Braun BT5050 Men’s Beard Trimmer Review

There are many electric trimmers on the market and Braun is a famous and trusted brand worldwide. The Braun BT5050 is a new edition beard trimmer by Braun. There are 2 additional combs with the trimmer for more precise and stylish beard trimming. And, these will provide you 25 hair length settings. You can use this machine wet or dry. Even the BT 5050 allows you to use it cordless or corded. It could be a great grooming companion for your facial and head hair.



  • The Braun BT5050 comes with long-lasting blades, the blades stay sharp to the lifetime of the trimmer.
  • It will give you a high-performance in each use
  • There are 25 hair length settings in this trimmer
  • Baun BT5050 comes with powerful dual battery and these batteries are rechargeable. It will take 8 hours for charge and provide you 50min operating time
  • This trimmer is fully washable. So for an easy clean, you can hold it under the running water.


What Comes with the Braun BT5050 Package?

  • Braun BT 5050 beard trimmer
  • Precision comb and long beard comb
  • Braun appliance oil
  • AC adapter
  • A little cleaning brush
  • A little bag

You will get a user’s manual with this package.

All the instructions you will find in this manual.

How to use, clean, remove the attachment with pictures.


Features and Specifications

Maximum Precision Trimmer

The Braun Bt5050 will provide you exact length and precise edges trim. There are two fundamentals to create any stylish look.

Whether you demand a designer stubble or want a trim of your full beard, the adjustable trimming combs will give the flexibility you want.

Precision comb:– (1mm-10mm) with 0.5mm steps for ultimate precision to obtain your desired look. The precision comb has a dial option to easily select your desired length from 1mm to 10mm by dialing left and right. This is super easy huh!

The long beard comb:– (10mm-20mm) which will provide you with more range for keeping up a longer beard style.


Ultra-Sharp Blades of Braun BT5050

The Braun BT5050 beard trimmer’s blades are ultra-sharp which are engineered to last the lifetime of the trimmer.

The ultra-sharp stainless steel blades will provide you with high performance in each trim.

These blades are able to cut long or thick hair perfectly without any pulling or tugging.


100% Washable

Braun BT 5050 is fully washable.

So for an easy clean, you can hold the trimmer under running water.

Being the trimmer waterproof, don’t be worried about water causes problems.


Cordless or Corded Use

You can use this trimmer cordless or corded.

This feature ensures that never runs out of power during work.


LED Charging Indicator

The LED charging indicator will flash green light during the trimmer charge.

When the battery power becomes running out the LED indicator will flash red.


2 Years Warranty

Braun warrants the Braun BT5050 Beard trimmer (without foil and cutter block) to be free of handicap in element and layout for a period of 2 years from the original purchase day.

If the product exhibits such a flaw at its option, Braun will repair or replace it without charge within 2 years.

Braun’s customer care number – (800-272-8611)

The warranty does not cover if your trimmer is damaged from – accident, misuse, dirt, water, or any kind of unreasonable use.


Battery Life of Braun BT5050

Braun Bt5050 comes with 2 batteries and these batteries are rechargeable.

But the charging time is so long – 8 hours. After 8 hours of charge, BT 5050 will provide you 50 mins running time.

8 hours is a really very long time and 50 min operating time is not the perfect ratio.

There is an LED battery indicator in the trimmer body. This indicator will provide you battery status.

When you charge the trimmer the indicator will flash green.

Before the battery discharged the indicator will flash red.

Built Quality of Braun BT5050

The Braun BT5050 beard trimming machine is made in Germany.

It is made with hard plastic. But it can be an issue for the detachable comb.

You have to be more careful when you remove the comb because if the trimmer or combs suddenly slip from your hand it can be damaged or break down.

But in this price range, you should not expect premium materials from a costly brand like Braun.

The stainless steel blades stay sharp to last its lifetime.

BT 5050 is very lightweight and it will easily fit on your hand.

The body is made with rubber grip and plastic, so don’t worry about slipping it when you will use it wet or under the shower.

The manufacturer engineered it water resistant. You can use it wet or dry.

Even you can use shaving gel or foam during the trim.

The trimmer itself is ergonomically designed. There is a power button on the front side of the shaver and it is very responsive and does not take much time to turn on after pressing the button.

The charging point is located at the bottom of the trimmer.

You will get 2 attachment combs with this package.

And these combs will offer you 25 hair length settings.

#The precision comb

There is a round dial in the comb.  It is engineered from (1mm-10mm) with 0.5mm steps. So you can trim at your desired hair length. But the trimmer comb is made with plastic and it is poor quality.  But the performance will meet your satisfaction. Just during use, you have to be more careful.

#Long beard comb

This attachment also made of plastic. And it is engineered from (10mm-20mm) with 2mm steps. So who wants long length beard this comb is for you.

Removing and adjoining the combs is very easy.

You will find all the directions clearly with pictures in the user’s manual.

Performance of Braun BT5050

The trimmer itself made with high-quality plastic. I am happy with its shaving performance.

The trimmer head is 1.5’’ wide and it is able to trim my mustache, sideburn, jaw-line, and under the neck.

But in the thick area, it requires multiple passes for an even trim. When I trim my beard, I did not feel any kind of hair pulling.

Performance wise, the Braun BT5050 is great and met my satisfaction. But when I use the attachment comb it feels flimsy.

And the precision comb is not so good for precise trimming. The comb’s quality could be better.

Cleaning and Maintenance

You can clean the Braun BT5050 in dry or wetDry clean is so easy. You will get a little cleaning brush with this package. You have to use this for a dry cleaning.

1st remove the attachment comb from the trimmer head. Removing is so easy, there are 2 switches in both sides of the trimmer head, just press them softly and the comb will be removed.

Then brush the comb thoroughly in the inner side and outer side. You can hold it in the running tap for wet clean.

1st turn off the shaver and unblock the trimmer head by pulling it. Now rinse it in hot water not boiling water of course. It is very easy to clean under running water. For a hygienic clean you can apply a bit of liquid soap.

Now, it’s time to dry the shaver with an open head.

If the shaver is cleaned and dried enough you have to lubricate the trimmer blades with the blade oil which comes with this package. 1st apply a little bit of oil on the top of the blades then you have to unblock the trimmer head to lubricate the inner parts of the trimmer.

In the trimmer head, there are 4 points to lubricateThe lubrication makes your machine faster and a better cut. Don’t apply too much. Now close the trimmer head.


  • I don’t have any strong objection about performance
  • Multiple attachments for 25 hair length settings
  • Wet and dry use
  • You can use it cordless or corded
  • Easy clean. You can clean it the dry version or wet version
  • 2 years warranty



  • The attachment combs could be better quality
  • Charging time is so long
  • Sometimes inappropriate



I tried to give you almost all the information about the Braun BT5050.

And the Braun offer you 60 days money back guarantee from the actual buying date.

And in this price range, you cannot find this type of machine with this type of performance.

If you want to buy a new trimmer I think you should at least try it.

Braun BT5050 vs BT5070 vs BT5090

I have already told you about the Braun BT 5050. How its performance, built quality?

Here I want to give information about the Braun BT5070 and Braun BT5090 in short.


#Braun BT5070

  • This trimmer also comes with 2 attachment combs which will provide us 25 hair length settings
  • The stainless steel blades remain sharp lifetime lasting the trimmer itself
  • Comes with 2 Ni-MH batteries which will provide 50 min operating time per 1-hour charge. This is a big difference between BT5070 and BT5050. Where is 8 hours and where is 1 hour. But the operating time is the same.
  • The cleaning system is so easy because the trimmer is 100% waterproof. So for an easy clean just hold the trimmer under running water.
  • You can use it cordless or corded.
  • Comes with additional detail trimmer which is located in the front side of the trimmer
  • Full 2 years warranty

So, the additional features of 5070 are – comes with detail trimmer, charging time is only 1 hour.

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#Braun BT 5090

  • Comes with 2 attachment combs which will provide 25 hair length settings. precision comb and hair clipper
  • This model also waterproof like others
  • Stainless steel sharp blades become sharp up to its lifetime
  • The BT5090 also comes with a detail trimmer like its previous model Braun BT 5070
  • Dual battery system and the battery will operate 40min per 1-hour charge.
  • There is also a quick charge option – 5 min charge is enough for 1 trim
  • We can use it cordless or corded
  • Comes with a rounded cleaning stand

The additional features are – rounded cleaning stand, quick charge option.

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