Braun Series 5 Review and Comparison: Which Braun Series 5 Shaver Version/Model Is the Best and Worth Buying?

The mid-range foil shaver line Braun Series 5 is getting overwhelming on the market for different reasons. Braun made 2 major revisions to their existing Series 5 shavers like the higher range Series 7 and Series 9. The robust third-generation and some 2nd generation series 5 shavers are available on the market with and without automatic cleaning and charging station. Beyond the existing Series 5 shavers, recently Braun released their newly shaped electric shavers that look completely different. However, Braun minimized the price range in the newly released shavers and added some extra facilities as well. In this article, I’ll ascertain all the available Series 5 shavers and compare them with newly released shavers to decide which one is the best and which one suits you best.


Braun released different models in different versions of series 5 shavers. At the first release of Braun Series 5, Braun brought their shavers with 5xx numeric assertion (550s, 560s, 590cc). The first-generation shavers are not available on the market now. The second-generation Series 5 shavers were released with 50xx numeric assertion (5090cc, 5050cc) where very few are available.

The most recent or third-generation existing Series 5 models come with 51xx numeric assertions like Braun 5190cc, 5140s, 5195cc, and more. The third-generation Series 5 shavers are rolling out on the market now. Finally, the new version of shavers is a hot topic among users and experts. The new version Series 5 models come with 50xx assertion like the existing second-generation models. I’ll analyze all the available models on the market separately for your convenience.

Old Models

Braun 5145s:

What is the best Braun Series 5 Shaver - Braun 5145s

Braun 5145s is a 3rd generation Braun Series 5 existing model that has been altered from the Braun 5030s model. The 5030s is a 2nd generation existing model that is not available on the market now. The Braun 5145s is the successor model of the Braun 5040s where there are very few dealers at present who sell the 5040s.

The Braun Series 5 5145s comes with an auto-sensing motor that automatically reads beard density and adjusts the shaving power accordingly. This is a very new technology for Braun Series 5 that was not implemented in the older generation shavers. Braun designed the existing Series 5 models with 3 pressure-sensitive shaving elements as a result; the Braun 5145s is highly efficient for sensitive skin.

The shaver features an 8-D pivoting head that allows the shaver to adapt to the facial curves and catch maximum hairs with skin comfort. It comes with a sturdy travel case that was not provided in the predecessor model. The manufacturer implemented a 3-stage LED display that looks more advanced than the premium Series 7 shavers.

This Braun Series 5 shaver is 100% waterproof which makes the shaving process easier and more secure. Beyond the waterproof body, the shaver offers an efficient wet/dry shaving facility that allows you to have your preferred shaving condition.

I love its design with a secured rubber grip that feels very comfortable and secure while using even with wet hands. Overall, the shaver is a smart solution for men who want advanced shaving results on a mid-range budget.

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Braun 5190cc:

What is the best Braun Series 5 Shaver - Braun 9190cc

The Braun 5190cc is the updated model of the Braun 5090cc that comes with an automatic cleaning and charging station. The cleaning station cleans, dries, lubricates, and charges the shaver automatically which you have to do manually with the solo models. The shaver is 100% waterproof that is also allowed to clean the device manually if you lack a cleaning cartridge.

Like other Series 5 shavers, the Braun 5190cc is also a wet/dry shaver. So you can use your favorite shaving cream, foam, gel, and water for refreshing shaves. The Braun 5190cc comes with a rechargeable Li-ion battery that provides 50 minutes of continuous cordless performance with a 1-hour full charge. It features an auto-sense motor that can read your beard density and provides adequate power according to the density.

The shaving head flexes 8 directions to adapt to the skin contact and provide efficient shaving with maximum shaving comfort. I liked its floating shaving elements. The elements can move up-down independently while making a stroke and the operation feels very enjoyable.

There is a multi-direction headlock technology in the shaver that allows you to lock the flexible head in a predetermined position for shaving tricky areas. Braun implemented a built-in precision trimmer in the shaver that is enough for precision trimming and detailing. In short, this is a solution for advanced technology and shaving results.

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Braun 5195cc:

What is the best Braun Series 5 shaver - Braun 5195cc

Braun 5195cc is the most recent model of the existing Braun Series 5 version. The Braun 9195cc also comes with an automatic cleaning and charging station that automatically cleans, dries, lubricates, and charges the device.

This is an advanced wet/dry shaver that is adorable for efficient wet shaving and fast dry shaving. The Braun 5195cc is a 100% waterproof device that allows you to shave under the shower or rinse the device very easily. It is super secure to handle with a wet hand because of its textured rubber grip that feels super comfortable at the grasp.

It features a premium precision trimmer that fits perfectly for the final touch or precision trimming. Braun engineered the shaver with a powerful Lithium-ion rechargeable battery that provides 50 minutes of runtime with a 1-hour charge.

Beyond 50-minute runtime, the shaver comes with a 5-minute quick charging system that allows you to have urgent shaves with only a 5-minute charge. The autosensing motor and super flexible shaving head make the shaving process comfortable even on sensitive skin. The shaver shaves efficiently with maximum skincare that feels really good to handle.

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New Models

Braun 5018s:

What is the best Braun Series 5 Shaver - Braun 5018s

The Braun 5018s is the initial model of the Braun Series 5 EasyClean (new) version. The shaver comes with a rinsing-friendly shaving head that allows cleaning it with direct running water without removing the foil chamber.  It features 3 flexible shaving elements that treat softly with the facial skin while shaving to ensure maximum shaving comfort.

Braun used innovative slim and SmartClick technology in the new generation of shavers and consequently, the Braun 5018s comes with a SmartClick trimmer. The trimmer attachment works like a regular beard trimmer.

It is also good for precision trimming and detailing. The Braun 5018s is a wet/dry shaver that works well at shaving with shaving cream, gel, foam, and water. Braun used a rechargeable Li-ion battery in the shaver that provides 50 minutes of runtime with a 1-hour charge.

There is a 5-minute quick charging option in the shaver like all other Braun Series 5 shavers. Bran improved the LED display in the new version of shavers that shows more indications than the older generations including replacement head indication, cleaning indication, charging, and travel lock indication. This is a smart option in a very affordable price range.

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Braun 5020s:

What is the Best Braun series 5 Shaver - Braun 5020s

Braun 5020s is a very similar model to the 5018s and the main difference between both models is in the attachments that come with the packages. The Braun 5020s comes with 5 extra trimming comb attachments that allow you to trim your beard in different lengths.

The combs provide 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm trimming lengths to have a perfect beard style like professional beard trimmers. This is a cordless foil shaver that provides 50 minutes of cordless performance with a 1-hour charge. You can have quick dry shaves and refreshing wet shaves with shaving cream, foam, gel, and water by the shaver.

The secured rubber grip of the shaver has been textured for making the grasp comfortable and risk-free. The EasyClean shaver is 100% washable which makes the cleaning process easier and safer. The foil elements are flexible enough to make the shaving process softer and comforter.

The SmartClick precision trimmer is very easy to attach and detach to shave and trim with the device. The Braun 5020s is a hybrid shaver that allows shaving and trimming efficiently.

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Braun 5050cs:

What is the best Braun Series 5 Shaver - Braun 5050cs

The Braun 5050cs is the most advanced shaver in the new EasyClean version of shavers. The shaver comes with a smart design and a user-friendly interface with a rubberized grip. Braun used 3 independent floating elements on the shaver head that glides smoothly over the skin and makes the shaving process soft and comfortable. The shaver comes with a charging stand to charge the device securely on the bathroom countertop.

It supports universal voltage for charging the device which makes it useable worldwide. Another special attachment in this package is a body grooming attachment. You can trim the body hairs with the body groom attachment without any nicks and cuts. However, the shaver comes with only 2 body hair trimming combs where 1 is for long hair trimming and another is for trimming hairs from sensitive skin.

If you are in need of more facial hair trimming lengths, the 5020s is a better option. The EasyClean shaver comes with a 100% waterproof body that is best suited for easy rinsing. On the other hand, it’s a wet/dry shaver that offers you versatile shaving facilities.

This is a cordless shaver that comes with a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that provides 50 minutes of runtime and a 5-minute quick charging option. The advanced LED display shows when the shaver needs charging, replacing the head, cleaning, etc. In a word, the Braun 5050cs is a full-body groomer with advanced mechanisms.

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New Version vs Existing Series 5 Shavers

There are lots of differences between the old Braun Series 5 and the new Series 5 shavers. To make it clearer, I would like to share them with a comprehensive comparison.

The Design:

The designs of both versions are completely different. The older Braun Series 5 shavers come in a straight design that feels like the highest-end Braun Series 9. But the new generation Series 5 shavers come in an irregular shape. The shape has been engineered for making the device lightweight and user-friendly. But most of the users still find the older shape more comfortable. However, the new design fits in grasp more accurately since it’s slimmer and lighter than the older ones.

Cleaning System:

The new generation Braun Series 5 shavers are called EasyClean shavers. Because they come with a special cleaning technology at the neck for easy and fast cleaning. To clean the shaver, you just need to hold it under the tap and water at the neck and the program will clean the shaver. However, it’s a manual cleaning system. But the older Braun Series 5 (CC) models come with an automatic cleaning station. The cleaning dock automatically cleans the shaver and charges along with it. The solo models of the older Series 5 are also easy to clean. To clean the shaver head, just put it under the tab and start the power. You can remove the foil cassette to clean the inner blades. You can also use the provided cleaning brush with the older Series 5 shavers to clean instantly after dry shaves. Therefore, the older generation Braun Series 5 shavers are pretty more advanced and easier to clean.

Precision Trimming:

Precision trimming is a common feature of electric shavers (mid-range to high-end). The older generation Braun Series 5 shavers come with a built-in slide-up trimmer. The trimmer is used for making precise trimming and outlining. But Braun left the built-in trimmer idea and used detachable trimmer technology in the new series 5. The new detachable precision trimmer looks like the dedicated trimmer. I observed the new trimmer is more useful than the older ones. Because I could trim off my full beard with the new precision trimmer. The trimming result was not as satisfactory as the professional trimmers though. However, it might be a downside as well for users who don’t like to use brute force. To clarify, you have to detach the foil chamber of the shaver to attach the trimming head. And again, you have to detach the trimmer to attach the foil chamber of the new Series 5 shavers. Some users said it feels cumbersome to them. But most of the users and my coworkers appreciated the new detachable trimming technology.

Head Technology:

Again, the new Series 5 shavers are made with the EasyClean system. To make it an EasyClean neck, Braun made the head fixed. But the head of the older generation series 5 shavers are fully flexible. As a result, the older models can pivot 8 directions and adapt to the skin contact more accurately.

Inner Power:

Braun engineered their older generation Series 5 shavers with auto sense motor. The motor can read the beard density and adjust the power. The power increases and decreases according to the beard density. But the new generation Braun Series 5 shavers don’t come with an auto-sense motor. However, there are not many uses for the auto-sense motor. Because the shaver most of the time needs to run with the highest power. I observed it needs to reduce the shaving power very few times. Therefore, it’s not a mandatory technology for an electric shaver. But the older generation Series 5 shavers get up for this additional technology.


Some advanced models of new generation Series 5 shavers come with attachment trimming combs. The combs are used to trim the beard in different lengths. That is a completely new experience with the Braun Series 5. If you see the older generation Braun Series 5 shavers, there is no facility to trim the beard in different lengths. Even there is no option to use a trimming comb on the built-in trimmer. Therefore, the new generation Series 5 shavers really get an up for this facility.


The older Braun Series 5 version is still popular and overrated for some reasons and the robust built quality is one of the main reasons. On the other hand, the EasyClean versions feel simpler and modern with more facilities. If you like a sturdier shaver with maximum shaving comfort, the older versions are absolutely a great choice. But the new EasyClean versions are also adorable for the price range and more facilities.


  1. Have the 5018 model easyclean. Not sure how I am suppose to use this system. The manual is not very good at explaining the process. your help is appreciated. Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Alan,
      It’s normal to face trouble while using the new generation Series 5 shavers. Because they come in completely new designs. However, thanks for reaching us to get the idea of using your new shaver Braun 5018s.

      It’s a foil type shaver that works in straight and forth passes over the face like other foil type shavers. Before the first use, plug your shaver for recharging the battery and do not unplug it before 2 hours although the battery is already recharged (it will take only 1 hour for a full charge from the next recharge). This process will make your battery healthier and keep the battery duration consistent. After unplugging the shaver be prepared for your shave and start the power button. You’ll easily find the power button at the front of the shaver that is coated with rubber for soft touch use. After starting the power, pass the shaver like other foil shavers. You can use water, foam, gel or soap to have wet and refreshing shaves since all the new generation Series 5 shavers are wet/dry featured.

      The main difference I found in the new system is the easy clean technology where you do not need to open the head chamber for a clean. The system offers you cleaning the foils with a new process where you need to water the neck of the shaver from direct tape water. After watering the neck, the water flow will pressure the flaps inside the EasyClean head and remove the debris from inside to outside. If you do want to have a thorough clean, you also can open the foil chamber and clean it like the older head clean system.

      Another new system in the new Braun Series 5 shavers is the head changing technology. You might be noticed the older Series 5 shavers come with a slide-up precision trimmer that you need to slide up to make precision trimming along with shaving. But you need to pull the shaver head to detach it and attach the new precision trimmer head that comes with new Series 5 shavers. To attach the trimming attachment, you have to place the head at the back position like the picture found in the user manual and start the power by pressing the power button again. To attach the shaving head, follow the same procedure. that’s it.

      If you have any more trouble, let me know in the next reply.

  2. I am going to purchase a Braun Series 5 5018s. In order to get the full stuff, what is your advice for taking an extra spare parts, replacement head, foil & cutter or one or two of each one?

    I forgot to tell you that I am living in Argentina and some of the time is difficult to acquire some extras.

    Thanks a lot in advance


    Estoy por comprarme una . Además de la afeitadora en si que repuesto debo comprar ()???

    • Hi Gustavo,
      For your precaution, you can purchase an extra Replacement Head since you mentioned it would be challenging to find the spare parts in your country. Moreover, you can buy the EasyClick trimmer attachment for extra peace of mind because you have to replace this attachment as well after the current one gets dull.

      -Enjoy your electric shaver.

    • Hi Darren,
      The Braun 5145s electric shaver uses the Braun 52B replacement foil cassette. You can buy it from Braun’s showroom or online shops like Amazon. Just search for Braun 52B or 52S(silver color) for your replacement head and you can easily get it. Reach back here if you can’t find it.

      -Thank you.

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