Braun Series 3 300s Electric Shaver Review: How Does the Braun 300S Shaver Worth Its Price?

With the name of Braun, we feel something costly in the electric razor industry. But we need to know that Braun has some affordable electric shavers too. With a new target and flexibility, Braun recently brought a new model in their series 3. Yes, I’m talking about the Braun series 3 300s electric razor. Braun designed it with an eye-catching look of full black color and they got positive customer’s feedback very fast. It’s becoming very trending in a very short time as Braun shavers usually do this. What is in this new Braun shaver and what are the benefits of it? We are going to show you our personal and professional experiment and also the customer’s reaction to this shaver. So let’s see.


  • Braun engineered it with pressure sensitive shaving elements for maximum shaving comfort.
  • 3 cutting elements.
  • The manufacturer made it very affordable as anyone can easily get it.
  • The shaver has been designed for both cordless and corded use.
  • 100% waterproof up to 5 meters.
  • Universal power voltage (110v-240v) supported.

Let’s check the features and specifications in a detailed discussion.

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What’s in the Box???

When you will unbox the package, you will find the following items inside –

  • The Braun 300s shaver itself
  • Foil protective cap
  • Power cord
  • A small cleaning brush
  • User manual

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Features and Specifications Analysis

Ergonomic Design

Braun 300s shaver design

The Braun engineered the shaver with a very sleek design with an eye-catchy black color.

The body of the shaver is fully black.

A shaver may feel very uncomfortable in the grip while shaving, but Braun designed the shaver with an intelligent structure as anyone can feel very comfortable in the shaving time.

The shaver is a great example of simplicity as it has a simple and smart look.

Pressure-Sensitive Shaving Elements

pressure sensitive shaving elements of Braun Series 3 shaver

The German technology Braun engineered the Braun 300s shaver with pressure-sensitive shaving elements.

The shaving elements are very flexible to follow the skin contact and reach heard to catch areas.

These elements make the shaver very comfortable for any kind of skin type.

While passing over the skin, the sensitive foils softly glide over the skin and very mildly cut the facial hair from the very close position.

Thus you can get a super comfortable, close and very smooth shave every time.

According to the cutting elements, we together rate it 9 or more out of 10.

While checking the customer’s reaction, you will find the same result too.

100% Waterproof

waterproof shaver braun shaver Braun 300s

An electric device with a waterproof body is really adorable.

Yes, the Braun Series 3 300s electric shaver is 100% water resistant up to 5 meters.

So, there is very little risk of water causing problems while having a shave under the shower.

If the shaver accidentally falls into the water while shaving, you do not need to panic at all as it will not cause any problem.

Since 100% waterproof, the cleaning and maintenance process becomes pretty easy and effortless.

Not Wet and Dry Shaver

Although 100% waterproof, it doesn’t mean that it will give you a wet/dry shaving facility like the other premium Braun shavers.

It will not perform well if you drive it into a foamy or creamy facial hair.

But we need to keep the price in mind as we can not expect a wet and dry shaver in this price range.

If this is a negative feature for you, you should try the premium creations like the Braun Series 9 or Series 5 shavers.

Cordless and Corded Use

This must be a crazy feature in an electric shaver or trimmer.

Very few electric shavers offer this facility even most of the Braun’s premium shavers do not offer the corded feature.

Yes, you can have both corded and corded operations with the Braun 300s razor.

When your battery is fully dead of charge, you can have an urgent shave with direct plug in into the electricity.

But keep in mind that, never operate the shaver corded when the shaver is wet.

Before a corded operation, make sure the shaver is fully dry and also have a shave in a dry environment.

Another adorable point in this new shaver is, it comes with a worldwide voltage charging adapter.

The charging cord is very long ( longer than 5 feet).

Powerful NiMH Battery

The new shaver Braun series 3 300s comes with 2 LiMH powerful batteries.

The batteries offer 30 minutes of cordless performance with 1 hour of charge.

Braun promises the batteries will perform for a very long time and you do not need to replace them very soon.

The shaver provides enough juice for a full shave after 5 minutes of quick charge.

So, if your battery is fully dead and need an urgent shave but you do not want to have a shave by plug in, you can have a quick charge within 5 minutes.

The 5-minute charge is enough to have a perfect shave.

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Braun Series 3 3000s shaver performance

Since the shaver features 3 pressure sensitive shaving elements, there is no objection about skin irritations.

The flexibility and mildness of the shaving elements ensure very comfortable performance every time.

Although pressure sensitive, the shaver is tough for the hairs as it cuts the beard very closely for a smooth and well-finished shave.

You do not need to make a double pass in a place to make it closer. So, in a word, this is a very mild shaver for the skin but tough for beards.

The motor is also good enough to perform flawlessly and make a fast performance.

Some users objected to the battery performance.

Some say it performs only 20-25 minutes with a full shave and some got full 30 minutes of performance.

But I think this is not a major issue as the shaver offers corded operation and also it has a quick charging option.

We have only the objection is there is no popup trimmer in this shaver while most of the series 3 shavers have the popup trimmer option.

So, it is a little uncomfortable to shape our sideburns or shape a mustache.

The similar product Braun 3040s has a very good popup trimmer which costs almost the same.

There is not wet/dry feature in this shaver so it may be a little uncomfortable for the men who like to have wet shaves with shaving cream, gel, foam or other liquid.

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Cleaning and Maintenance

The Braun 300s electric shaver is 100% water-resistant.

So the cleaning and maintenance process is very easy.

Just hold the shaver head under the running water and clean it.

For thorough cleaning, you can remove the foil cassette and rinse it.

Braun includes a little cleaning brush in the package to make manual cleanings easily.

As the shaver is not wet/dry, you do not need to take extra care of thorough cleaning for making it germ-free.

Replacement Parts

Braun 300s Electric Shaver replacement parts

Since there is no fancy option in this shaver, you do not need to replace other things.

Braun recommends replacing the foil cassette in every 18 months and you will get better performance.

The replacement foil of the Braun series 3 300s is Braun 21B.


  • Pressure sensitive shaving elements
  • Very comfortable performance
  • Cordless and corded
  • Very close result
  • 100% waterproof
  • 2 years guarantee


  • Not wet/dry
  • No popup trimmer
  • Battery charge should be longer
  • No travel bag included

Final Thought

The performance of this shaver is pretty appreciable.

But it has an absence of some extra features like wet and dry shaving facilities.

But it would be a great shaver for men who do not need a wet shave and want very close shave at an affordable price.

As the shaver offers 2 years of guarantee, you can feel secure with the shaver for 2 years.

I think 2 year is enough for such kind of affordable shaver.

This is a very simple electric shaver and does not have any heavy feature in it.

So, if you like to have the extra features like wet/dry shaving, popup trimmer, cleaning or charging unit, you can try Braun’s premium shavers instead (series 9, series 5).

But it would be a great choice for the men who do not need any fancy feature and like to have dry close shaves every time.

The performance of the shaver is appreciative.

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  1. Braun Series 3 300s Electric Shaver Review article is very useful and well researched.

    This helped me a lot with my skin

  2. I enjoy this information very much it’s also very comprehensive overall since this “dry” only model is at the lower price end, come on! What electric gadget could you buy with less than USD45 in my area San Francisco California hello??

    Thanks 🙏 a million!!

    Michael K.

    PS may be you could talk more about it as it is a single or double foil because of future replacement costs: -))

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