Braun BT5090 Beard Trimmer Review: Does This Trimmer Worth Its High Price Tag?

Some people like clean shaves and some like the stylish looks of his facial hair. When it comes to trimming and shaping the beard in different lengths for a different style, there is a need for a quality beard trimmer. In the market of variety, there are lots of beard trimmer brands and products. But all are not equally reliable and trustable. And there are really some trusted brands and products on the market. Braun BT5090 is one of them. The Braun BT 5090 will provide you a precise trim for different facial hair styles. This trimmer could be your great grooming companion for a long time.


  • 2 click and lock trimming combs will make precise trimming.
  • The lock trimming combs will provide you 25 precise settings.
  • The Braun BT5090 is fully washable and very easy to clean.
  • Slide and style system of the trimmer will let you style your beard with a simple slide.

 #Precision comb – 1mm to 10mm with 0.5 steps.

#Long beard comb – 10mm to 20mm with 2mm steps.

  • Dual battery system – the dual battery system will keep trimming power constant.
  • The battery will provide you 40min of running time by 1 hour of charge. There is also a quick charge option – 5 min charge for 1 trim.
  • Only for cordless use.
  • 60 days money-back guarantee.

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What’s in the Box?

Braun BT5090
  • The Braun BT5090 beard trimmer
  • 1 beard trimmer comb
  • 1 hair clipping comb
  • A travel pouch
  • A little cleaning brush
  • 1 rounded cleaning stand
  • Appliance oil
  • AC adapter

Like the other Braun’s products, you will get a user’s manual with this package. All the user information you will find in it.

The Braun BT5090 will give you 60 days risk-free trial. Generally, Braun provides this opportunity in their shavers.

But you will get it with this package too. If you don’t find it satisfactory for any reason after buying, you can return it within 60 days. And Braun will provide you the full money back.

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Features and Specifications

Built Quality of Braun BT5090

Braun bt5090 Beard Trimmer

The Braun bt5090 is one of the best nice looking beard trimmers in its range.

The silver and the Black combination makes it noticeable.

Don’t be foolish to see its shiny metallic exterior because, besides the blades, it is made with plastic and rubber.

These elements prevent your trimmer from accidentally slipping from your hand.

The body of the trimmer is fingerprints and watermarks resistant.

You will also see a detail trimmer on the front side of BT5090.

It is attached to it. The Braun named this trimmer “slide and style system’’.

Open this trimmer is so easy. There is a little oval-shaped button in the middle.

To open the detail trimmer press the button down with your thumb.

The detail trimmer is for a  more precise trim like your mustaches, sideburns, and goatees.

When you will open the detail trimmer, it will be situated on the main trimmer and lock into place.

Releasing the detail trimmer is very easy and enjoyable but it is quite jerky so it needs to be pushed into position.

Just underneath the detail trimmer, you can see there is a battery indicator. This indicator will flash according to charge – green or red.

This is the charging section so I will describe this further down the review.

The charging socket is situated at the bottom of the trimmer.

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Now, let’s talk about the back side

best beard trimmer

The back is covered with a clammy black rubber. Your fingers will naturally fit in the holding place of the trimmer. This rubber grip will prevent your trimmer from the sudden slip of hand during use.

But there is a problem with the clammy rubber grip that it will be easily attracted by dust and dirt. The power button is situated on the back side of the Braun bt5090.

Generally, we can see it on the front side to other trimmers. It has a quite different and interesting design.

When you will press the power button it makes a little sound. This could be a downside or not. The trimmer blades will be stay sharp (Braun BT 5090) at their whole life – (Braun is talking about the trimmer’s life, not our life).

The battery of the trimmer is not replaceable. When the battery became damaged or deteriorates after a year then you have to replace the whole unit.

I don’t have any objection about the blades. It is enough sharp and able to cut all types of hair thoroughly.

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Combs of Braun BT5090

This package comes with 2 additional combs.

One is for the more precise beard trim and another is for the haircut

On either side of the trimmer head, you can see there are 2 slots to attach the combs.

#The Precision Comb

beard trimming machine

This comb is for beard trimming. If you prefer a more little length beard (neat and tidy), this attachment is for you.

You can see there is a dial in the back side of the comb which will allow you to enhance the gap between the comb and the blades by a precise measurement with each turn.

Bothersome, or not depending on where you are situated in the world, Braun has approved the metric system to determine the length mentioned.

Every number on the dial ads an additional 0.5mm to the gap between the comb and blades up to maximum 10mm.

The lowest setting is 1mm – this setting provides you 3 days stubble look and the highest setting is 10mm for some much-needed shape for a bushy beard.

Just above the dial, you can see there is a gray switch. This switch is to lock the dial into your preferred position.

The precision comb is well made and it is sturdy.

The teeth of the comb do not turn and flex too much in the highest setting although it is a common problem of plastic combs.

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#Hair Comb

The Braun BT5090 comes with a hair comb.

Generally, this comb is to shave your hair.

It is longer than precision comb but it is a poor quality comb if you compare it with the precision comb.

The built quality of this attachment is very worse and it is very clear-cut that the manufacturer uses very poor quality plastic for its construction.

The comb’s teeth bend and flex when I apply it on my long hair.

This comb set is extended from 10mm to 20mm in increments of 2mm.

The metering sector is only seen on the right-hand side of the trimmer.

That means if you catch the trimmer in your right hand, you will have to beastly rotate the trimmer to view which length is selected.

It is clearly seen when you held it on your left hand.

When you will cut your head hair it won’t be an enjoyable experience.

The motor of Braun BT5090 will seem to struggle if you have thick hair.

But this comb works better on the children’s hair than the adults.

If you are searching for a hair clipper I will recommend you to buy a hair clipper separately and skipping the Braun BT5090.

It is good for facial hair.

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Battery Life

1st I want to talk about the charging system. There are 2 systems of charging –

  1. You can charge it directly by the charger or
  2. You can charge it through the stand of the trimmer

The Braun BT 5090 comes with an AC adapter. The adapter’s cable is 6 foot.

The charger can adapt to multi-voltage that is for universal use (100 volt – 240 volt).

When you charge the trimmer, the battery indicator light will flash green.

The battery will provide you 40min operating time by 1 hour of charge.

Before the battery dies the indicator will provide you a signal.

The indicator light will flash red. There is also a quick charge option. 5 min quick give enough juice for 1 trim.

The trimmer is for cordless use.

Performance of Braun BT5090 Trimmer

I have tried this trimmer in a few different types of men’s hair.

The trimmer is very lightweight only – 1.8 pounds. Fingers can fairly wrap around the handle and the rubber grip assist to keep a firm grasp.

When you will press the power button for turning on, it will make a loud humming sound.

If the sound is hardly loud, it can wake a light sleeper.

The blades gave me a satisfactory performance; it is able to cut my beard thoroughly.

But when I applied it in thick and bushy beards, it takes 2nd passes in the going over an area as well as I had to run it slowly. Quick run causes of missed hairs.

Without the guard, the blade cut mustache to the short stubble.

You should be more careful when you cut around the neck, especially below the chin, around the jawline and pull tightly your skin during trim those areas.

Otherwise, the blades might nick the skin.

I got the most comfortable experience when I covered the Braun BT5090 with the precision comb.

Performance wise I will give 4 out of 5 stars.

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Cleaning Method

You have to clean this trimmer manually.

You will get a little cleaning brush with it; we need the brush for easy cleaning method.

1st remove the precision comb if it attached with the trimmer body.

Removing is very easy just press right and left side button and switch it out of the position.

Now clean the comb by rotating the brush inside and outside of this device.

You have to wipe out every hair of it.

Now it is time to clean the Braun BT 5090 beard trimmer by using the Brush. 1st, switch off the trimmer and brush outside of the machine.

Then open the right terminal by pressing with the thumb.

Now, use the brush for cleaning the trimmer head and the space behind the trimmer inside.

The housing is so easy to wipe out extracting all of the hair.

After brush, switch the trimmer head off pressing it back in position. Your trimmer is ready for next time use.

This is the dry version.

You have to do this after every use.

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  • Good built quality
  • Good performance
  • Beard length adjusting method


  • Super expensive
  • Very few attachments and facilities

Final Thought

The Braun BT5090 is a high-quality beard trimmer that offers precise trimming, a long-lasting battery, and a wide range of adjustable lengths. While it is more expensive than some other trimmers on the market, its durability and advanced features make it worth the investment for those who prioritize quality and precision in their grooming routine. However, I wouldn’t recommend this trimmer to someone who is cost-conscious, as there are many other beard trimmers on the market that offer more features at a lower price point.

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    • Hi Robert,
      The Braun BT5090 trimmer comes with a universal voltage adapter. As a result, it can automatically adapt to any voltage between 100V and 240V.

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