MicroTouch Solo Review: How Efficient and Reliable Is the Micro Touch Solo 3-In-1 Inexpensive Men’s Groomer?

The name MicroTouch Solo is now overwhelming on the market. After hearing the buzz over the industry, it becomes too interesting for me to go through the Product. Some brands always care for their customers and try to catch customers’ attention by creating affordable products. The MicroTouch Solo is one of them that competes with the Philips OneBlade but costs less than OneBlade. The manufacturer claims it is an all-in-one men’s grooming kit and provides great overall performance. Does it really reflect? Maybe in some points, but it’s not possible to give great performance at all the grooming tasks at such a budget. Let’s break down the outfit of the Solo beard trimmer.

What’s in the Box?

Although a primary-level groomer with an inexpensive budget, it comes with some extra attachments. I got the following items after unboxing the package:-

#MicroTouch Solo Trimmer itself

#3 attachment combs

#Charging USB cord

#Cleaning brush

#User manual

Features and Specifications Analysis

Whole-body Grooming Device

The manufacturer designed the MicroTouch Solo grooming device to cover the whole body, including facial hair. It comes with 3 trimming combs for trimming the beards or body hair, and the head itself has been designed for close shaves and edging. That is why MicroTouch simultaneously claims it as a trimmer, shaver, edger, and body groomer. The budget-friendly grooming device MicroTouch Solo got positive and negative feedback from users.

Dual-sided Blades

The hybrid electric grooming device MicroTouch Solo features dual-sided stainless steel blades. The manufacturer used dual-sided blades like the Philips OneBlade to capture more hair at a stroke and reduce passing pressure in a shave or trim.

There are very small teeth in the blades to catch the hair neatly. The blades move back and forth like the usual trimmers to cut hair.

Not Allowed for Wet Shaving/trimming

The MicroTouch Solo hybrid grooming machine has been designed for dry hair grooming. The manufacturer restricts to use the device on wet hairs or with foam, gel, or shaving cream. This must be a disadvantage for someone who likes refreshing wet shaves/trims with water or softeners. But I think a dry shave or trim is enough for quick and easy men’s grooming. So, you should not go with the product if you don’t like dry shaving.

Not Fully Waterproof

MicroTouch Solo electric device is not washable. So it’s not allowed to rinse it or use it under the shower. I recommend keeping it away from your bathroom while not using it and going with it only when you need a shave/trim. Water leaking may damage your device, and the manufacturer will not compensate you. There is a little cleaning brush with the package for cleaning the device. If you need a compulsory thorough wet cleaning, you can clean the blades and jerk them to remove the water immediately.

The Ergonomic

One of the main reasons to be too popular on the market is the ergonomic design. The MicroTouch Solo comes with a simple shape of detachable shavers but a gorgeous look. Some men don’t like Thanos type electric razors and want a product with little budget. The MicroTouch solo combined their desires and shaped the Solo trimmer. The manufacturer designed the product with black and blue color and a silver color edge. There is an attractive MicroTouch Solo logo on the front of the device that emphasizes the Solo.

Flexible Head

The manufacturer used a very flexible head on the MicroTouch Solo shaving device. The head flexes multiple angles to adapt to the facial angles. The head feels comfortable while shaving or trimming for its pivoting head. It allows the blades to glide smoothly over the skin and go perfectly on the neck, chin, chest, and back area.

Power Source

The MicroTouch Solo is a rechargeable battery-operated device that offers cordless shaving or trimming. It features a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery that provides 45 minutes of cordless performance with a full charge. But I don’t think it is really 45 minutes as the producer advertised. I experienced the performance time is maximum of 30 minutes. Furthermore, the device takes 4 hours to get a full charge.

Rechargeable with USB

As you know, the device comes with a USB charging cable suitable for 110v adapters. So, you can easily charge it from your Mac Book or wall outlet with a USB port. But remember, it’s not recommended for any other electric volt and is useful for American power outlets. So, don’t try it out of the USA.


The manufacturer used zero-gap German tech dual-sided stainless steel in their MicroTouch Solo shaver, trimmer, and edger. The blades are too intelligent to handle the hair and do not hassle the skin pinching or tugging. I really appreciate the intelligent blade quality for its irritation-free shaving or trimming. After making a shave, you won’t feel razor burns, and it will feel like a premium foil-type razor in the operation.

Smart LED

The shaving device features a smart LED that lights up on the operating time. It focuses on the shaving or trimming area to show you the hairs which are shaved and which are not. I don’t find it much useful as I use a smart bathroom with high volt lights. It may be useful while you are on a travel and do not have a well lighted place to groom your hair.


The manufacturer advertised it as an all-in-one men’s grooming device except for scalp hairs. It offers all together shaving, trimming, and edging for your desired grooming needs. But is it efficient in all fields? Is it really an all-rounder hero? Let’s separate the different performance to decide what it is good at.


The producer provides 3 attachment trimming combs with the package. The combs offer 3 different lengths (1mm, 3mm, and 5mm) of beard and body hair trimming. I don’t find the trimming guards fruitful for optimum beard trimming. Even the comb quality is not good enough, and furthermore, replacement combs do not adjust to the trimmer head perfectly. Trimming against the grain makes better trim, but it takes too many passes for a perfect trim. Does it make sense? I don’t find the device good for trimming. If you require trimming your beard or body hair, you rather go with beard trimmers or body groomers. I will give 2 stars out of 5 in terms of the trimming performance of the MicroTouch Solo trimmer.


The device itself introduces as a foil shaver on the market. Therefore you can say the device’s main purpose is to shave beard or body hair. When you remove the attachment combs from the device, it becomes a shaving machine. For better shaving, you should operate it against the grain; obviously, you will be satisfied with the shaving performance. It provides enough close shave like a mid-range electric shaver that costs 3-4 times the Solo trimmer. But it takes a bit more passes of the optimum result. I wish to rate the device’s shaving performance as 4 out of 5. But when considering the price, it gets 5 out of 5 regarding shaving performance.


The shaving machine is very useful for edging your beard or hair. The device is an edging machine without trimming guards, and you enjoy precise edging with the device. 4 out of 5 for edging performance.

#Body Grooming

There are 2 ways of body grooming, trimming, and shaving. You already know the trimming result is not good enough, so we do not recommend it for trimming your body hair. But it is too bad for shaving body hair except for downstairs. So I would rate it 3 out of 5 regarding both types of body grooming performance.

30 Days Guarantee / Warranty

The manufacturer offers 30 days limited guarantee for their Micro Touch Solo trimmer. So, if you are unsatisfied with the device or it stops working before 30 days of buying, or if there is a manufacturing defect, the producer will refund you full money.

#Note: You must return it within 30 days with the full package.


  • Precise shaving
  • Budget-friendly
  • Irritation free
  • Pivoting head
  • Comfortable edging


  • Not good at trimming
  • Not allowed out of the USA
  • Battery becomes dead in the careless use
  • Not waterproof
  • Not allowed for wet shaving
  • Takes several passes in a place
  • No carry bag


There are both positive and negative outlooks over the MicroTouch solo trimmer. I do not recommend the device for trimming your beard or body hairs, but it’s good enough for shaving the hairs. You may be scared of seeing the thin and safety razor-type shaving head. But you should not worry about it, it does not bother the skin and shaves the hair smartly. Therefore, you can go with the device if you intend to have a shaving device at a very affordable price. But I do not find it good at all in one performance.

What are the replacement parts, and where to buy them?

The main replacement part of the device is the shaver head or blades. After 4-5 months, the blades become dull and provide worse shaving results. So, to perform well, you should always maintain the head replacement in time. Even I recommend buying a spare package of blades while purchasing the device. You can buy the blades online, which are available on Amazon.

You can also buy the carry bag while ordering since it does not come with a carry bag.


  1. The solo become useless after some uses. After that I purchased the Philips oneblade. There is a tremendous difference between pholops and solo. I loved the oneblade for it’s consistent result. The solo may be good for anyone in case he is very lucky. But I think it is an intelligence to buy the philips oneblade adding some little more money.

  2. received as xmas gift so i can’t return it. too cheap to include a charging adapter ;don’t see many people charging their razors in cars like it is suggested .also you might explain what each trimmer cover is used for; guess i’ll have to experiment.not very powerful even fully charged . maybe it was a gag gift ;hope they didn’t spend too much.

  3. I love my solo, on the 2 of them I’ve used the 5mm comb cracks and breaks so no longer usable even after glueing broken parts. Where can I find replacement 5mm comb attachment?

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