Braun Series 7 7050 Beard Trimmer Review

Every one of us might hear about the name of Braun. It is a Germany personal care products manufacturer company and spread out all over the world. They have many products for men and women, like the electric and cordless shaver. For beards and hair, they have many kinds of electric shaver and beard trimmers. The Braun Series 7 7050 is one of their advance level trimmers they produced. When you want to make a stylish look exactly the way you want, it is a very powerful instrument for you.

Recently Braun upgraded the series 7 7050 beard trimmer with the Braun BT5070.

Unboxing Braun Series 7 7050

  1. The Trimmer Itself: After opening the box, the trimmer will catch your eye first with its slick design and structure. It has a modern interface with a black and silver color look. The trimmer is made of silky chromium plastic which made the trimmer more strong.
  2. Charging Cord: There is a charging cord in the box which is used to recharge the trimmer directly from the power and also used in the charging stand when you want to charge the trimmer with the stand.
  3. Charging Stand: A plus point of the trimmer is, there is a charging stand with the trimmer. when you charge the trimmer with the stand, you do not need to worry about the safety of the trimmer. After putting the trimmer into the stand you can go away without any worry.
  4. Cleaning Brush: To clean the trimmer head, you will get a cleaning brush in the box with the trimmer. You just need to put down the head with one click and easily clean the head with the cleaning brush.
  5. Travel Case: This is another attractive accessory with the trimmer. The travel case is to carry the trimmer when you travel. You can be relaxed when you keep the trimmer into the travel case in the traveling time.
  6. 2 Combs: There are two adjusting combs with the trimmer in the box. One is for the beard and another is for head hair. You need to adjust the combs with the scale of the trimmer in different measurements by simply sliding up and down.
  7. An Appliance Oil: Braun also provides an appliance oil with the trimmer to clean the trimmer head and make the blades germ free.
  8. User manual: There is also an instruction manual about how to use and maintain the trimmer and accessories.

Features and Specifications

Slide and Style:

There is a system in this trimmer named ‘Slide and Style’. This system enables the trimming combs to easily slide up or down.

If you want to know how you can adjust the hair length of the trimmer then it is very easy to use.

Just put a finger to move the comb to set the exact length you require.

The Braun series 7 7050 has two different types of smart trimming combs with twelve different choices of hair lengths.

Locking Comb:

The Braun series 7 7050 beard trimmer has a locking comb, which enables with several clicks.

The user should easily change the length setting within a second by his finger.

12 Length Settings:

This awesome trimmer has 12 length settings.

Any man can use this to trim his beard, even hair of the head.

Braun added 2 smart trimming attachment to the trimmer that enables to customize one’s style in 12 different lengths to make the exact length he prefers.

Dual Battery:

Braun series 7 7050 comes with the dual battery system.

This powerful dual battery gives you a perfect trim without any interruptions.

The dual battery gives you non-stop extra power when a man trimming.

For this, you can get a perfect beard style easily.

Slide and Style:

Braun designed it with a new unique ‘Slide and Style’ system.

When the combs are on, this system even works in this time.

Mainly this system uses to style men’s beard so that they can get the right style for his perfection.

100% Waterproof:

The trimmer is totally washable.

After finishing your trim, you can easily wash it in a running tap or running water.

If you are in a hurry, even at this time you are able to wash it easily.

Charging Stand and Cord:

Braun series 7 trimmer has a charging stand and cord.

You will find these tool when you open up the trimmer box.

You can charge the trimmer with these accessories easily.

Just plug it into the trimmer and then you are free.

This may take 1 hour to full charge the trimmer.

When the trimmer is fully charged, then you can use it 40 minutes at a time.

LED Indicator:

The trimmer has a LED indicator in its body.

In the lower section at the front, there are charging and low charge indicator.

This can show you the battery status, and you are able to change this in time.

Popup Trimmer:

It has an additional popup trimmer on the front of the trimmer to sheer your beard and hair and also shape your mustache and sideburns.

Cordless and Corded:

Braun makes their trimmer great with cord and cordless use.

This trimmer supports that. You can use this when it is charging.

You are also allowed to use it when you are in a travel, or whatever you can trim without plugged it if the trimmer was fully charged.

Premium Travel Case:

This trimmer comes with a protective travel case with it.

You can travel with your trimmer; you don’t have to worry about this because of the travel case.

Powerful Battery

Braun makes their series 7 trimmer with dual power of Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery.

The powerful battery offers a powerful trimming.

As well as, Braun makes their battery life more long lasting from other trimmers.

Personally, I recommend this trimmer for those men who have been looking for the right cordless beard and mustache trimmer.

Who Will Get the Benefit?

Braun series 7 7050 is designed for every type of men. This is the best option for men who are very choosy.

They have rough beard troubled in styling and trimming theirs overgrowing and the coarse beard.

As it has 12 sharp blades, it trims easily without any pulling or tugging hairs. You are also allowed to style the beard at a different length.

But it does not provide close shave like the electric shavers. When you want a close shave, this product is not recommended for you and you can try Braun’s best electric shavers like Braun series 9 and Braun series 7.

But if you do not need a close shave and want to have a stylish beard or sideburn, then it is great news that this trimmer can do this for you in 12 measurements.

So, I think you should find this review helpful for your beard life. If you want to know anything else about this instrument, then you can make us know.


When the trimmer comes to shape your sideburns and beards, its performance is outstanding.

The trimmer made by stainless steel sharp blade, for this they are able to cut your hair smoothly over the skin and they will keep your hair very precise.

You haven’t to experience any skin irritation or pulling and tagging. While you clean up the trimmer, it also trims.

So, the shave becomes much quicker. Braun makes their trimmer totally washable. It’s very easy to maintain the trimmer. You can wash it in running water.


There is some disadvantage or downside of this trimmer. The main downside is the trimmer, it has many attachments that one is supposed to cut onto the trimmer the exact shaving level he wants.

In this trimmer, the attachment does not have so many levels inside the range. This may not get you the perfect length what size you want.

Another downside is, it will not give you a close shave for a smooth look like electric shavers such as Braun series 9 and Braun series 7.

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