Braun Silk Epil 9 Women’s Epilator Review: Tested and Compared with All Silk Epil 9 Models!

Braun Silk Epil 9 is the highest-end model of all Braun’s epilators yet. Braun is very serious about the Silk Epil 9 epilators and working hard for better experiences. Consequently, Braun rolled out too many minor and major updates over the Silk Epil 9 epilator series. Although very expensive, the Silk Epil 9 has a wave on the market and is one of the best-selling Epilator series now. Does the buzz really worth the Braun Silk Epil 9 Epilators? Let’s break it out and read the full article to know everything about the Epilator 9 Series.


Amongst too many model numbers, Braun’s last updated models come with 9-8xx and 9-9xx prefixes.

If you go back to the older models, you will find 9-3xx, 9-4xx, 9-5xx, 9-6xx, and 9-7xx prefixes.

But we do not like to go to such older models while the newer 9-8xx itself is a little older than the most recent 9-9xx models.

But the main devices of the 9-8xx and 9-9xx are identical and only the differences are apparent in the extras.

The 9-9xx comes with some more extras and consequently, they cost higher than the 9-8xx models.

The Braun silk epil 9 9-985 is the most advanced and recent model of all the new generation epilators with maximum extras.

The 9-890, 9-880, and 9-870 are also noticeable new generation Silk epil 9 epilators. I will cover the differences later below.

Deep Analysis

Although some differences, there are some common features amongst all the new generation Braun silk epil 9 epilators.

These special features and advantages made the Braun silk epil 9 too popular and apparently the leading epilator series on the market.

Micro-grip Tweezers:

40x tweezers of silk epil 9

Braun used their most advanced micro-grip technology with the silk epil 9 epilator’s tweezers for maximum efficiency.

All the Silk Epil 9 epilators feature 40 micro-grip tweezers that can capture more hairs together and ensure smooth skin for weeks.

The tweezers are able to remove the hairs 4x shorter than waxing.

If you have shorter hairs, you have to wait for some days to longer them and wax the because wax can not catch shorter than 0.5mm hairs.

But the Micro-grip tweezers can capture shorter hairs that wax can not even result in.

You can see the tweezers are aligned in 10 rows with an extra-wide head that can cover a bigger area at a time.

When rolling back to the lower range Bruan Silk Epil 7 epilators, you can see 8 rows over there.

SensoSmart Technology:

Braun sensosmart technology

Braun used a very intelligent pressure sensor technology that minimizes the pressure during epilation to ensure maximum skin comfort.

The SensoSmart head prevents your hard passes over the skin and makes the process gentler.

The technology applies the right amount of pressure to complete the epilation with comfort.

If you press hard on your skin, the device can measure it and warn you the SensoSmart LED becoming the light color red.

I think Braun used this technology very first on their new generation epilators in the world.

Wet and Dry Epilator:

braun silk epil 9 skin spa

The Braun silk-epil 9 is a wet/dry epilator that allows you to epilate the hairs in wet conditions even under the shower.

You can use the epilator or the shaver head to remove hairs with shaving cream, foam, gel, soap or water for soft and comfortable hair removal.

You know, epilation is a pretty painful task for women.

But it’s not such painful while it’s a wet/dry epilator because using water or other liquids will minimize your skin irritation up to 0.

Power Source:

Braun engineered the Silk Epil 9 epilators with rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries.

All the new generation silk epil 9 epilators take 2 hours to charge the battery fully.

After a full charge, it will provide 50 minutes of continuous cordless performance.

Braun has upgraded the battery in these new generation epilators where the older models provided only 40 minutes of power.

So the battery life is an adorable update in the new generation update.

But the older models took only 1 hour for a full charge where the new takes 2 hours.

I don’t think the charging time matters, because 2-hour is not a long time to endure.

2 Speed Settings:

Epilator switch

The Braun silk epil 9 epilator comes with 2 speed modes for your convenience.

The regular mode (mode 1) gives gentle epilation for every type of hair and skin.

The turbo (mode 2) gives more power to achieve more efficient epilation in short time.

After turning on the power, you need to rotate the pink ring around the power button to select your power.

Pretty easy!


Braun provides a nice travel bag with the Braun silk-epil 9 skin spa epilator package.

The bag is very useful for carrying all the things for a trip and it keeps the device dust free.

The package comes with a multi-voltage(110v-220v) adapter charging adapter.

The adapter allows you to recharge the device from anywhere anytime.

This worldwide voltage helps the device to be more suitable for traveling with it even abroad.

100% Waterproof:

Braun waterproof epilator

Braun engineered the Braun silk-epil 9 epilators with 100% waterproof body and parts.

So, you can easily clean the device and all the parts with direct running water for thorough cleaning.

The device will not face any water causing problems although you sink it under water it falls into the tub accidentally.

Since 100% waterproof, you can use it in any wet atmosphere even in the bathtub or under the shower.

Pivoting Head:

The Braun silk-epil 9 heads are very flexible and pivot in different directions to follow every angle and contours of the body to adapt to the skin.

The flexibility of the head makes the device more efficient for smooth hair removal.

Shaving and Trimming:

silk epil 9 shaver head

The Braun silk epil 9 epilators come with an efficient head that is used to shave and trim hairs.

There are some areas on the women’s body that is pretty impossible to epilate.

Then how would you remove hairs from those areas?

Braun solved this problem and provides a special head with their silk epil 9 epilators.

The head features a foil shaving system that shaves off the hairs from the very close of the skin.

When you are unable to epilate sensitive hairs such as underarm or bikini hairs, the shaver head is great for you.

But the shaving result is not such close as epilating.

Therefore you need to shave frequently than epilating.

On the other hand, there is a trimming facility with the shaver head.

When you have very long hairs and need to remove them, the epilator and the shaver head is unable to cut them efficiently.

The trimmer unit helps to cut the long hairs and shape them in shorter lengths.

There is a trimmer cap for the trimmer attachment for more trimming length support.

Smart LED:

I thought the light to be put on the epilator body was short of a gimmick and it did not really serve any real purpose.

Most bathrooms have like kind of dimmer mood lighting and then you do not see some here maybe on you tend to miss it and this thing is really useful.

It is very bright like an LED,  I think it is so bright and you can just see the hair on your legs and it helps you not miss anything, so that is a genius feature that I would not have thought of but here it is.

In my experience, some blonde hairs may be missed out of unaware epilation.

But the SensoSmart LED helps to clearly see the blonde hairs and epilate them smoothly and flawlessly.

100 Days Money-back Guarantee:

Again, Braun is very confident with their new generation silk epil 9 series epilators.

That is why they offer 100 days money back guarantee for the epilators.

If the epilator is unable to satisfy you or you find any defect in the device, the manufacturer will return your full money if you back the product within 100 days.

I think it’s a great opportunity to try the product and return it if you feel dissatisfied.


Braun’s devices In my experience are usually very well made and they last like forever or at least a very long time.

But Braun silk-epil 9 epilator comes with a 2-year warranty.

The manufacturer will repair it if anything goes wrong in that period for free of cost.

The Massage Head:

I mentioned there are three different epilator heads with the Braun silk-epil 9 skin spa package. One of them is the massage head.

There are beads on both sides of the massage head.

So, that is what they call the massaging aspect but I think what sets it apart is this a little more distance between the epilator blades.

It is not actually a blade don’t worry. the rotating things and between the skins there is a little more space.

So that is why it is recommended for beginners because if you like a decent removal of hair on your leg or you are trying to epilate it at one time and it is not going to pull it all out together.

So you need to go twice or thrice or you need to do more slowly.

Is Braun Silk-epil 9 Painful???

You can use the massaging head longer time but it is going to hurt less. I got a lot of questions about how much the epilator hurts?

It all depends on your pain threshold. Does that pull out the hair from the root but do not feel that it hurt too much.

If you waxed, it is pretty much the same, and like waxing even if you find it painful.

The more you use it the more your body is going to get used to.

I have been shaving for a long time so I have not been removing my hair by the root have not been waxing end I feel the pain a little bit but it is not entirely unbearable.

I can just do it and I like the convenience of being able to do this in my home rather than going to a parlor and meeting and even waxing at home can do that but it is really messy.

Skin Contact Cap:

All the Braun silk epil 9 epilators come with a skin contact cap.

You will see in the back arrow, just aligns with an arrow at the back then just click it on. You will hear a nice click it is very satisfying and you have the new head on.

So the skin contact cap is also for your body hair but this is recommended once you are a bit more comfortable with epilating.

This one will touch your skin more and it will take out all the hairs as you are moving the epilator together.

It is much quicker but it is also going to hurt you a little more but if you are used to, you can adjust to it.

When you open it you always need to remember to put your risk in a little bit light whenever you are epilating, because it is going to pull the hair from the root and so it needs the skin to be nice and taut.

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Comparison Among New Braun Silk Epil 9 Models #

Again, all the new generation silk epil 9 epilators are made with similar advanced technology.

Moreover, you will see the main devices look identical with a white and pink color combination.

There are some blue colored epilators too in the row of new generation Silk Epil 9 epilators.

The main differences are the attachments come with the packages.

Some models come with only some basic attachments and on the other hand, some come with lots of attachments.

So you should choose a Silk Epil 9 model after identifying the differences.

Braun Silk Epil 9 9-880 epilator and beauty set:

Braun silk epil 9 9-880

The SensoSmart 9880 model comes with a facial cap that makes the epilator gentle for facial hair removal.

The cap is pretty narrow that prevents the extra wide epilator head to capture much hair together.

That’s why the epilator captures and removes less hair in a narrow line that reduces the skin pain to a minimum range.

So, if you are very afraid of facial epilation, this special cap will help you to be comfortable with facial epilating.

There is a separate facial cleansing brush with the package.

The brush helps to cleanse the face very deeply and get 6x better results than manual cleaning.

The cleansing unit runs with an AA battery that you need to replace after draining the power.

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Braun Silk Epil 9 9-890 epilator and beauty set:

Braun silk epil 9 9-890

This is pretty similar to the model 9-880 and only the difference is, it comes with a bikini styler.

The styler helps to shave and trim the narrow lines like the bikini area that is pretty hard for the shaving and trimming head.

This model is more popular than the 880 because of the bikini styler.

However, it does not come with a facial cleansing brush. If you are a fan of the facial cleansing brush, you should go with the previous model.

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Braun Silk Epil 9 9-985 all in one women’s beauty set:

Braun silk epil 9 9-985

This is the biggest package among the Braun silk epil 9 series now.

The 9-985 also comes with a facial cleansing brush but this brush is pretty more advanced and the design looks more attractive.

This makes the exfoliation process enjoyable and 6x more effective than manual cleansing.

There are two advanced exfoliation and massage brushes with the package.

The brushes are 9x more effective than manual exfoliation to remove rough and dead skins.

These deep massage and exfoliation brushes are effective for whole body massage and cleansing.

You may think that there is no special cap for epilating facial hairs like the above models.

But Braun used extra advanced technology in this model and added a Deep massage pad that will efficiently remove facial hairs without any pain.

This is the only model that comes with a charging stand.

This attachment helps you charge the device securely.

Most importantly, there is a narrow manual epilation attachment for précised epilation.

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Braun Silk Epil 9 9-880 vs Braun Silk Epil 9 9-890 vs Braun Silk Epil 9 9-985

FeaturesSilk Epil 9-880Silk Epil 9-890Silk Epil 9-985
Shaver and trimmer headYesYesYes
Facial cleansing brushYesNo#Yes
Bikini stylerNo#YesNo#
Message roller systemYesYesYes
SensoSmart technologyYesYesYes
Deep exfoliation brushNo#No#Yes
Skin contact capYesYesYes
Gentle exfoliation brushNo#No#Yes
Deep massage padNo#No#Yes
Charging standNo#No#Yes
Narrow epilatorNo#No#No#
Trimming CapYesYesYes
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A small cleaning brush, storage bag, smart charging adapter, required AA battery, user manual – these items are common with all packages of Braun Silk Epil 9 models.

However, the storage bag of the 9-880, and 9-890 are white and the 9-985 is pretty more lucrative and pink.

In addition, the 9-985 comes with 2 protective caps for the exfoliation brushes.


Since epilation is a bit painful task for women, I must recommend not to compromise with the quality of the product.

The cheaper epilators will hurt much and premium products like Silk Epil 9 have been designed to provide maximum comfort.

When you give equal priority to flawless epilation and gentle operation, you must try Braun Silk Epil 9 because there is no competitor yet.

The Silk Epil 9 epilators are not only for epilating but also all in one women’s grooming gadget including skin spa.

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Is the shaver head capable of providing close hair removal?

Yes, the shaving result is close enough. But it is not comparable with epilation. You know epilators remove the hair from the root, but the shavers only cut the hair from the skin level.

Can you use the Braun Silk Epil 9 epilators while charging?

No, all the Silk Epil 9 epilators come with a rechargeable battery. You will get 50 minutes of cordless performance with a full charge. But corded use is not recommended because of being wet/dry.

Can you epilate facial hairs?

Yes, you can.

Why epilation is painful?

Epilation means removing hairs from the root. While pulling the hairs from the root, it uproots the hairs from the closest position of the skin. Therefore it hurts the skin and creates pain.

How to reduce pain while epilating?

Using warm water at the epilation time reduces the pain to the minimum condition and after being used to, you will not feel any pain with water. That’s why you have to select a wet/dry epilator like the Silk Epil 9.

Which one is better, epilation or waxing?

Of course epilation. Because epilation removes the hair closer than waxing. On the other hand, waxing is not good for skin health.

How long does it take to grow a new hair after epilating?

1 week.

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