Braun Silk-epil 9 9-579 Women’s Epilator Review

Epilator is becoming very necessary for women’s grooming. A quality epilator can be a great companion for women.

There are a few trusted brand’s epilators in the market and the Braun silk-epil 9 9-579 women’s Epilator is one of them.

This is not just an epilator it can do a lot of things by a lot of different functions.

It can be used wet and dry on face, body, and lags. I don’t know why are they say face, body, and legs because I think legs are parts of the body.

So, Braun epilator is a machine to remove hair usually from your body.

It is really fast moving mechanized Tweezer that removes the hair from the root. Braun is a German brand and famous for its great products all over the world.

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About This Product

  1. The 40% wider epilator head removes hair in one stroke, for up to 4 weeks of smooth skin.
  2. Virtually painless with regular use.
  3. Pulsating active vibrations for an extra gentle sensation
  4. compliment your beauty routine with better facial exfoliation
  5. Micro-grip tweezers Technology with wider, longer, and deeper
  6. Sonic exfoliation brush exfoliates skin 4x more effectively than a manual treatment along 40% wider depilation head covers more skin with each stroke for faster depilation.
  7. You can use it wet or dry and Braun epilator 9 9-579 is for cordless use.

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What’s in the Box???

Braun silk-epil 9 9-579 women’s Epilator Unboxing

  1. The Braun epilator 9 9-957
  2. Facial brush
  3. Shaver head with trimmer cap
  4. Skin contact cap
  5. Facial cap
  6. Charging stand
  7. Travel Pouch
  8. Cleaning brush
  9. Charging cable

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Braun 9 9-579 women’s epilator is for wet and dry use and obviously cordless.  It proudly boosts with 7 extra different heads and attachments.

So I am going to give you an overview of how every head works and what its functions are because I have been testing it for a long time.

This is not the cheapest device and you can get it for a little bit less from online but basically since it costs so much money.

I am sure Anyone who interested in it would want to know whether it is worth that money.

I have tasted it for six months, I think it is a worthwhile purchase.

You will get a bunch of different things in the box.   The first time when I opened the box I was slightly intimidated because there are so many things, I did not know what everything was for.

I was confusing to look at them but the special shout-out to the User guide.

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User Guide 

The user guide is really useful for this Braun epilator otherwise you will be confused. Personally, I hate looking at user guides.

But I needed to look at this one because it could not figure out what all the heads were on my own.

You can also see the details on the side of the box too.

So, just open the user manual and I think this will be your best indicator.

If you spend just like half an hour or less than half an hour and reading up on what every single thing does and how you can use it you won’t be confusing later.

It’s got a lot of different things so it was all quite detailed and cleared here.

Brown devices In my experience are usually very well made and they last like forever and ever or at least a very long time, but this also comes with a 2-year guarantee and they replace it if anything goes wrong in that period as well as if there are any manufacturing defects.

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Braun Epilator

 This is one of three different heads for 3 types of work.

  1. The massage  head
  2. Skin contact  cap
  3.  The trimmer cap

There is a light on the epilator body and there is also a plus and minus button, by the direction you control the speed settings.


Battery Life

There is also a battery level. It will take 1 hour for fully charged and provide you 40 min work time.

You will have to charge it very little to speed settings kind of like a hair dryer in that sense.

So that is just basically about your pain threshold and how fast you can go with this.

If you are new to the epilator they recommend starting on one fast and then as soon as you get comfortable with the sensation of epilating.

You can move onto the epilator obviously does a little bit of noise while on it is softer on one and it is louder on two.

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The Epilator’s Light

I thought the light to be put on the epilator body was short of a gimmick and it did not really serve any real purpose.

Most bathrooms have like kind of dimmer mood lighting and then you do not see some here maybe on you tend to miss it and this thing is really useful.

It is very bright like an LED,  I think it is so bright and you can just see the hair on your legs and it helps you not miss anything, so that is a genius feature that I would not have thought of but here it is.


The Massage Head

I mentioned there are three different epilator heads. That you can put on the epilator attachment. One of them is the massage head.

There are beads on both sides of the massage head.

So, that is what they call the massaging aspect but I think what sets it apart is this a little more distance between the epilator blades.

It is not actually a blade don’t worry. the rotating things and between the skins there is a little more space.

So that is why it is recommended for beginners because if you like a decent removal of hair on your leg or you are trying to epilate it at one time and it is not going to pull it all out together.

So you need to go twice or thrice or you need to do more slowly.

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Is it Painful???

You can use the massaging head longer time but it is going to hurt less. I got a lot of questions about how much the epilator hurts?

It all depends on your pain threshold. It Does that pull out the hair from the root but did not feel that it hurt too much.

If you waxed, it is pretty much the same and likes waxing even if you find it painful.

The more you use it the more your body is going to get used to.

I have been shaving for a long time so I have not been removing my hair by the root have not been waxing end I feel the pain a little bit but it is not entirely unbearable.

I can just do it and I like the convenience of being able to do this in my home rather than going to a parlor and meeting and even waxing at home can do that but it is really messy.


Skin Contact Cap

Now I am going to talk about the skin contact cap.

You will see in the back Arrow, just aligns with an arrow at the back then just click it on. You will hear a nice click it is very satisfying and you have the new head on.

So the skin contact cap is also for your body hair but this is recommended once. you are little more comfortable with epilating.

This one will touch your skin more and it will take out all the hairs as you are moving the epilator together.

It is much quicker but it is also going to hurt you a little more but if you are used to it is not going to hurt.

When you open it you always need to remember to put your risk in a little bit light whenever you are epilating, because it is going to put the hair from the root and so it needs the skin to be nice and taut.

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Cleaning Brush

There is a cleaning brush since time immemorial.

Braun will give you a nice little small hard brush and you can just clean the hair from the inside.



There is a charger with the Braun epilator.

The charger looks like I mean the plugs, I think this is called European plug.

This is basically the standard one that we use in our country(The USA).

It offers the universal voltage 100- 220 volts to recharge the device.

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The Shaving Head

I want to talk about another surprise and this is the shaving head. It is a foil shaving head to directly shave your hairs of your body and face.

When you are putting on the shaving head or even the exfoliating brush head later you just need a takeout this whole top part of the device and it is very easy.

It can be used in rectum three different ways, it can give you a close shave and you can use it also trim the hair to a certain extent.

It was really quick, so it is extremely easy to use and 100% waterproof.

You are not going to cut yourself or anything and this is what it looks like I assume that this is something like many shavers- but I have never tried a men’s, Electric Shaver.

My dad has the Braun Series 7 Electric Shaver.

I should have a look at it but I would assume, it is something like that but it has really nifty features.

This head you put on you want to just trim the hair and you don’t want to completely shave. This is the plastic head.

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Why This Head?

You might think why do I need a fancy epilator with the shaving head.

I have used a razor for a long time. Now I just tried this on my thigh area, because I am still a little bit nervous about epilating.

There I have never waxed. They are also more sensitive for lower legs and until above the knees.

I have no issue but otherwise, I tried shaving on my thigh area.

It was just so much quick as well as easy and the razor it is kind of a small and it takes more time but the Braun epilator just finish its work within 2 minutes or less than 2 minutes.


Final Thought

Braun do says that obviously this blade will eventually need to replaced and I don’t think it is so widely available but they have just given the Brown contact number, you need to contact them or mail them and they will tell you how you can get it and why I said it was pleasant surprises, it is not mentioned prominently on the outside that there is a Shaver’s head but it is so much better than a regular razor.

If I have to shave, now I do not think I will even feel like using a razor. When I have this it is just so much more efficient and quick.

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