Brio BeardScape Beard Trimmer Review

The Brio Beardscape is the hot topic to the men who have enough idea about beard trimmers. This new product is becoming very popular and trending day by day. What is the main reason behind becoming too thrilling to the beard guy community? While checking customer’s rating on this grooming kit, we were really amazed to see the great feedback. If you are still unknown about the product, you are really very busy men! Here we are going to tell you everything about the product including pros and cons. The Brio Beardscape may be your next or first beard trimmer kit for your ultimate beard grooming.

What Comes with Brio BeardScape Package?

There are some more things inside the package of Brio Beardscape trimmer package. After unwrapping the package, you will find-

  • The Brio Beardscape trimming kit itself
  • A travel pouch
  • 4 guide combs
  • USB Charging cord
  • Universal charging adapter
  • Charging stand
  • A small cleaning brush
  • Appliance oil
  • User manual

Low Friction Ceramic Blade

The performance of a beard trimmer mostly depends on the cutting blades.

We found the Brio Beardscape trimmer comes with the strongest and sharpest blade type.

The trimmer features a low friction ceramic blade which is 4 times stronger and sharper than the stainless steel blade type while most of the advanced beard trimmers come with stainless steel blades.

The blades create very little friction, heat, and sound while performing.

So, you must not have any issue in blade and cutting performance.

Powerful & Silent Motor

The trimmer comes with a powerful motor drive featuring 50RPM to 70RPM incremental steps.

You can select your power from 50RPM to 70RPM in 5 incremental steps with the (+) (-) buttons situated on the power button.

The 50RPM provides mild power and 70RPM provides turbo power for slower to faster trimming operation.

Although it features a very powerful motor, the trimmer makes little noise while comparing with other devices.

It may make some noise while using at the upmost power (70RPM) but it is not too loud.

On Device Length Settings

There is a length setting option on the device with a sliding button.

The button provides 4 blade height adjustment settings (1mm, 1.3mm, 1.6mm, 1.9mm) for shorter to longer beard cutting.

You can select your desired blade height for your beard grooming by the sliding button.

A negative perspective on the length setting is, it may make you confused while using guide combs.

4 Guide Comb Attachments

There are 4 guide combs come with the package.

The combs offer 8 hair lengths with two side guide system.

The combs have 1mm and 2mm, 3mm and 6mm, 9mm and 12mm, 15mm and 18mm length options for ultimate beard styling.

Solid Travel Bag

While unboxing the package, you will find a solid travel bag inside.

The bag is very strong to protect the device while traveling or face any kind of accidental falling.

You can store the trimmer, the USB cord, and a guide comb inside the travel bag for travel safety.

But you have to carry the other attachments and charging adapter or base with another carrier since there is very little space to place the other things inside.

No Travel Lock

It may be a negative perspective for the trimmer that, there is no travel lock system in it.

When you store the trimmer inside the bag, it may accidentally turn on with a little touch.

So, you have to carry and handle the trimmer carefully while not using or traveling.

Powerful Battery

The Brio Beardscape trimmer comes with a very powerful Lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

The battery offers 4 hours of continuous cordless trimming with 3 hours of full charge.

This must be an adorable thing in this trimmer while most of the trimmer offers less than 1-hour cordless performance except some.

I found you can get a full trim with 5 minutes of quick charging while your trimmer is out of power.

LED Display

There is a very user-friendly LED display on the trimmer body.

The display shows battery remaining power in minutes, hygiene status for cleaning, Power status in RPM speed and more.

The display makes the trimmer more attractive while the top trimmers like Philips Multigroom 7000 or Wahl 9818 do not have such kind of function.

So, it may be your great choice if you like to trim with the perfect direction of time, hygiene and power.

Not Waterproof

You might be questioning that, is the device waterproof or can you make a rinse?

The answer is no! Brio suggested to clean the device with the cleaning brush and disallowed to rinse it.

They said the blade may lose the lubrication after a rinse and malfunction while operating.

So, do not operate the trimmer in wet weather or rinse the blade with water to keep your device well.

Charging and Cleaning

The Brio Beardscape package comes with a USB charging cord which allows you to charge the device from your laptop or power bank.

There is a multi-volt charging adapter (110v-220v) with the package to use the USB cord in it to charge the device.

Another rocking attachment for charging is, you will get a charging stand in the package.

Just put the trimmer on the charging base and attach the charging cord into the base to charge it securely.

You also can directly charge the device without the charging base, but we recommend to use the charging base for charging.

Brio provides a little cleaning brush with the trimming kit to clean the blade after trimming.

Just detach the comb attachments and brush off the blade to remove debris and make it germ-free.

The attachment cobs can be rinsed under water for cleaning but the device should not be rinsed.


Brio offers 2 years of limited warranty with their Brio Beardscape trimmer.

If you find any production defect or malfunction of the device within 2 years after the actual purchase date, Brio will repair or replace your product without any cost.

But the warranty will not cover if the issue occurs because of misuse, abuse or any kind of accident.

Build Quality

In our opinion, the trimmer has a solid built quality with extreme ingredients.

The titanium paired ceramic blades are the most adorable thing in the built quality of the trimmer.

Brio made a sleek design for the trimmer and applied a great sense of color combination.

The body made with great quality of plastic which feels very sturdy in hand.

The powerful motor made the device more acceptable which allows more precision.

Performance of Brio Beardscape Trimmer

We collected lots of customer’s opinions about the performance of the Brio Beardscape trimmer and also we put our experiences together.

Considering all the experiences and customer reaction, we can say the trimmer would be a middle-range device.

The cutting performance and motor speed are too good.

When you will make a trimming with the trimming head itself without any guide comb, the performance will be best.

But the guide combs takes some extra passes for perfect trimming.

This is not a problem of the device, the issue occurs as the combs are not much useful.

But it is not a problem if you do not feel disturbed to make some extra passes since the cutting quality is great.

Another issue is, the comb length and the blade length may make you super confused as you don’t know which blade height exact matches for which comb.

But the low sound performance may make you amazed.

Final Thought

In a stubble trimming, the Brio Beardscape trimmer is the best out there.

This new product got great customer acceptance within a few days.

Although some negative aspects, the performance of the trimmer can make a groomer blooming.

In our opinion, there should be a precision trimmer with it for more precisions.

In the matter of features, the Philips 7000 and Wahl 9818 remain better.

But if you do not need any fancy features and lots of attachments, the Brio Beardscape would be a great compilation for your beard grooming.


  • Strongest and sharpest blade
  • Great cutting quality
  • Powerful motor
  • Speed personalization option
  • Silent performance
  • Great Battery life
  • Sturdy design and size
  • 2 years warranty


  • Not washable
  • Combs not much useful
  • Confusing length options
  • Should have a precision trimmer
  • No travel lock

6 thoughts on “Brio BeardScape Beard Trimmer Review”

  1. oh god its gonna be hoverboards all over again and plus why would I wont to pay hundreds of dollars just so it
    tightens it self

    1. Hi Bill,
      This is a beard trimmer and as a trimmer, you can use it anywhere of the body. But it would not provide you satisfactory results except on beards. So, we recommend using body groomers instead. A body groomer will offer you to remove any hair of your body from any area.

  2. Very heavy weight and very few attachments to fulfill beard trimming and precision trimming. I better choose a multigroom kit like philips 7000 or whal 9868. The main problem with brio beardscape is, you can not shave off the edges and need a separate shaver. But a multigroom kit solved my problem with shaving head and also trimming my nose hairs. waste of money buying brio beardscape.

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