Oster Fast Feed Review: How Efficient and Reliable Is the Oster Fast Feed Pivot Motor Hair Clipper?

It’s common to read online reviews while you are intending to buy a product. While it’s time to buy an electric product, you must go through the expert’s reviews. If you are searching for a middle budget hair clipper, you will find lots of options and the Oster Fast Feed is one of them.
The OSTER Fast Feed hair trimmer is now a trending product for both professional and personal users. This is a thorough review of the OSTER Fast Feed hair clipping machine.

What’s in the Box???

The Oster fast feed hair trimmer does not come with plenty of attachments but there are enough things to make your hair cutting perfectly. I got the following items in the package:-

  • The Oster Fast Feed clipping machine with cord
  • 4 guide combs
  • A cleaning brush
  • Lubricating oil
  • User manual

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Product Analysis

The Ergonomic

Oster designed their fast feed clippers in 4 different colors “Burgandy, Purple, Silver Funkadelic, and Vibrant”. All the colors are very attractive and the Burgandy is a bit more popular in the Oster Fast Feed family. The Oster Fast feed clipper comes in a very ergonomic design and attractive interface. Oster designed the hair clipper in a very user-friendly easy grip. So, it’s very comfortable to operate the device. It will fit on anyone’s grasp to hold and feel very lightweight as well as secured.

Pivotng Motor

The Oster fast feed is firstly popular for its special motor. The device comes with a powerful 12 amp pivoting motor drive. That ensures really a high level power production of a hair grooming product. Moreover, it is a whisper quiet pivot motor that stays silent and cool even after prolonged use. The enforced but silent motor must be a great feature to feel a hair clipper as a premium production. So, it is very efficient and approximately 2x powerful than the available magnetic clippers.

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Blade’s Technology

Oster fast feed hair clipping kit comes with Cryogen-x stainless steel blade. The blade has 2 adjustable length settings with the blade lever from 000 to 1 size. So you can easily and quickly alter the trimming length without replacing the blade. Cryogen-x blade needs oiling to maintain properly to keep the device performance constant.

Wet/dry Clipper

The Oster fast feed hair clipper has been designed for both wet and dry hairs. The manufacturer used Cryogen-x steel blade on the clipper for sharper performance on any kind of hair. So, they promise to provide maximum performance on wet and dry hairs by their Oster fast feed hair trimmer. We also got very reliable performance on the dry hairs but the performance was not surprising on the wet hair. We do not recommend using this clipper on the wet hair as it is a corded device and rather use cordless hair clipper for wet hairs.

8ft Long Cord

The power cord is a very important feature for a corded electric product.

The Oster fast feed corded hair clipper comes with an 8 feet long power cord. This cord can give you enough versatility to cut hairs from a long distance from the electric outlet.

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The manufacturer recommends replacing the blades after 18 months of use. Certainly, the blade’s life does not depend on the using period but the frequency of shaving habit. You will understand when you need to replace the blade yourself while the blade performance becomes dull jam up. A replacement accelerates the performance of the device and feels like a new product. So, keep your device’s performance steady by replacing a new blade and it will not empty your pocket.

What’s the replacement blade and where to buy?

Oster Fast Feed replacement blade model is 930-50 and it is very available at any showroom or Amazon. You can easily purchase the replacement blade from Amazon.


There are miscellaneous feedbacks over the Oster fast feed hair trimming kit’s performance. Most of them are positive and some negative views came because of the inefficient using ability of the device. Although the using functions are pretty user-friendly, some newbie finds it worthless. In our view, the performance would get a surprising outfit as we know most of the hair clippers on the market. The adept motor drive of the device gets the maximum priority while talking about the device’s performance. Oster fast feed hair clipper runs in a premium way without making disturbing noise. The device stays very relaxed after prolonged use and does not become hot. It is an efficient hair trimming kit for all kinds of hair even wet. Some users said the device spares hair on very thick hair and discouraged to buy the device while you have thick hair. We also agree with their opinion that the device performance is not reliable on extreme thick hairs and rather go with the Oster Classic 76 universal motor clipper. In view of performance, we give 80 out of 100 to the Oster fast feed clipper.

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The Accessories

The Oster fast feed hair clipper kit comes with 3 hair cutting guides (1/2″, 1/4″, 3/8″) and 1 hair blending comb. With the guide combs, you will get some versatility of hair cutting with the clipper. But some users said these are not enough for short to long hair cutting as the device offers only 10 cutting lengths with and without the guides. For that, we recommend adding the Oster Professional 10 Comb Set with your Oster clipper for more cutting length options. In some reviews, we found users said the Oster guide combs are only responsible for disliking the product as they are very cheap in quality. They said the Oster guide combs are shaky and do not feel good in quality and are also fragile. So, they rather recommend the Andis Master Combs that fit perfectly on the Oster fast feed clipper’s head.


The only disappointing thing in the Oster fast feed clipper set is, it comes with only 1 year warranty. The warranty period should be longer. However, the Oster grooming product manufacturing company will replace or repair your product if you find any kind of manufacturing defect, fault in performance within 1 year after the actual purchase date.

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  • Silent but powerful motor
  • Easy to use
  • Very sharp and quick performance
  • Long cord
  • Great outfit
  • Stays balanced and cool


  • 1 Year warranty only
  • Fragile guide combs
  • Blade becomes hot after prolonged use


The Oster fast feed is a mid range hair clipper kit that may fit to your grooming desire. It features a noticeable motor drive for efficient performance and a satisfactory outfit. The ergonomic textured housing design feels premium on grasp and very comfortable in operating. Some disappointing issues are also confessable by Oster like fragile guide combs, dull in extreme thick hair, blade becoming hot. To get rid of these issues, you can rather purchase the Oster Classic 76. Overall, the Oster fast feed is great as a mid-range hair clipper.

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