Braun Series 3 ProSkin Electric Shaver Review – Braun 3050cc

Braun Series 3 Proskin

Braun has been making Men’s shaver for 100 years and it is an iconic German Brand specialized in world class shavers. They are globally recognized for their simple, intuitive design. All series 3 shavers are designed and engineered in Germany and the Braun 3050cc is yet another variation of the new Braun Series 3 ProSkin line of affordable electric shaver.

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Braun BT5070 Beard Trimmer Review

Braun bt5070

A clean shave gives you a neat look but with time, fashion is changing. Maximum men are carrying a bearded and rough look which is extremely common. But I am not talking about your beard is ringing as it should. I am talking about a clean bearded face including trimmed sideburns and mustache. You can get a perfect bearded look from a professional barber or from a high quality beard trimmer.

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Braun MGK3040 Trimmer or Multigrooming Kit Review

Braun MGK3040

The Braun MGK3040 is a grooming kit, designed for any type of hair – facial hair, stubble, full beard, goatee, mustache, body, and head. It helps to create different looks and put on bone structure.

Currently, there are many products designed for hair trimming and they are especially for men’s grooming needs. Panasonic, Phillips and German giant Braun has a lot of reputation for making these products. And they are far ahead of others in making these products.

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Panasonic ES2216PC Electric Womens Shaver Review

Panasonic ES2216PC electric womens shaver

There are many types of electric shavers on the market, so getting a decent shave nowadays is not a difficult thing. Since there are so many well-made shavers and high quality skin care products, choosing a good electric shaver is a daunting task.  But when you get a good guideline, it will be easy. So this review is about Panasonic ES2216PC which is a complete grooming package for women.

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Braun Silk Epil 5 Epilator Review – Braun silk epil 5280

Braun is a very familiar brand for men and women grooming products. They are manufacturing women’s hair removal epilators for years. Braun has lots of epilator models on the market in different series from series 1 to 9. The Braun silk epil 5 is a mid range hair removal epilator for women. The Braun silk epil 5280 is the most popular and the main product in the Braun silk epil 5 series. We are going to talking about the Braun silk epil 5280 epilator with pros and cons to help you to decide if the product is perfect match for you.

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