Braun Silk Epil 7 Women’s Hair Removal Epilator Review

Braun silk epil 7 epilator

Braun has captured the men and women grooming market with different products. They are famous for hair removal products where epilator is one of their great productions. The Braun Silk Epil 7 is their 2nd generation hair removal epilator for women. The Braun epilator 7 is becoming too popular day by day and there is a buzz about the product. What girls are finding special in this hair removal epilator to make it viral? I checked the maximum consumer’s reactions and made lots of research, personal and professional tries to have full experience with the Braun Silk Epil 7 women’s hair removal machine. I’m sharing all my experiences and features & specifications of the Braun epilator silk epil 7 with pros and cons.

What is in the Box???

Braun epilator silk epil 7

After unwrapping the package, you will find-

  • The Braun silk epil 7 epilator handle
  • The epilator head attached with the handle
  • A foil shaver head
  • A bonus bikini trimmer
  • Cleaning brush
  • Charging adapter
  • The actual wide epilator cap
  • Facial cap
  • Sensitive cap
  • Massage cap
  • Trimming cap
  • A travel bag
  • 2 bikini trimmer combs
  • User manual


Braun epilator 7

The German grooming product brand Braun designed their Braun silk epil 7 epilator with a sleek design to give it a premium outlook.

Braun silk epil 7 has been designed with a smart combination of white and silver colors.

The manufacturer engineered the epilator with CloseGrip technology for comfortable handling and operating the epilation.

Braun’s Most Efficient Epilator

Braun said, the Braun silk epil 9 and silk epil 7 are the most efficient epilators in their creation.

The Braun silk epil 7 epilator can remove hairs 4x more than waxing.

It can remove hairs with virtually painless operation and make a silky smooth result.

The Braun silk epil 7 epilator has 40 tweezing heads that deliver more proficient, fast and smooth operation in every use.

After every successful epilation, you won’t need to epilate until 4 weeks as it removes the hairs from very close to the root.


The Shaver Head

Braun silk epilator 7

The Braun silk epil 7 epilator comes with a foil shaver head.

Since epilation is painful for some sensitive zone of women’s body, you can shave off the sensitive zone with the foil shaver head.

So, you have a choice of having comfortable hair removal in sensitive areas like underarm or above leg.

The shaver head delivers really good hair removal with full of skin comfort but the result is not comparable with epilation.

So, you need to shave off the sensitive zones more frequently than the epilation zone.

You can also shave off the whole body instead of shaving too if you do not have any problem to have regular shaving every week.


Bonus Bikini Trimmer

Braun silk epil 7

The package Braun silk epil 7 comes with a bonus bikini trimmer.

Since the epilator’s head is wider, it can not reach to narrow areas like the bikini line.

So, the bikini trimmer is like a blessing for you if you need to remove hairs from bikini line.

You will find very few epilators or electric shavers come with bikini trimmer, but Braun has made a great consideration for such kind of precision task.

Trimming with the Trimmer Cap

There is a trimmer on the shaver head in the back side.

Braun provides a trimmer cap in the package to use the trimmer head for trimming some long hairs.

The trimmer is very effective in trimming hairs before epilating or shaving.


Wet/Dry Epilation and Shaving

braun silk epil 7

The Braun silk epil series 7 epilator features wet and dry technology.

You can epilate or shave your whole body hairs with hair softeners like soap, shaving cream, foam, gel, or water.

The wet/dry technology ensures more comfort of women’s body and sensitive area hair removing.

So, you will get fast dry epilation and shaving or refreshing wet operation with the Braun epilator 7.


100% Waterproof

Braun silk epil 7

Who doesn’t like a waterproof electric device! The Braun epilator 7 is 100% waterproof.

So, you can have direct epilation or shaving under the shower.

The device will not face any water causing damage even after you sink it under water.

It’s very convenient for an electric device as it may accidentally fall down from your hand and face many water causing problems.

But the Braun silk epilator 7 will not face such kind of water causing problems.

Pivoting Head

Braun silk epil 7

The Braun epilator 7 features a pivoting 90° angle head.

The head allows you to epilate comfortably from any hard to touch area.

It can pivot automatically according to your body curves and adapt with skin contact to catch every single hair.

The pivoting head ensures maximum comfortable operation with silky smooth result.


User-Friendly Functions

The Braun series 7 epilator is very easy to handle as it comes with super user-friendly functions.

It has a dual-speed power button to run the device in deferent speed (fast and normal).

There is a digital LED for indication of charging and operating.

Removing and adjoining the heads is very easy as it has a pretty big button behind the shaver.

Just click the button and pull off a head to remove it and push another head to adjoin it while it will make a sound (click) after setting it perfectly.

There are two buttons for minimizing and maximizing the power with the sign of (+) and (-).

You can easily reduce or increase the speed with the buttons.

Adjoining or removing the caps are also very easy.

Just pull them off to remove one and push another one to set.

Cordless Performance

Braun epilator 7 comes is powered by Lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

The battery provides 45 minutes of continuous cordless performance with a full charge.

It takes only 1 hour to be fully charged. So, you can say the battery level is pretty good.


Cleaning and Maintenance

Since 100% waterproof, the device is very easy to clean with direct running water.

For a thorough rinse, use warm water after every wet epilation or shaving.

You can make dry and fast cleaning with the provided cleaning brush after dry operation.

The dry cleaning process is also very easy.

Just detach the cap and brush off the debris from every angle.

We recommend keeping the device dry while keeping it in storage after every use for better health maintenance of the device.


Travel Friendly

Braun provides a travel bag with the package to keep the device safe in the storage.

You can carry the device with the travel bag while going outside.

You know the package comes with a multi-voltage (110v- 240v) charging adapter.

So you can charge the device overseas in any country around the world and easily charge it from any electrical outlet.


Braun provides 1 year limited warranty with the Braun silk epil 7 epilator.

The manufacturer will repair or replace your device if you find any manufacturing defect or it makes any unexpected issue within 1 year.


Final Thought

We found Braun silk epil 7 is an all in one women’s hair removal device.

It offers epilation, shaving and also trimming together. The built-quality is reliable and the performance also satisfactory.

Most of the consumers of this product provided positive reaction.

If you are in need of an epilator with all grooming options, you may have a try the Braun silk epil 7 epilator.


  • Wet and dry epilator
  • 100% waterproof
  • Good battery life
  • All-in-one hair removal options
  • Bonus bikini trimmer
  • Pivoting head



  • Causes ingrown hairs



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