit the Panasonic web site

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