Braun MGK7221 10-in-1 Men’s Groomer Review: How Effective, Convenient, and Worth Buying is this Braun Multi Grooming Kit?

Braun revamped the older Braun MGK7020 and released the Braun MGK7221. The Braun MGK7221 is a 10-in-1 men’s grooming kit for head-to-toe grooming. This new multi-grooming kit achieved the market trend, with too much positive feedback from consumers and some negative reactions. In this article, I’ll cover every aspect of this multi-groomer you should know before buying your next grooming device.


If you are in a hurry and don’t want to read the full article, you can read the overview to get a quick idea about the Braun MGK7221 multi-groomer. Read the full article to know the details and have all the answers.

  • This is a 10-in-1 grooming machine for men, and there is everything in the package to groom men’s whole body.
  • It’s not only a trimmer but also a shaver and detailer.
  • There are lifetime-lasting super-sharp blades in the trimmer that are the toughest ever made by Braun.
  • The Braun MGK7221 is a cordless device that comes with a powerful rechargeable Li-ion battery that provides 100 minutes of cordless backup.
  • There is a 5-minute quick charging option for having urgent operations without waiting for a full charge.
  • Comes with an auto-sensitive motor that adapts to the beard/hair density and adjusts the grooming power for adequate and efficient trims/shaves.
  • It’s a wet/dry capable device that could be used on wet beards/hair.
  • There is a Gillette FlexBall razor with the package that is useful for close shaving on the face and body.
  • The trimmer provides a total of 14 trimming lengths (0.5mm to 20mm) with and without the combs (there are 4 guide combs).

What’s in the Box?

The Braun MGK7221 is a big package with many attachments for different grooming purposes. I got the following items in the package:-

  • The Braun MGK7221 trimmer itself.
  • A Gillette flexball razor.
  • 2 Adjustable guide combs.
  • 2 fixed guide combs.
  • A rotary nose and ear trimmer.
  • A mini foil shaver attachment.
  • Detail trimmer attachment.
  • Body groomer attachment.
  • Cleaning brush.
  • Universal charging cord.
  • Charging stand.
  • Travel pouch.
  • User manual.
  • Warranty card.

Features and Specifications Analysis

Improved Toughest Blades

Braun MGK7221 lifetime lasting blades

The German giant brand Braun used their toughest and sharpest trimmer blades on their Braun MGK7221 multi grooming machine. The blades have been made for the lifetime lasting of the device and getting off any kind of tugging and pulling. The super-sharp blades stay sharp until the entire life of the groomer and the groomer has been made for more than 5 years. I found Braun’s new blades achieve the most efficient cutting results without any kind of compromise even if coarse beards. Therefore, I have to admit that they made something appreciable in this new creation.

Autosense Motor

Another improvement in this high-end grooming machine is the running motor. The Braun MGK7221 trimmer comes with a powerful auto-sensing motor. The motor can read the beard density and adjust the power for adapting to the density.  Thus, the trimmer cuts the beards and hairs intelligently without any manual power adjustment. However, I practically found the trimmer most of the time uses high torque for trimming and body shaving. But it minimizes the power a bit for detailing and nose hair trimming.

Wet/Dry Grooming

The Braun MGK7221 can be used wet/dry. You can instantly groom your dry beard and hair with this device in a different way. And moreover, if your beard/hair is wet from sweat or water, you are allowed to groom your beard/hair with the device and it will not make any kind of hassle. Even, you can complete your grooming under the shower or with any cosmetic.

Power Source

This new edition of the Braun multi groomer comes with an improved rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. The battery provides 100 minutes of cordless trimming/grooming power with a 1-hour charge. In addition, it can be used while charging. But you are strictly prohibited to use it in wet conditions while it’s charging although it’s a wet/dry groomer. Because it may occur any kind of electrical shock or damage while charging and using on wet beard/hair.  So, you should be careful about using the device without the cord.

5-Minute Quick Charge:

There is a 5-minute quick charging option with the groomer that can be used with a 5-minute charge. As a result, you don’t need to wait 1 hour for a full charge if you intend to use it urgently. This feature is useful for men who like to groom in wet conditions but the battery is fully empty. Otherwise, you can use it while charging if the battery is fully drained.

Why the Big Arrangement is for!

The device Braun MGK7221 has been made for all-in-one men’s grooming. There are 10 attachments in the package for making different kinds of men’s grooming from head to toe.

The Full-size Trimmer:

This is the main trimming attachment that is used for trimming beard and hair with and without guide combs. You’ll find this attachment attached with the trimmer after unboxing the package. The trimmer attachment has been engineered with lifetime-lasting super-sharp blades for the most efficient trimming results. This attachment is also useful for making edgest and precision trimming on the wide areas without the combs. The trimmer attachment itself provides 0.5mm trimming closeness without the combs.

4 Attachment Combs:

There are 2 adjustable guide combs that are used for trimming long beards and hair. The small one provides 3mm-10mm trimming lengths and the large one provides 11mm to 20mm trimming lengths. In addition, there are two fixed guide combs for trimming the stubble that provides 1mm and 2mm trimming lengths. The combs are made with good quality plastic to make them durable and last for the entire life of the trimmer.

The Gillette Razor:

As mentioned above in the unboxing section, there is a Gillette flex ball razor with the Braun MGK7221 trimmer for close shaving and edging. Since it comes for use with the combination of the trimmer, it’s pretty useful for close shaving at the neckline and out of the edges. You can use shaving cream, foam, or gel to make comfortable close shaves with the flexball shaver.


There is a detailer attachment with the package that is useful for making narrow lines between the beard and clean space.

Nose & Ear Trimmer:

The rotary nose & ear trimmer is used for removing unwanted hairs from the nose and ears. This is a mandatory attachment with any multi-groomer from any brand I think.

Body Shaver:

The body shaver attachment is used for shaving the whole body below the neck. If your body hair is longer than stubble, you should trim them first and use the body shaver.

The Small Foil Shaver Attachment:

The foil shaver attachment is used for shaving the small areas after detailing. It makes close shaves in narrow areas.

Replacement Parts

In this matter, Braun excels every groomer since the Braun MGK7221 comes with lifetime-lasting blades. Therefore you do not need to replace your blade and groom until the device is damaged. If you handle your device and its attachments with care, you do not need for searching for any replacement parts.


  • Toughest and sharpest blades.
  • Nore replacement blades needed.
  • Intelligent and powerful motor.
  • All-in-one grooming machine.
  • Powerful battery.
  • Cordless + corded.
  • Charging stand.


  • The close shaving result is not satisfactory.
  • Plastic-built body.


There are lots of multi-groomers on the market made by Braun but the MGK7221 is their high-end model that I found pretty compelling. I personally didn’t find any major issue to blame on this new product although there were lots of complaints about the predecessors. This grooming machine is recommended for men who like to maintain their beards in different styles and groom the whole body without extra cost. But you should go for a dedicated beard trimmer if you are looking for a device only for beard and hair trimming and need more trimming lengths.

Related Questions

Can you shave your beard with the foil shaver?

No, it’s very narrow for the full face. On the other hand, the shaving result will not be satisfactory after shaving with the highest patience with the narrow shaver. So, it’s not recommended to shave the full face with the shaver attachment. In this fact, you can use the attached flex ball razor instead.

Can you use the charger out of the USA?

Yes, the charging cord comes with a universal adapter that you can use all over the world.

Can you remove public hairs with the body shaver?

Yes, but I think it’s not hygienic to use the body shaver for public hair. It’s my personal suggestion to use a separate groomer for public hair.

Can you use shaving cream for shaving the body hair?

No, it’s not recommended by the manufacturer. On the other hand, the shaving result will not be satisfactory enough.

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