Braun Series 7 Electric Shaver Review and Comparison: Which Model Offers the Best Value for Your Money?

Braun, the German giant, changed their electric razors tremendously in 2020. They have upgraded their older models with new features, and moreover, they brought lots of new models in all the series. The Braun Series 7 has been affected by this new wave most and came lots of surprising models out there. The new models come with completely new designs and features that do not reflect the older models at all. I think Braun made this big change to capture a bigger place on the market with affordable shavers with more advantages. Since there are many models in Braun series 7, I will introduce them separately and then compare each other to decide which electric shaver is suitable for you. Note; all the Braun Series 7 shavers are made in Germany.

Braun 7020s

Braun Series 7 7020s

The 7020s is the initial release and the base model in the new generation series 7 shavers (2020 version). If you are familiar with older series 7 shavers, you might be afraid of bulky shaving devices and heads. Just forget this myth after the 2020 version is released.

Braun designed their all new generation shavers with more attractive and user-friendly designs.  Only the similarities between the new and older series 7 shavers are the color combination. Both versions come in a silver and black color combination, but the new series 7 has a more secure rubber grip on the rear side.

People were worried after listening to the name Braun Series 7 if it is a wet/dry shaver or not. Because some of the series 7 shavers, especially the base 790cc shaver, are not wet/dry. But all the new series 7 shavers are wet/dry efficient. Also, the Braun 7020s is 100% waterproof. So, you do not need to worry about wet/dry and waterproof features in this generation Braun Series 7 shaver.

Along with the design, Braun has made a big change over the flexible head of the shaver. The shaver comes with a 360° adaption pivoting head that ensures reaching any hard-to-reach/tricky areas for a perfect shave.

The foil chamber is more flexible to react with the skin and cut the hair super comfortably.

Most importantly, Braun made their new shavers more useful with trimming capacity. This is not with a slide-up trimmer you found with the older series 7 or the premium series 9 shavers. This is a separate and actual trimming attachment that you can apply to other places besides your face.

Braun 7071cc

Braun 7071cc

Braun first implemented a separate precision trimmer in a series 3 shaver, Braun 3010bt. After releasing the shaver, Braun got a very positive reaction from the customers, and still, the shaver is very popular and one of its best sellers by Braun. After that, Braun read the customer’s choice and decided to provide their new customers with a more effective precision trimmer head with their shavers.

The Braun 7071cc is the same shaver as the Braun 7020s; the only difference is the automatic cleaning and charging station. Although the new Braun series shavers are 100% waterproof and very easy to clean manually with direct running water, Braun offers a cleaning dock with this model. The cleaning dock makes the cleaning process more hygienic with an alcohol-based liquid solution.

If you are not interested in manually cleaning the shaver every time after use, you can select the Braun 7071cc, which will provide you automatic cleaning solution at some extra charge. The Braun 7020s is enough for you if you are okay with manual cleaning.

All these new generation Braun Series 7 shavers come with a sturdy zipper travel case that is really attractive and useful to protect the shaver while not in use.

Braun 7075cc

braun 7075cc

Braun added auto-sensing technology in their new generation series 7 shavers. If you are familiar with the older series 7 shavers, you know the shavers come with manual power mode selecting buttons. You must manually select your shaving power by the (+) and (-) sign buttons when you need different power modes.

But the new Braun series 7 shavers rejected those manual buttons and came with autosensing technology that will automatically sense your beard density and select its power. Braun 7075cc shaver also comes with Braun’s newly designed 4in1 smart care center (cleaning and charging dock) like the 7071cc.

But the 7075cc provides more control over trimming beards with more trimming attachments. The main trimmer head provides 0.5mm trimming length over your beard, which you will get from Braun 7020s and 7071cc also. But the 7075cc comes with 5 extra trimming combs that fit with the trimmer head.

The comb provides 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm trimming capacity extra facility than the 7071cc. But the actual device is identical, and I do not suggest this model if you do not need those extra facilities, which will save you some extra costs.

Braun 7027cs

Braun 7027cs

Do you want all the facilities of the Braun 7075cc but don’t want to pay for the SmartCare center? If you like manual cleaning, the Braun 7027cs is for you. It comes with the 5 trimmer combs and a stand but missing the automatic cleaning and charging station.

Therefore, it can save you some extra charge, but you must manually clean the device. Manual cleaning is not tough, though. All the Braun series 7 shavers, including older versions, are 100% cordless and run with rechargeable batteries. The Braun Series 7 shavers come with Lithium-ion rechargeable battery that takes 1 hour for a full charge.

After a full charge, the shaver is able to provide you 50 minutes of continuous cordless shaving power. I guess it can afford 2-3 weeks with this power, and you need to recharge it after 2-3 weeks. Moreover, there is a quick charging facility with the all new Braun series 7 shaver that will provide a full shaving power with a 5-minute charge.

If you are in a hurry, but your shaver’s battery is fully drained, you need not worry at all because it will provide you a quick charging option to have a shave after 5 minutes.

The older series 7 shavers also feature this facility, though!

Braun 7085cc

Braun 7085cc

The Braun Series 7 7085cc is the combination of all the shavers above and something more. The extras are the 7085cc comes with a stubble beard trimmer and 4 stubble cutting guides.

You won’t find the stubble trimmer with the other models, so it charges more. Moreover, the shaver is a bit different from the other new series 7 shavers in look.

It covers more with the black shadow and the full body, except the head and branding ring is black.

Note: The packages may vary depending on their supplier.

Comparison of new Braun Series 7 shavers

If you are tired of reading the full article to understand the differences and similarities among all the new generation Braun Series 7 shavers, you can have a look at the following comparison table. I think this chart is enough to give you a primary overview to realize the differences and similarities. But you must read the full article to know the entire product’s quality.

SpecsBraun 7020sBraun 7071ccBraun 7075ccBraun 7027csBraun 7085cc
TypeFoil shaverFoil shaverFoil shaverFoil shaverFoil shaver
Wet & dryYesYesYesYesYes
Shaving head360° pivoting head360° pivoting head360° pivoting head360° pivoting head360° pivoting head
Precision trimmerYesYesYesYesYes
Battery runtime50 minutes50 minutes50 minutes50 minutes50 minutes
ColorBlack + silverBlack + silverFull black + silver headBlack + silverFull black + silver head
Autosense technologyYesYesYesYesYes
BodyPlastic + soft rubberPlastic + soft rubberPlastic + soft rubberPlastic + soft rubberPlastic + soft rubber
SmartCare centerNoYesYesNoYes
Trimming combNoNoYesYesYes
Stubble trimmerNoNoNoNoYes
Stubble trimmer comb4

What are the main differences between older and newer series 7?

There are some important and big changes in the new Braun series 7 shavers. Let’s elaborate on the upgraded matters.


Braun series 7 older vs new

The design is the first thing you will notice on the new generation series 7 shavers. The new designs are more attractive and user-friendly.

You will find the old shavers come with a bulky body that does not fit the grasp perfectly, but the new shavers are very suitable for any grasp.

The comfort grip system of the new shaver is more secure and comfortable. Most importantly, the new shavers come with a rounded shape, but the older shavers come with flat and bulky shapes.

While talking about the measurement, the new series 7 is taller than the older shavers. But the weights of the new shavers are lighter than the older ones because Braun made the design thinner to make it modern.

Wins: New Series 7

Shaving head:

new head vs old head

Braun announced their new series 7 shavers come with a 360° flexible head. The head moves up-down, left-right, and front-back in need. The older series 7 shavers also feature a very flexible head that flexes very effectively to provide enough comfortable shave in each pass.

But it doesn’t move left-right like the new shavers. The older series 7 shavers are good enough to cut hairs efficiently even in the hard-to-reach areas of its flexible head and thinner cutting foils, on the other hand, the new series 7 shaver’s foils are a bit wider.

Moreover, the new head is also broader and bulkier than the older one. The new series 7 shaver’s head is pretty flexible, but the foil cutters are not much flexible as the older ones.

So, the new series 7 shavers are not efficient enough to reach tricky areas like the older ones, and older cutting foils are more comfortable in operation.

Most importantly, releasing the foil chamber from the new shavers is troublesome because there is no release button like the older series 7 shavers.

Wins: Old Series 7


New waterproof shaver

The new generation series 7 shavers are 100% washable whereas all the older series 7 shavers are not 100% washable. On the other hand, some base series 7 shavers do not provide wet shaving facilities like the new shavers.

Wins: New series 7

LED display:

New LED display

The German design new generation series 7 shaver comes with a more user-friendly Led display that feels pretty premium. If you see the older series 7 shavers, the LED was not too informative to interact. With the new look, Braun made the new LED more interactive.

Wins: New series 7

Cleaning dock:

New dock vs old dock

The cc-attributed shavers from Braun come with automatic cleaning and charging station. The manufacturer upgraded their existing cleaning and charging dock to 4in1 SmartCare with a new interface. The new SmartCare docks look more attractive and useful at first look. But you will love the older cleaning and charging dock for its indicators, whereas the new dock doesn’t feature any indicator.

Wins: Old Series 7

Precision Trimmer:

older vs newer series 7 precision trimmer

You know the older series 7 shavers come with a pop-up trimmer that offers precision trimming after a shave. But the new series 7 shavers removed the popup trimmer and come with a detachable EasiClick trimmer that offers 0.5 trimming length of trimming. Some of the new series shavers come with extra facilities like a trimming comb, stubble trimmer, and stubble combs against some extra cost. On the other hand, the older series 7 shaver’s popup trimmer cannot use a trimming comb or provide an extra trimming facility. But the older version of Trimmer is pretty easy to use; just slide and start your task. The new trimmers are a bit troublesome for new users. You need to manually remove the foil cassette from the head and attaché the trimming attachment manually. It will not be a problem when you become used to. Only for precision trimming, the older trimmer is good enough. But the newer trimmers are helpful for more trimming functionalities.

Wins: Older series 7 and only advanced new series 7 shavers (7075cc, 7027cs, 7085cc).


Braun series 7 shavers are pretty premium production. But Braun made the new series 7 shavers pretty affordable than the older ones.

Wins: New Series 7

Built quality:

The new Braun Series 7 shavers are made of mostly plastic, but the older Series 7 shavers are made of metal and plastic combination.

Wins:  Older series 7


The new version of Braun Series 7 has been engineered for more user satisfaction. The designs and facilities of the new Series 7 shavers are more compelling than the older ones. You can choose your next electric shaver according to your preferred design and features since there is not much difference in the shaving performance between the older and newer models. Although the built quality of the old Series 7 shavers is sturdier than the newer models, there is no one who blamed the new models for damaging the body. Therefore, the new Braun Series 7 shavers are also reliable for long time performance.

Braun Series 7 vs Braun Series 5

Braun Series 5 is another mid-range electric shaver series by Braun. The Series 5 is more inexpensive than the Braun Series 7.

The Braun Series 5 also has two versions (older and 2020 versions) like the Braun Series 7.

Like Series 5, the older generation of Braun Series 5 was pretty sturdier than the newer version.

But very few older generations of Braun Series 5 shavers are available on the market.

The Braun Series 5 5190cc, Braun 5145s, and the Braun 5140s are the only available older Series 5 models available on the market now.

However, the newer version of Braun Series 5 is completely different than the older versions.

The shapes of the new versions of the Braun Series 5 shavers look pretty similar to the new version of the Braun Series 7.

But there are lots of differences technically.

The head technology is the main difference between the new Braun Series 7 and the Braun Series 5.

Braun Series 7 comes with a 360° flex head for flexible shaving performance.

The Braun Series comes with EasyClean head technology for cleaning with running water.

Another important difference between them is some Series 7 models come with SmartCare center.

The SmartCare center is used for cleaning and charging the shaver.

But any model of Braun Series 5 doesn’t come with an automatic cleaning device.

That’s because Series 5 is easier to clean manually for its EasyClean technology. On the other hand, the neck of the Braun Series 5 is fixed, so it doesn’t flex like the Series 7.

To clarify, Series 7 can adapt the facial contours better than the Braun Series 5. While looking at the design and shape, both series have some visible differences.  

The Series 5 shavers are a bit slimmer and shorter than the Series 7 shavers.

On the other hand, the Series 5 is pretty lightweight than the Series 7. Both series come with detachable precision trimmer technology, which is their main similarity.

However, the Braun Series 7 comes with an advanced Autosense motor.

But the Series 5 doesn’t have any autosense technology.

The most visible difference between both series is the color combination.

To sum up, Braun Series 5 and Braun Series 7 have many differences and similarities.

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