Braun Silk Epil 5 Epilator Review: Compared Braun Silk Epil 5 Wet/Dry vs Dry Only Epilator – Which One Is Better?

Braun silk epil team had been working on the Silk Epil 5 series for years to upgrade user experience. If you roll back to the earlier silk Epil 5 models, you will see these were not wet/dry featured. Therefore, if you intend to use the epilator in the bath or under the shower, you must select a premium model like silk epil 9 0r 7. Meanwhile, Braun has upgraded their new silk epil 5 models with wet/dry addition after lots of research. So, it’s now boundless for mid-range epilator lovers to use the epilator in the wet atmosphere. The new generation silk epil 5 has more interesting feature additions that you should focus on.

What’s in the Box?

You will find the following items after unpacking the Braun Silk Epil 5 epilator.

  • The Braun silk epil 5 epilator itself
  • Bikini styler
  • Beginner cap
  • Foil shaver head
  • Massage cap
  • A trimmer cap
  • Skin efficiency cap
  • Travel bag
  • Power cord with adapter
  • An AA battery for bikini styler
  • Cleaning brush
  • 2 Manuals

All-in-one Hair Removal Device

Braun all in one epilator

Braun promises to provide silky smooth epilation with their Braun silk epil 5 epilator, which will last for 4 weeks.

The Braun Silk-épil 5 SensoSmart epilator is an all-in-one hair removal machine for women.

It has 5 extra attachments for more options for more versatility in women’s hair grooming.

So, you do not need to have a separate trimmer, or shaver for trimming or shaving purposes.

Braun produced this product as a complete package of women’s hair removal.

28 Tweezers Technology

Braun engineered the Braun silk epil 5 epilator head with 28 individual tweezers.

All the tweezers work together and capture 4x more hairs than waxing for a smooth and precise epilation.

If you compare the new wet and dry silk Epil 5 epilator with the older silk Epil 5 power model, you can see the power comes with 40 tweezers.

Was the older one better than, the newer one? I know this question comes first why Braun decreased the tweezers in the newer wet/dry models?

Okay, we should examine that from a closer view.

If you check the Silk Epil 5 tweezers, they are pretty much smaller than the new wet/dry edition.

Therefore, the newer tweezers are able to capture more hairs that can beat the 40 tweezer’s performance.

The Bikini Styler

Braun bikini styler

The Braun silk epil 5 wet/dry epilator comes with an extra bikini styler.

There are some narrow lines on the human body.

Where the big heads of a shaver, regular trimmer, and epilator can not reach easily.

That is why Braun included a bikini styler for your precision shaving or trimming on the bikini line.

The styler can reach any contour of your narrow lines to minimize the limitation of shaving, and trimming.

The Design

Braun silk epil 5 epilator comes with a very sleek design and structure.

The size of the device is very reasonable which fits women’s grasp perfectly as big devices are not comfortable for women’s small hands.

It has a smart combination of white and blue colors which seems very eye-catching.

Braun used a rubberized anti-slip grip on the device to make it more protective.

The Shaver Head

shaver head of silk epil 5

As you know, there is a foil shaver head with the Braun silk epil 5 sensosmart epilator package.

The head helps to shave off the hairs from sensitive areas of your body.

Since epilation is pretty painful and on the other hand shaving with an electric shaver is most comfortable for both men and women, Braun included the shaver head with the epilator.

While you are afraid of epilating some sensitive areas, you can easily shave there with full of comfort.

Shaving does not last longer like epilation though.

Trimming with Trimmer Cap

You may have some long hair in different zone on your body or face.

It’s little fuzzy to epilate or shave long hairs with epilator or shaver.

That’s why Braun included a trimming facility with the Braun silk epil 5 epilator.

There is a trimmer cap with the package which you need to set on the shaver head and there is a trimming option there.

You just need to slide the lock and unlock the slider button on the shaver head to activate trimming.

You can shape hairs in different places for body art with the trimmer.

Gentle Beginner Cap

Epilation becomes a war for beginners since it’s pretty painful.

But Braun included a beginner cap with the Silk epil 5 wet/dry edition for 100% gentle hair removals for beginners.

It will reduce the harshness of epilation and make the process enjoyable per stroke.

As a result, we strongly suggest the new Braun silk epil 5 wet & dry epilator rather than the premium epilators for beginners.

2 Speed Settings

You can now select your desired power with your power button.

Most users use sensitive or low power mode by default in the Braun silk epil 5 epilator.

But Braun offers more power with a turbo mode of the device to make the process faster.

You just need to press the power button a second time after turning the device on to activate the turbo mode.

Pivoting Head

silk epil 5280

Braun silk epil 5 epilator and the shaver head have flexible pivoting head.

The pivoting head allows the device to adapt to the skin contact and read every angle of the body curves.

The head ensures a smooth and flawless operation with full of skin comfort.

So, you do not need to leave a single hair in the hard-to-reach areas and angles on your body and face.

Interface and Functions

Operating the Braun 5280 epilator is very easy.

It comes with super user-friendly functions and interface which makes the using process too easy.

It has a circled power button that will allow you to have 2-speed modes and turning off the device.

There is a big pink button behind the device where you need to click and pull off a head to set another head in need.

Adding and detaching the trimmer comb is also very easy, just push it toward the shaver head to attach the cap and pull it to detach it.

Power Source

This is another important upgrade of the new generation silk epil 5 model.

You know the Braun silk epil 5 power model comes with a corded interface where you had to use with directly injected power cord.

But, the new wet/dry epil 5 comes with a rechargeable battery.

The battery offers 30 minutes of cordless power for your convenient epilating, shaving, and trimming.

On the other hand, the battery takes only 1 hour for a full charge.

Wet and Dry

Wet and dry epilator

This is the most important part that addition made the new generation Silk epil 5 too special.

The new generation Braun Silk epil 5 comes with wet/dry operating feature.

As you know, epilating is pretty painful task for some area.

While an epilator comes with wet&dry feature, it’s very useful for minimizing the pain with water.

So, you can now use water or any other wet element to make the epilation pain free.

The older silk epil 5 got the maximum negative feedbacks for being rough on epilating since dry epilator.


waterproof epilator

The device is 100% waterproof.

So the cleaning process and maintenance become easier.

Since 100% waterproof, you can use it under the shower.


Braun offers 1 year of limited warranty with their Braun silk epil 5 epilator.

The manufacturer will repair or replace the device if you find any manufacturing defect in the device or it stops working like before within 1 year.

The warranty will not apply if you damage the device with an accident, misuse, abuse.


  • 4 extras
  • Cordless use
  • Unique beginner cap
  • Bikini styler
  • Wet/dry operation
  • Pivoting head


  • Braun removed the Smart LED in new model
  • Minimized the tweezers 28 (it were 40 in the older model)
  • Short battery performance
  • Only for USA voltage

Final Thought

I found the  Braun silk epil 5 wet and dry epilator is pretty good for grooming women’s whole body hairs and epilating for 4 weeks long-lasting.

While checking the consumer’s report, it gained maximum recommendations from the customers.

Most importantly, the epilator comes with a beginner cap that is adorable for new users.

Moreover, it provides a bikini styler to ensure maximum versatility of women’s hair removal than any other epilator.

So, you will get a women’s multi-grooming kit while having the Braun silk epil 5 SensoSmart wet/dry epilator.

Braun Silk Epil 5 Wet & Dry vs Silk Epil 5 Power

FeaturesBraun Silk Epil 5 Wet and DryBraun Silk Epil 5 Power (older model)
Wet/dry performanceYesNo
Cooling GloveNoYes
Bikini stylerYesNo
Power sourceRechargeable (cordless)Corded
Beginner capYesNo
SensoSmart LEDYesNo
Power volt110v (only for the USA)Universal (110v-220v)
Anti-slip gripYesNo
ColorBlue, PinkPink

Can you use it on your face?


Can you use it with shaving cream, foam, or gel?


Are the 28 tweezers capable of handling the older 40 tweezer’s work?

The new tweezers are bigger than the older’s that can catch more hairs than the older tweezers. Thus the new 28 tweezers are enough for efficient epilation.

Can you use it out of the USA?

Yes, but you have to use a power converter to use the included power adapter. The adapter is suitable only for 11ov power that is why it’s not usable at upper volts.

When do you need to replace the AA battery?

When you feel the battery power of your bikini styler goes down, you should change the AA battery.

Can you use the epilator while charging?

No, it’s a cordless epilator and you have to use it only cordless.

Is the epilator too painful?

This epilator comes with a beginner cap and massage system that makes the epilation process almost painless. This is one of the gentlest epilators on the market in my experience.

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