Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Do-It-Yourself Back Shaver Review: How Efficient and Convenient Is It for Self-Back Shaving?

It’s really important to have a back shaver, even if you have a beard-shaving machine. You know removing back hair with an electric beard shaver by yourself is pretty impossible. As a result, if you want to have a well-groomed look on the back, you have to choose a back shaver, obviously. Every man wants to present himself without a shirt at special moments. But a hairy back appears to give a bad impression. For this, we have to take someone’s help which is very annoying. The Mangroomer ultimate pro is a popular back-shaving machine that allows shaving men’s back hair alone. The manufacturer promises this shaver is risk-free from skin diseases and very suitable for sensitive skin.

Features and Specifications Analysis

2 attachment heads with shock absorber flex necks

The Mangroomer Ultimate Pro comes with two attachment heads. So, you can use it year after year. You will shave with your favorite one. It also comes with shock absorber flex necks, so you don’t have to worry about being shocked by it. We said before it includes a 1.8-inch ultra-wide back hair trimmer blade. And an additional foil body groomer head frees you from annoying moments. It can give you both comfort and closeness.

Power burst mode

It is great news that the Mangroomer Ultimate Pro authority added a power Burst button here. This feature gives you to add power to the trimmer. By pressing it, you can easily trim through extra thick and coarse back hair and get the perfect trim. This burst mode is really effective.

Pro XL extension lock button

MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Back Shaver comes with a Pro XL extension lock button. This button is able to lock the back hair shaver at any length you want. The power can bend easily by pushing the lock button, which allows you to lock the shaver at the perfect shaving angle. So, don’t worry about the angle. Just use it and enjoy it.

Patented 135-degree opening

MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro back shaver allows a unique patented design. It also allows a 135-degree opening, which enables you to reach all areas of your back. Mangroomer back shaver also includes the lower and middle portion of the back.

Charge indicator light and quick charge battery

The advanced Mangroomer Ultimate Pro back shaver comes with a quick-charge battery. It is used for easy and fast re-charging of the device. MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Back Shaver includes a charge light indicator in the body. This light can tell you when the device is charging and fully charged. When it is charging, it looks red in color. But after getting fully charged, it turned green.

Extreme reach extendable handle

A word must have to say about its handle, it is really amazing. MANGROOMER ultimate pro back shaver comes with fully extendable and adjustable handle locks in the exact place. No matter how long or which length, it can lock at any length you choose. So, you can do that when you want to reach even the most difficult middle area or lower portions of the back.

Comfortable, rubberized grip

This Mangroomer back shaver comes with a rubberized grip on the handle and the full body. So, don’t be afraid about a sudden slip of the hand. The grips are made of good-quality rubber. At the same time, it also prevents a slip of the hand and sudden shock from the electric outlet. They also allow for more control, stability, and comfort during the trimming and shaving.

Battery and charging

MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Back Shaver comes with 2 AA batteries included in it. This battery gives you a long time to finish your work without any tension. It is a powerful battery, that’s duration life is estimated 3-4 years. Normally it takes 6-8 hours for a full charge. But for the first time, the initial charge can take 8-12 hours.


It would be really annoying if it came with a corded feature, especially for such a big device. Mangroomer Company kept it mind and made their back shaver totally cordless. You can use it how you want to use it. That is the thing you have to keep in mind, it cannot shave when charging. So, firstly unplug it, then turn it on and enjoy ultimate back shaving.

Cleaning and maintenance

You can wash the device with water when you need to clean it. Normally rinse it and make it hygienic. After washing it, you have better wipe it with a clean cloth.

The Usefulness of Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Do-It-Yourself Back Hair Shaver

Looks and feels clean and manicured

This shaver can eliminate ugly back hair without any tugging or pulling. It presents you a more refined, clean image to others. You feel a clean and manicured look for a long time.

Why shave men’s backs???


Knowing that you are ‘back hair free’ increases your confidence level. So, no one will be staring at you or snickering you for the unsightly back hair. You get more confident than before.


It is a big matter when you will start that spark in your relationship or marriage. Surprise your partner with a clean, smooth back and enjoy a romantic life.

Muscle definition

When you are a bodybuilder, then it is an essential task to shave the hair off your back. It shows your muscle definition in much greater detail.


When your back is hair free, it helps to keep your back dry. Much hair, much sweat. So, with less sweat, get free moves.

A Summer essential

On a summer day, if your body or back is hair free, it is a big plus. You can easily take your shirt off in the summer. When you attend a beach or a pool party, it will be no more embarrassing for jokes and comments.

Avoid public treatment options.

With the Mangroomer Ultimate Pro do-it-yourself electric back hair shaver, you can easily shave your back privately in your home. So, no more expensive cost; rather, have an easy, quick, painless comfort at your home.

About the Mangroomer Ultimate Pro

The Mangroomer ultimate pro is one of the most advanced back hair shavers. Its name could not make a good response in one day. This has been built after more than ten years of research and development. The Mangroomer ultimate pro features two interchangeable attachment shaving heads. Each one comes with a shock absorber and multi-functional flex neck. It also has an extreme reach extendable ergonomic rubberized handle and body with a Pro XL extension lock button. There is a power hinge easy push lock for varying the angles in degrees, and Power Burst technology makes the work easy.

Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Hair Shaver will give you 2 cutting-edge attachment shaving heads. It also features a 1.8-inch ultra-wide back hair groomer blade, so you should cover the large areas easily.  It also cuts the longer hairs quickly without any irritation. You also get an additional foil body groomer bi-directional head so that you can do the regular maintenance, get shorter hairs, and get a perfectly smooth shave. There used a shock absorber multi-functional flex neck. They also used rubber grips to save it from sudden falling. The ultra-sensitive blades are used here, which are hypoallergenic and made from stainless steel. It make sure to give you a gentle and non-irritating shave. The design enables you to reach all the areas of your back without any effort. Adjust the length with an extendable ergonomic handle, and lock it at the exact point with the lock button. This will give you the maximum control on handling, make it stable, and give you a great shave with much comfort.


Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Do-It-Yourself back shaver is great for shaving the back. It is a wonderful shaving tool that got maximum positive customer feedback. No word can get you unless you use it. So, I recommend it to use this and Thank me later.

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