Which one Would be The Best, Foil or Rotary Shaver?

What’s the difference? Whereas foil and rotary shavers use completely different technologies, each delivers unequaled results.

The one that’s right for you depends on many factors like your shaving routine and kind of hair.

Use this handy guide to seek out the one that may work best for you.

Foil Shavers

Foil shavers feature a skinny layer of foil that covers the oscillatory blades this has 2 functions.

The first is to assist raise the hair removed from the skin to it are often cut showing neatness and closely.

The second is to limit blade-on-skin contact, creating foil shavers somewhat kinder to your face than rotary shavers.

Foil shavers typically are available in either 3 or four-blade varieties.

A four-blade foil shaver can shave you quicker and nearer than a three-blade shaver.

Rotary Shavers

Rotary virtually means that revolving or spinning.

Designed to follow the contour of the face, as you progress the shaver in a very circular motion hairs slip into openings within the heads and area unit stop.

The circular motion makes it easier to maneuver around tough areas like the neck and chin.

Rotary shavers offer you the simplest results after you have robust hair growth and area unit cutting longer hairs.

They’re ideal for people who don’t shave daily, particularly those who go the weekend while not shaving and need a clean shave on Mon.


Which One Should I Buy?

You should use Foil Shavers if you shave on a daily basis and have fine hair as well as have straight hair growth and intend to clean your shaver usually or want to associate in nursing exceptionally achievement and want a lot of exactitudes.


You can use Rotary Shavers if you shave occasionally have thick or coarse hair or have hair that grows in several directions and doesn’t clean your shaver as typically as well as don’t want the nearest shave.

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