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Braun is a German brand owned by the giant powerhouse Proctor & Gamble that produces electric shavers, trimmers, hair clippers from the very ancient time of its category. They are well reputed and one of the dominating company on the foil type electric shaver market. This international company never compromises with the product quality to capture the premium electric shaver market. There are some sophisticated men who like to have branded products without compromising the product quality. For them, Braun shavers are the best suite without any doubt. Braun never targets the cheap quality market to capture much customers. So, Braun shavers are designed and developed with premium interface and outfit. There are lots of Braun shavers on the market and Braun released all the models in some specific series from series 1 to 9. The Series 1 is an initial and normal quality production and the Series 9 is the most advanced. In this review, we have collected the best Braun shavers from Series 9 to Series 1.