Braun Silk Epil 3 3270 Epilator Review: How Efficient and Reliable Is This Inexpensive Women Epilator?

Braun is the dominating epilator producing brand on the market currently. In the Braun silk epil epilator line, the Braun silk epil 3 is an affordable series. Braun produced this product considering the great quality and people’s affordability as every woman can groom herself. The Braun silk epil 3 3270 is the most advanced and upgraded product in the series. So we are covering all features and specifications of the Braun silk epil 3270 with our experience and customer’s reaction to help you to consider if it is perfect for you.

What‘s in the Box?

The following items come with the Braun Silk epil 3 epilator package.

  • The Braun 3270 epilator itself
  • A foil shaver head
  • A trimmer cap
  • Massage cap
  • Travel bag
  • Cleaning brush
  • Charging adapter with cord
  • User manual

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The Ergonomic

The Braun silk epil 3 3270 epilator has a small interface with a sleek design.

It has a smart combination of two colors, white and pink.

Braun designed this device with a smart grip system to ensure 0 slip down possibility from grasp.

Since very small in size, it is too comfortable to capture and pass on the body.

Braun used the SoftLift tips system in the epilator head which guides and lifts the flat-lying hairs to the tweezers to ensure perfect and efficient epilation every time.

All in One Women’s Grooming Machine

Braun silk epil 3 all in one women's grooming device

The Braun epilator 3270 is an all-in-one grooming device for women.

It comes with a foil shaver head and trimmer cap to provide shaving and trimming facility too.

So, it’s not only an epilator but also a shaver and trimmer.

According to your preference, you can use any of the facilities from these 3 options.

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20 Tweezers Technology

Braun designed their silk epil 3 epilator with 20 individual tweezers.

The tweezers roll and work together to reveal and remove hairs smoothly without leaving a hair.

The 20 tweezers gently remove the hairs from the root and ensure silky smooth epilation for 4 week long-lasting smoothness.

Shaver Head

Braun Silk-épil 3 3270 epilator's extra shaver head

You know, epilation is little painful and there are some areas in women’s body where it’s challenging to epilate.

Considering all that inconveniences, Braun attached a foil shaver head to shave off hairs from sensitive areas where it’s pretty impossible to epilate.

So, you can shave your hairs from underarm and other places where you are afraid of epilating.

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I think you know what is trimming. Like the premium Braun epilators Braun silk epil 9, Braun silk epil 7, The Braun silk epil 3 also comes with trimming option.

Behind the shaver head, there is a trimmer option by that you can trim your long hairs to assist epilating or shaving.

The Braun epilator 3270 has a trimming cap with the package which allows you to trim your hairs in 5 lengths.

Massage Roller System

Braun is always exceptional with their features and for that Braun has become the no.1 epilator brand worldwide.

They used a special massage roller system in the epilator head.

The massage rollers massages the skin while epilating and gently stimulate to reduce pain and provide much enjoyable epilation experience.

Who doesn’t want an epilator which will make less pain while epilating?

The massage rollers will inspire you to epilate hairs for long lasting smoothness rather shaving.

Smart LED

Braun used unique smart LED light which makes the epilating process easier and more efficient.

When you will turn the device on by pushing the power button, the LED light will light up and it will focus the area you are epilating or shaving.

This system will show you the actual smoothness and result as you do not leave a single hair.

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Corded Device

braun silk epil 3270 is a corded-only epilator

As you know the more advanced Braun epilators Braun silk epil 9, Braun silk epil 7, Braun silk epil 5 come with both cordless and corded operating opportunity.

But the Braun Silk-épil 3 3270 epilator has only corded facility. It comes with an around 6 feet power cord with an adapter by which you need to use the device from direct electricity. So, you are getting only corded using facility in the Braun silk epil 3 epilator. It might be a downside but it’s maybe compromisable with the budget.

2 Speed Settings

braun silk epil 3 epilator's speed setting technology

In the power button, there are 2 speed selection options.

You can select gentle and fast power mode to have your preferred speed.

Generally, it starts in the fast mode when you press the button harder and you need to press the button very softly to start it in slower mode.

Actually the slower mode is pretty useless we found as you hardly can use this option.


Like other Braun silk epil epilators, the Braun silk epil 3 also comes with 1 year of limited warranty.

Braun will repair or replace your product if you find any manufacturing defect or it stops working within 1 year.

The warranty will not cover if you make any damage with an accident, misuse, abuse.

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  • All-in-one women’s groomer
  • SmartLight
  • Massage roller system


  • Only corded use
  • Not wet/dry
  • Not waterproof


The Braun silk epil 3 epilators are entry-level epilators by Braun.

The manufacturer produced this product for the people who don’t need any fancy option and want an affordable product.

The built quality of the Braun silk epil 3 is pretty admirable.

It can capture less hair than the high-end products as it comes with only 20 tweezers but the result is very smooth.

It also provides a smooth result for 4 weeks of long-lasting.

Now it’s your turn to decide if it is perfect for you or you need more advanced epilators like Braun silk epil 7 or silk epil 9.

In view of affordable epilators, it gets a higher level recommendation from the consumers and our testers.

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