Braun BT3240 Beard Trimmer Review: The Successor Model of Braun BT3040 Beard Trimmer!

Braun BT3240 is the revamped version of the older Braun BT3040 trimmer. The new trimmer comes with more power, but most features are similar. The new Braun BT3240 comes with a more powerful battery, which was a major issue in the older Braun BT3040 trimmer. There are some more upgrades in the new trimmer that I’ll cover in this article.


  • The Braun beard trimmer bt3240 comes with 39 precision hair length settings with 0.5 increment steps.
  • Blades are self-sharpening, and the blades’ sharpness will last a lifetime.
  • The AC adapter with the trimmer is for universal use; it can adapt 100v to 240volt.
  • It is Powered by a rechargeable battery, which provides 80 minutes of running time per 1 hour of charge. That was 60 minutes/8 hours in the older version.
  • This trimmer is fully washable.
  • You will get a Gillette flex-ball razor with this package.

What’s in the Box?

The package of Braun bt3240 beard trimmer contains little more things. After unboxing the package you will find –

  • Braun beard trimmer BT3040.
  • A precision beard comb (1mm – 10mm)
  • A precision hair comb (11mm-20mm)
  • Gillette pro-glide shaver
  • Cleaning brush
  • AC adapter.
  • Travel pouch
  • User manual

Features and Specifications Analysis

Maximum Precision Trimming

Braun BT3240 Trimmer's Precision Dial technology

The Braun beard trimmer BT3240 has been designed with a precision dial setting that provides 39 hair length settings with 0.5 incremental steps.

You can get precision beard trimming on all beard lengths.

#Stubble and Shorten Your Medium Beards

braun beard trimmer bt3040 short beard trimming

There is a short beard comb that will allow you to shorten your stubble and beard.

#Long Beard Comb

bruan bt3040

The long beard comb is for maintaining a lengthier beard style.

This comb provides 11mm to 20mm beard trimming length.

This comb is also for clipping the head hairs.


best beard trimmer

For contour edging, there is a Gillette pro-glide shaver with flex-ball technology to create defined lines.

100% Washable

beard trimmer

Cleaning is easy because the Braun beard trimmer bt3040 is fully washable up to 5m.

So, it could be a positive side for the Braun bt3040 as a washable trimmer.

Long-Lasting Sharp Blades

Braun BT3240 Beard Trimmer - Lifetime lasting trimming blades

The trimmer features self-sharpening blades. The ultra-sharp blades remain sharp up to its(the trimmer) lifetime and trim without pulling or tugging hairs.

Cordless/Corded Trimmer

A cordless shaver/trimmer is best for traveling, and you can carry it with you anywhere for universal use.

But when you realize the battery is fully discharged and you don’t have enough time to charge it, but you have to trim your beard, then what will you do?

This Braun beard trimmer 3240 is both for corded and cordless use.

Don’t worry if the battery is fully discharged/dead.

Because it is able to provide you service while it is charging.

Even the charger is for universal use, you can use it anywhere from any country because it can adapt 100 – 240 volts.

Battery Life

This Braun beard trimmer BT3240 is powered by 2AA rechargeable battery. These batteries will deliver up to 80 minutes of running time per hour of charge.

The older version Braun BT3040 provided 60 minutes of cordless performance with an 8-hour charge.

That is why I like most the new version.

This shaver is designed with an LED display to give you the battery status. When you connect the shaver to the electrical outlet, the LED display will show the shaver is charging.

After fully charged, the battery LED indicator will be turned off.

After completely charging the battery, immediately disconnect it from the electrical outlet.

Removing the battery is so easy. You will get complete instructions in the user manual.

LED Indicator

trimming machine

On the body of the trimmer, there is an LED power indicator. The LED indicator will provide the battery status.


The Braun Corporation provides 2 years of limited warranty for this product from the purchase date. Within 2 years, if your product damages by defective materials or workmanship, the Braun Corporation will repair or replace your product without any charge.

But this service does not cover if your shaver damages for lack of reasonable care, misuse/ abuse, or accident. Always handle your trimmer very carefully.

NOTE: This warranty covers only for the USA.

60 Days Free Trial

After use, if you are not fully satisfied with this shaver’s performance, you can return it. But you have to return it within 60 days.

I think 60 days is really very long-time period for a trial, and it’s a great opportunity for the consumers.

NOTE: This service does not cover if your product gets damaged by an accident or unreasonable use.

Built Quality

The Braun BT 3040 is a very lightweight trimmer- only 11 ounces. So you won’t feel any pain if you need to hold the trimmer for a long time.

This Braun trimmer is engineered with ultra-sharp blades, and this sharpness will remain up to the blade’s life.

This blade is sharp enough to provide you with a precise trim.

But if you have a curly and thick beard, it may sometimes pull your hair.

There are 2 attachment combs with this package.

These combs will provide 39 length settings for beard and hair trimming.

There is a zoom wheel selector for changing the length settings.

 The trimmer feels very sturdy, but the attachment combs are not made with high-quality plastic. It feels fragile.

#Beard Trimming or Hair Clipping

  • Attaching and removing the combs are so easy. Be sure when you will change the comb, the trimmer is switched off.
  • After attaching the comb, turn the length selector for setting up your desired length setting, and the comb slides automatically up and down.
  • The beard comb is for – 1mm to 10mm with 0.5mm incremental steps.
  • The hair comb is for – 11 to 20mm with o.5 incremental steps.
  • After the length setting, turn on the trimmer.
  • Glide the trimmer over the skin. To get the best result, move it against the hair growth.

NOTE: Remove the trimmer head and comb occasionally after every use.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Proper cleaning and maintenance will keep your trimmer workable for a long period.

There are 2 ways of cleaning this Braun beard trimmer 3040; dry or wet.

#Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is very easy and quick. I think it won’t take more than 5 minutes.

  • 1st, you must remove the trimmer’s head and the comb attachment.
  • When you will remove them, handle them very carefully.
  • Now brush the trimmer head and comb to remove the loose hair.
  • Then brush the trimmer handle to remove the debris or loose hair.
  • After completely brushing all the parts, replace them.

#Wet Cleaning

Wet cleaning is also easy and quick. This Braun beard trimmer BT3040 is fully washable but not waterproof; you can rinse the handle up to 5m.

  • Hold them under running water after removing the trimmer’s head and attachment comb.
  • Tab the trimmer head and comb to remove the loose hair.
  • For hygienic cleaning, you can use a bit of liquid soap.
  • Now rinse them thoroughly.
  • The trimmer handle is also washable. You can also wash through the water.
  • After cleaning, let them air dry fully.
  • Never use a towel/cloth/tissue to dry them.
  • After drying, replace them.

NOTE: After cleaning, oil the trimmer blade. No oil is included with this package, but you can use a light oil, like sawing machine oil.


  • Lightweight and easy to clean.
  • 39 beard and hair length settings.
  • Reliable battery.
  • Super sharp blades.
  • Satisfactory trimming performance.


  • Poor quality combs


  • Use the trimmer only in dry conditions don’t use it wet.
  • Don’t store the trimmer in any place where it can fall down into the water.
  • You cannot use the trimmer under the shower because it can cause damage.
  • Don’t charge it for a long time than recommended.
  • Be sure the trimmer is switched off before cleaning and charging.
  • For the hygienic reason, use it personally.
  • Close supervision is essential when using this trimmer on children or invalids.
  • Use this trimmer as described in the user manual.
  • Never charge the shaver with a damaged power cord.
  • Never use the trimmer if the blades/comb is damaged/broken down. It can be the cause of skin irritation or something more.
  • Keep the trimmer and charger away from the heated surface.
  • Don’t use any other charger to charge the trimmer. Use the included charger only.


You cannot find any shaver/trimmer Brand that can make a product perfectly.

But of course, some have been making the top and highest quality products.

This Braun beard trimmer 3240 is made with high-quality blades.

I think it will able to provide satisfactory performance, but the attachment combs are not well made.

They feel fragile, and they can break down with a little pressure.

So, of course, you have to handle it carefully.

Otherwise, the performance of this trimmer is able to obtain my satisfaction.

Whatever, I tried to provide all the features of this product.

Now, if you want, you can buy it and test it.

The great service I think of in this product is the 60 days satisfactory free trial.

So, you can return it to the dealer within 60 days after trying the product if you do not find it satisfactory.


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