Braun Series 9 9095cc Electric Shaver Review

Braun Series 9 9095cc Electric Shaver

Over the decade, Braun is being focused on their high-quality products. They especially renowned for electric shavers.

Now they achieved the top position for best quality electric shavers.

The number #1 electric shaver producer company Braun is owned by the giant powerhouse Proctor & Gamble.


Braun has lots of electric shaver models on the market but they selected the 9095cc is top of the line of their all products.

Men who intend to use an electric shaver,  he should try the Braun series 9 9095cc electric shaver at least once.

The model 9095cc has been over-waving on the internet for a long time. That is why we were anxious to have a try for ourselves.

Finally, we got the device on our hand and made maximum tries for a better experience.

We tested it from all the angels and made an experiment with all the ingredients included in the device.

We stacked all the results and experiences and make a details review of the device.

To our review team, it has achieved the top position in the list of our best electric shavers.

Read our detailed review of Braun series 9 9095cc electric shaver.


What’s in The Box

  • The Main Device
  •  A Charging and Cleaning Station
  •  1 Cleaning Station Refill
  •  1 Cleaning Brush
  •  1 Leather Travel Pouch
  •  1 Charging Cord
  • Appliance Oil
  •  Manual and Warranty Card

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Foil Shaver

The Braun series 9 9095cc is the world’s number #1 luxurious foil electric shaver included all the digital technologies.

It has 4 foil blades where each has different functions with the wet & dry feature. The foil head is totally replaceable.

Braun acknowledges that it has most advanced foil structure ever they made.



Braun 9095cc has an attractive and sleek design.

Braun designed this model by keeping in mind the ultra-modern user interface with high-quality shiny chrome plastic.

The design is very user-friendly to grip it and stroke from any angle.

The device dimension is 6.1 x 2.7 x 8.7 inches and it weighs 2.6 pounds.

It has a pivoting head to reach hard to touch areas and a battery life LED display which made the device looks gorgeous.


In the handle it has rubber grip as when you hold the shaver correctly even in the wet shave, this will protect the shaver from slipping in case your hand is slippy.

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Wet & Dry (Waterproof)

The Braun 9095cc electric shaver is fully waterproof and highly competent for both wet and dry shaving.

You can rinse it with direct water and wash it by your hand and it is allowed after every stroke. Every electric shaver has a common interface which is dry shaving, where this shaver gives very comfortable and closest dry shave.


This shaver also has wet shaving feature. You can have a wet shave in your shower every time.

If you intend to use shaving cream, foam, and gels like manual razors, you can do it by this machine easily.

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Close and Comfortable Shave

If you like close shave and use manual razors, then you should try this electric shaver at least once.

In each wet and dry shaving tests, the Braun 9095cc performed implausibly well.

It gives incredibly close shave even ingrown hairs, proven on three-day beards. After a close shave with this machine, we bet you do not need to go back to the manual razors.


Braun discovered this model keeping in mind the skin comfort for any type of skin.

This is very comfortable shaver and most comfortable shaver ever Braun made.

When you hold the device and make some strokes, you ought to understand there is something special on your hand than all other electric shavers ever you tried.

It has flexible blades which go ups and down according to passing areas are mainly responsible for highly comfortable shaving.

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Ultra Durable with 2-Years Warranty.

Braun promises this is an ultra durable shaver and they officially provides 2-years of limited warranty for Braun 9095cc electric shaver.

It is producer’s suggestion to replace the shaver head once a year to get the closest shave every time like a new shaver.

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Clean & Charge

The Braun Series 9 electric shavers are very easy to clean and charge.

With this Braun 9095cc shaver, it has world’s only 5-action Clean & Charge station which hygienically cleans the device, charges, lubricates, dries, selects cleaning program and dries at the touch of a button.


It has also a quick charge option at the bottom of the handle.

You can plug the charging cord directly to the power and attach it to the quick charging plug and get enough fuel for a full shave within 5 minutes.


You can clean the device manually without the clean and charge station if you have hurry.

Just remove the fuel cap and clean the shaver head by the cleaning brush provided with the shaver in the box and also shake the fuel cap to clean the blades.

Fortunately,  for being fully waterproof, you can directly rinse it into the water and clean it easily.

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The shaver runs by the rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery which offers fully cordless use.

The average battery runtime is 50 minutes in 1-hour charge.

With the clean & charge unit, it becomes fully charged within 1 hour and there is another option for quick charge the battery with direct connection of power by the charging cord.


It has LED Battery life display on the handle which indicates battery and charge runtime, hygiene indication + travel lock indicator.

By what you can understand when you need to charge the device and how much fuel you have to perform.


SyncroSonic Technology

The shaver comes with high power motor and four different cutting elements. As a result, it will catch much hairs in fewer strokes.


The Braun 9095cc electric shaver has Intelligent SyncroSonic technology with The synergy of 4 specialized cutting elements and intelligent Sonic Technology wich offers 40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute. The technology allows the device to capture different types of hair.

This is very good for sensitive skin as well as thicker hairs.

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Not for All

Braun did not make this device thinking about all people. The price of the Braun 9095cc electric shaver is very high.

Braun developed this costly model thinking about only the people who intend to use the best product.

Every best product charges the best price obviously.



This ultra modern and wonderful foil shaver is thought to be the no #1 amongst all the best shavers.

The ShaverZone recommends to all the conscious and luxurious men to try this device at least once to have a great experience with best electric shavers.

The Braun 9095cc is the most efficient electric shaver you can buy.

If you are interested in having a premium performance from a premium shaver, you must try this shaver first.

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