Gillette Fusion 5 ProShield Disposable Razor Review

Gillette Fusion 5 proshield

There are some people who love to do a clean shave with a traditional razor rather than an electric shaver. The Gillette Fusion 5 Proshield is not only a better traditional razor it also takes less time to complete its operation. There may occur many functional problems of an electric shaver, but this one is pretty simple to use. The handle is engineered with flex ball and the cartridges are engineered with 2 lubrication lines with mineral oil and other moisturizers. So lubrication will happen before and after every shave.

What Comes with the Package?

1 handle + 1 blade refill (packaging may vary sometimes).

This package does not come with any warranty.

The handle is engineered with very simple functions.

On the other hand, the razor, blades, handle are very affordable to buy.

So, the warranty does not bother the customers at all.

A Brief Overview

  • The Gillette fusion proshield razor has been built with high quality thin 5 blades.
  • Lubricates before and after the blades, these blades will shield your skin from inflammatory.
  • There is a precision trimmer on the back.
  • The handle is designed with flexball technology which will help the head to move ‘’side to side’’.
  • The lubrication strips are added with mineral oil and moisturizers.

Clams and Features

Lubrication Strips

Gillette Fusion Proshield

There are 2 lubrication strips on Gillette fusion5 proshield razor which performs before and after the shave.

These strips contain mineral oil and some kinds of moisturizers for skin comfort.

So, they work as a shield of the skin which will prevent the skin from irritations during the shave.

Thinnest and Finest Blades

Gillette fusion 5 proshield finest and thinest blades

1st 4 blades of this Gillette pro shield is super thin and anti-friction which will provide you a comfortable shave with less tugging and pulling of hair.

Being too thin, the blades are very sharp and performs very fast.

Gillette says, they used their best and thinnest blades on the fusion5 razors to deliver the toughest result.

FlexBall Technology

flexball technology

The handle of this razor engineered with flexball technology which will allow the razor head to move ‘’side to side’’ and ‘’back and forth’’.

For this technology, the razor head can follow every contour of the face and get each hair virtually.

You won’t have to lift the blades to cut hair from different angles for this flaxball technology.

Precision Trimmer

razor precision trimmer

There is a precision trimmer on the top-back of every cartridge for hard-to-reach areas.

You can precisely clean the edge around the nose, sideburns, and lips to create defined lines.

This is a great technology for a final and finishing touch.

Compatible for Any Fusion5 Handles

5 blade razor

The user can use the cartridges across all Gillette fusion5 handle. The cartridges will easily fit without any issue.

As you know, all the razors of fusion5 series can inter-exchange everything for flexible usability.

Power Source

This razor just a traditional manual razor, there is no power sources. There is no battery/adapter; performance will depend on the blade’s life.

This razor is very easy to use. If you go to travel, there is no headache about the battery charge or run out of the battery.

If you like battery-operated razors, you can rather try the Electric Razors.

Built Quality

gillette fusion 5 proshield razor built quality

Gillette claims that the Gillette fusion proshield razor engineered with the most advanced blades.

The super thin blades will catch every hair virtually.

The handle has been made with dark grey rubberized grip with yellow highlights which makes it noticeable.

The lubrication strips are also yellow color. The handle feels heavy and sturdy in hand.

The flexball technology will allow the handle move ‘’side to side’’ and ‘’back and forth’’, which follows to reach every contour without lifting the blades from skin.

The lubrication strips that are called the ‘’shields’’ added with a little amount of mineral oil and moisturizers which will provide you skin comfort and work as a shield.

These shield/strips will give you lubrication before and after the shave.

Removing the cartridges is very easy. There is a release button situated in the flex ball, you have to just squeeze this button.

You can do dry or wet shave through this razor.

To get the maximum comfortable and refreshing shave, you can add shaving gel, soap, and foam to your routine.

You can use the 2-in-1 Gillette shaving gel + skin care gel. This comes with a blue spray bottle for easy use.

The users have to refill the cartridge after 1 month of use. I think it typically depends on shaving habits.

Overall, I’ll provide a 4.8 personal rating out of 5 for the built quality.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning is so easy and fast. Press the release button to remove the cartridge. You can do clean without removing it.

Hold it under running water; the loose hair will be automatically fallen.

After a rinse, shake it for removing excess water, that’s it.

Replacement Part

The manufacturer recommended that the user should refill the cartridge after 4 weeks; I think refill will depend on your usage.

When you realize that the cutting capacity of the blades has decreased, at that time new cartridge should be refilled.

My Opinion

When I did my 1st shave with this Gillette fusion 5 proshield razor, it provided me an impressive output.

The razor head can easily follow the contours without lifting the blades.

I have used this razor for my head hair, beard, chest and I did not feel any irritations after shaving.

The handle is encased of rubberized grip and it feels heavy.

I think refilling the cartridges is expensive. A cartridge lasts up to 1 month including shaving my face and chest every day.

While the shaving head of an electric razor lasts more than 1 year.

I think Gillette fusion5 proshield and the Mach 3 Turbo almost the same for the flexball technology, lubrication strips, and the handle.

Consumer’s Opinion

Can the Gillette fusion5 pro shied really deliver satisfactory shaving performance???

ANS: maybe, you will get what you pay for.

Maximum consumers are satisfied with the Gillette pro shield shaving performance; even they did not found any cons about this razor.

But some have common objections likethe blades pull the hairs during the shave, and nick the skin.

So I think Gillette should take it into concern, although nothing happened to me.

But maximum negative reviews about shaving performance and the blade life; I did not feel anything like this.

The average customer’s rating is 4.4 out of 5 (based on 365 customer’s ratings from AMAZON).


  • Gillette’s best and thinnest blades
  • 2 lubricating strips
  • Flexball technology for contour detection
  • Very sturdy built quality
  • Precision trimmer
  • Wet/dry shave
  • Very sharp 5 Anti-Friction blades
  • Inter-changeable with other Fusion5 razors


  • Extra cost of blade changing ragularly

Gillette Fusion ‘’Proshield’’  VS  ‘’Proglide’’


#Five Blades

Both of these are engineered with 5 blades.

The 1st four blades are thin and super sharp, the last one is for giving a strong layout for finishing off the cut.

These 5 blades are enough strong to provide a closer shave.

#Supports Handles of Each Other

 You can use any Gillette fusion 5 razor’s handles for any Gillette fusion cartridges.

The flexball technology allows you to move the razor head ‘’side to side’’ and ‘’back and forth’’.

The razor head can follow every contour of face, chest.

#Precision Trimmer

There is a precision trimmer on every these cartridge. Both trimmers allow you to reach small areas.

You can create a defined line around the nose or lips.

But it is very difficult to move a regular blade around those areas.

You can also use this trimmer to trim your sideburns.

#Lubrication Feature

 Both these razors are designed with lubrication strips which will add a slight amount of mineral oil and moisturizers to the skin.


#lubrication Strips

The lubrication strips are different one from another, pro shield uses the lubrication strips to top and bottom of the 5 blades but the pro glide uses only on the top part.

#Comfort Guard

The ProGlide uses a comfort guard at the bottom part of the 5 blades which will help to provide a comfortable shave and if a person uses any shaving materials, the comfort guard will clean out it.

The Gillette Fusion 5 Proshied doesn’t have this feature.


For lack of a flex guard, the proshield is little under an ounce and the ProGlide is slightly over an ounce.


The Gillette fusion 5 proshield razor is a first-class disposable manual razor.

You will get a satisfactory and comfortable shaving as a manual razor can provide.

For more skin comfort, you can rather check the affordable electric razors under $50 or under $100.

According to a manual razor, I can definitely suggest the Gillette fusion proshield razor.

But remember, there is no warranty with this package. But the package is very affordable.

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