Braun MGK3060 Trimming Machine Review: Does This Multi-Grooming Kit Worth Its Hype?

Trimming beards and head hair is an engaging task for men. Many brands brought electric trimmers onto the market to make this task enjoyable. Braun is one of the top electric shaver and trimmer companies worldwide. They engineered their combo product Braun MGK3060 trimmer for head hair and beard trimming. So, you can use this trimmer to trim your beard in a different style and cut your hair in different lengths. Let’s check if this is worthy or not, as Braun claims.


  • This Braun grooming kit comes with 4 combs, providing 13 precision beard and hair-cutting length settings starting from 3mm to 21mm.
  • There is also a detail trimmer and a nose trimmer with this package.
  • Powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, this battery will deliver 60 minutes of running time per 8 hours of charge.
  • This grooming kit has been engineered with lifetime-lasting sharp blades.
  • There is also a Gillette pro-glide razor with this package. This razor comes with Flex Ball technology.

What’s in the Box?

After unwrapping the package of the Braun MGK3060 multi grooming kit, you will see some extra attachments besides the main device. You will find –

  • The Braun Multi-grooming kit MGK3060 handle
  • Precision trimmer head
  • Ear and nose trimmer head
  • Sliding Beard comb (3mm-11mm)
  • Sliding hair comb from 13mm to 21mm.
  • Body groomer
  • Fixed comb 1mm
  • Fixed comb 2mm
  • Smart plug
  • A little cleaning brush

The Package is really surprising since it comes with lots of attachments.

Features and Specifications Analysis

Beard Trimming and Contour Edging

Braun designed this trimming machine to handle all beard grooming tasks and provide you a perfect look.


Since there are 4 beard combs included in this package, you can obtain any beard style by these 4 precision combs. These combs are for your stubble, short, medium, or long beard.

Moreover, Braun provides a  Gillette flexball razor with this package to make your beard a perfect look by contour edging. You can also use the trimmer head without combs for contour edging, but the manual flexball razor provides the result closer.

Hair Clipping

hair trimming

The trimming machine is not only for beard trimming but also for hair clipping. Braun made the device powerful enough to handle hair trimming too.

To cut your hair according to your desired length, adjust the length and attach the comb. This length started from 13mm to 21mm.

Ear and Nose Trimmer

Nose and Ear Trimming

There is an ear and nose trimmer to remove the unwanted hair on your nose and ear.

This trimmer will provide you with such a trimming performance without pulling or tugging the hair.

Clean Shaving

close shave

There is a ‘’Gillette pro-glide flex ball razor’’ with this package.

You can do a clean shave through this item. So you can fulfill all your grooming needs with one product.

100% Washable

All the attachments of this Braun MGK3060 package are fully washable. The handle is washable up to 5M.

Since this machine is washable, the cleaning process is pretty easy.

Long Lasting Sharp Blades

Braun MGK3060

This Braun multi-grooming kit 3060 is engineered with long-lasting sharp blades. This sharpness will remain up to the lifetime of the blades.

Braun claims these blades will provide such a shaving performance without pulling or tugging hairs.

I’ve been using this shaver for 1 year, so I can not tell you the future performance. But still, my blades are sharp enough.

Battery Life

2AA batteries power this Braun MGK3060 multi grooming kit. These batteries will deliver 60 minutes of running time per hour of charge.

The machine’s battery may not work rightly under extremely low or high temperatures.

You will get all the instructions in the user manual.

  • Be sure the machine is switched off before charging.
  • 1st connect the small plug with the groomer then put the power plug into an electrical outlet.
  • The battery will take almost 8 hours to be fully charged.
  • The charging indicator will flash green when you connect with an electrical outlet.
  • After the full charge, the indicator light will turn off automatically.


This Braun multi-grooming kit comes with a 1-year warranty from the purchase date of this product.

This warranty will cover your product damages against the defect of materials or workmanship.

But if your product damages for lack of reasonable care, dirt, misuse or abuse, or accident, this warranty will not apply.


This Braun Multi-grooming kit is engineered with simple and easy functions.

So, Using the trimmer on beards and hair is very easy. Let’s check how to use the device perfectly.

#Beard Trimming / Hair Clipping

  • Be sure the groomer is switched off. Now place one of the combs on the groomer’s head. Choose your desired length. Then turn on the machine.
  • Move the machine against your beard growth to get an optimal trimming performance.
  • Trimming will be easy on your dry beard or hair.
  • Gently move the machine, and don’t press it too hard over the skin.
  • Before removing the comb from the machine, again turn it off by pressing the ON/OFF button.
  • Clean the machine after every use to get optimal performance.

#Precision and Contour Trimming

Use the machine without an attachment comb if you want to shape your sideburns, mustache, or beard.

#The Ear and Nose Trimming

This attachment removes unwanted nose and ear hair without pulling or tugging.

  • 1st, you must remove any head from the handle and adjust this attachment.
  • You can insert the trimmer up to 5CM.
  • Carefully guide the trimmer to trim the hair.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Proper cleaning and maintenance will keep your machine long-lasting.

Since the trimmer and all its attachments are waterproof, cleaning is very easy and fast.

  • 1st, turn off the machine.
  • Remove the trimmer head or any attachment from the handle.
  • Brush the head and comb thoroughly to remove loose hair.
  • Brush the hair chamber of the trimmer.
  • Now rinse the head and comb under the running water, for hygienic cleaning, you can use a bit of liquid soap.
  • The handle is also washable. After cleaning, let them air dry completely.
  • After drying, oil the blades. There is no oil included in this package. You can use sawing machine oils.


  • A bonus Gillette pro-glide razor for a clean shave or contour edging.
  • Functions are so easy and simple.
  • 100% Waterproof.
  • Attractive look.
  • 13 precision hair length settings
  • Satisfactory trimming performance


  • The battery quality could be better.
  • Charging time.
  • No accessories bag for storing them.


Based on the performance of this groomer, I don’t have any objection. I am really satisfied with its performance.

But the battery quality is not good, because I had to replace it after 3 months of use.

And there is no display to show the battery status when I need to charge it.

The positive side of this grooming kit is this Braun MGK3060 comes will all the attachments for your grooming needs.

So if the battery does not matter to you and the price meets your budget, you can try this one for all your hair grooming needs.

But if the battery matters and needs more features, try the rockstar Philips Norelco Multigroom 7000.

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