How to grow a beard and have a thick beard?

grow beard faster

Some people are fond of growing their beard and have a think and rugged beard. Some people this is the symbol of power and on the other hand, this is one of the cultures of fashion.

Generally, beard and mustache grow up naturally according to genetics.

But if are in a hurry to have your beard faster or you have genetics problem in growing your beard, then there is some way to grow up your beard faster.

The ShaverZone team researched about growing beard faster and thicker and found some ways.

Now I’m going to share you the most effective way to grow up beard faster, thicker and healthier in some steps.


1. Take care of your face.

Wash your face with warm water twice a day using mild cleanser and exploit your face skin once or twice a weak.

That types of clean skin are great to increase hair growth.

Because it removes dead sells and poisons from the skin that is why there grows new sells and skin becomes lively to produce new hair.


2. Take care of your health.

Body health is directly related to the hair growth.

So, take healthy foods which are full of protein like egg, milk, and beans.

And also take proper vitamins and minerals, specially vitamin-E for hair strength.

Regularly take exercise for your body health, which will help to maintain blood circulation in the whole body.

when the blood circulation performs properly in the face, the beard hair automatically gets the strength to grow up quickly.

Make sure you sleep well and take proper rest regularly which is very influential for having thick hair quickly.


3. Use moisturizer or cream and massage your face.

Face massage influences your blood circulation on the face skin and the moisturizer and cream to create a better condition of your skin to accelerate hair growth and help to grow new hair in the skin.


4. Stay stress-free.

Always try to stay stress-free. Mental stress is very harmful to hair growth. Because stress directly resists growing hair perfectly.

So, always try to be relaxed.


5. Take Biotin every day.

Biotin is the very effective supplement to grow up hairs and nails in the human body.

So, take 2.5mg of biotin every day to have fastly growing the beard.


6. Remove ingrown hairs.

Ingrown hairs are harmful to beard growth. So, always check for ingrown hairs and remove them.


7. Ignore shaving quickly.

There is a common word that shaving frequently brings heavy and quick hairs.

But in the scientific research, this thought does not have any value.

Even, science says, frequent shaving prevents quick hair growth and that is also slightly harmful to beard.


8. Use quality shaver or trimmer.

When you need to trim or shave your beard perfectly, you should choose a quality shaver or trimmer to have a perfect shave without creviced hair.


Try the tips I shared in this article, which are proven method to grow up facial beard quickly and have a thick and rugged beard.


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