Gillette Fusion5 Proglide Disposable Razor Review

Want to try a Disposable Razor? Let’s check the Gillette Fusion5 Proglide razor.

The Gillette fusion5 proglide men’s razor is engineered with flex-ball technology which will help the razor to move side-to-side.

It is also suitable for sensitive skin because the lubrastrip will provide more lubrication for a comfortable shave.

The razor features 5 blades technology, so you are going to get much cleaner shave. The blades are closer together.

What is in the Box???

  • One handle
  • 2 blades( It varies according to the package)


  • This Gillette fusion5 proglide razor engineered with Flex-Ball technology, for that it can easily follow every contour of your face.
  • This Men’s shaver designed with 5 Anti-friction blades.
  • This Gillette shaving kit also comes with a precision trimmer on back. It will allow you to reach any hard-to-reach area and allow you to stylize your facial hair.
  • A blade cartridge will provide the same performance up to 1month, and then you have to change it.

Feature & Specifications

#Thinnest and Finest Blades

The razor comes with Gillette’s thinnest and finest blades.

The thinnest and finest blades of Gillette fusion5 are for cutting the hairs smoothly with less tug and pull (first 4 blades).

 #FlexBall Technology

The razor handle of Gillette fusion5 is engineered with flex ball technology; the pro-glide can easily follow every contour of the face and get every hair virtually.

#Precision Trimmer

There is a precision trimmer in the back of the razor head which will allow you to reach difficult areas like- nose/sideburns.

You can make perfect edges with the precision trimmer in your sideburns or any other hairs.

#The Enhanced Lubrastrip

This part is designed with more lubrication. This will give you super-smoothness of the passes of the shaving process for a comfortable shave.

#Worthy Across All Fusion5

All fusion5 and fusion5 power razors of Gillette fit all fusion5 blades series.

So, you do not need to worry about replacing the blades while the current one is expired.

And these are available any super shop and online retailer shop like Amazon.

#Enhance Shaving Performance

To enhance the shaving performance or to get a comfortable shave, Gillette recommends to use use the proglide 2-in-1 shave gel + skin care.


This Gillette fusion5 ProGlide shaver does not come with any warranty.

This machine is very simple and the management is also very easy for that, the warranty does not bother the consumers at all.

Built Quality

The Gillette fusion5 proglide men’s razor designed with a very small profile.

The razor’s dimensions are – 1.2 x 4.1 x 7.9 inches; 2.4 ounces only.

The shaving head is engineered with 5 anti-friction blades that can handle any kind of thickest or toughest beard easily.

The flex ball technology allows the shaver head to rotate 24 degrees.

The shaver is 100% waterproof, so the user can use it under the shower.

The handle is made with rubber grip since the grip is rubber, there is no chance of sudden slip of hand.

In the back side of this razor, there is a precision trimmer that will create a defined line and provide you a finishing touch.

Power Sources

This shaver doesn’t have any power sources. There is no charging adapter, no battery; the shaving performance will depend on the blades.

In a word, this is a Manual Razor. So, you have to use it manually to cut the beards.

For automatic cutting and shaving the beards, you can select an electric shaver rather.

As the Fusion5 razor is not rechargeable, it is very easy to carry with you anywhere.

There is no headache about charge/run out the battery.

How Long a Blade Refill Lasts???

It depends on many reasons like- the thickness of the beard, toughness of beard/ shaving habits/ preparation of beard/ sensitivity of the skin.

The indicator lubricating strip of Gillette fusion5 pro-glide will give you visual cue- which fades to white when the optimal shave situation has been decreased.

When it will happen, you have to change the blade of this razor to get an optimal shave.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The cleaning method of this Gillette fusion5 pro-glide shaver is very easy and simple.

Just lift the razor blades from the head, hold it under running water. Remove all the loose hair and debris.

After a rinse, replace it again on the razor head.

The razor handle is thin, so always handle it carefully and during the shave, don’t provide high pressure.

Replacement Parts

The manufacturer recommended that after 4 weeks of use the user should refill the razor’s blades to get an optimal shaving performance.

I think replacement does not depend on the time, generally, it depends on using habits.

Customer Ratings

The average customer rating is 4.5 out of 5 where there are many shavers from the famous brand could not obtain such as honorable ratings.

As an example- if you see the customer ratings of Braun electric shaver, they could not achieve likewise Gillette.

My Shaving Experience

1st of all, this Gillette fusion5 proglide shaver comes with a shaving gel which made my shaving so easy and comfortable.

The comfort guard of this razor allows me to shave my beards a little bit better.

And it gives me a close shave to the nose and makes to cut my sideburns easily.

The overall process is to be a lot smoother and on the top of this razor, there is a flexible head.

The head allows me to shave my beards from any angle and cover every single hair.

This razor is great for sensitive skin and my skin is also sensitive.

This is much better than single razors. The cool thing is I can shave in a curve of a straight line.

Because the ball allows me to do short throwing out all the traditional ways to shave by using a flexball.

Based on shaving performance I will provide 4.8 out of 5.


I was impressed with the shaving performance of this Gillette fusion5 proglide razor when tried the first time.

It was very smooth and I did not feel any pain or discomfort during the shave.

The Gillette fusion5 proglide men’s razor does a fantastic job of providing a clean shave.

It gets close to the skin and the flex ball allows me to get into those areas that you cannot get into with a straight razor.

So I will highly recommend you this product if you are prepared to buy a new manual razor.

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