Braun 7893s Electric Shaver Review: Is This Older Generation Braun Series 7 Shaver Still Worth Buying?

The Braun 7893s is a solo model in the older Generation Braun Series 7 shavers. The older generation of Series 7 is still a hot topic on the shaver market for sturdy and robust shavers. Including its metal frame and wet/dry shaving technology, some compelling features in the shaver may make you thoughtful twice about buying this older-generation shaver. However, there are some limitations as well that may feel unsuitable for you.

What’s in the Box?

  • Braun 7893s electric shaver itself
  • A sturdy travel case
  • Little cleaning brush
  • AC adapter
  • User manual

There is no “cleaning station’’ with this model, but other models of series 7 7865cc and 7899cc come with a cleaning and charging dock.

4 Cutting Elements

The Braun 7893s electric shaver has specialized elements in the shaver head (3 cutting elements and 1 skin guard).

That elements work together to capture more hairs in one stroke and deliver a thorough clean result what others do in two.

Sonic and Autosense Technology

Like other Series 7 shavers, the Braun 7893s also comes with intelligent sonic technology, which produces 10,000 micro-vibrations. T

The 10,000 micro-vibrations and the responsive autosensing motor automatically adapt to the features of your face and capture more hair in every stroke, even on dense beards.

8-D Contour Adaptation

The key feature of Braun series 7 is 8 direction flexible head and floating shaving elements.

The ultra-flexible shaving head is able to handle the problematic areas of the chin and upper neck.

It is very common in the lower quality shavers to get nicks and cuts in these areas, but you only notice the gentle hum of the motor – no nicks, cuts, or scratches with the Braun Series 7 7893s shaver.

5 Turbo/ Sensitive Modes

braun series 7 7893s 5 shaving modes

Different skin types of different people with different hair growing out of it.

Designing a device that works equally well on all kinds of faces is very demanding.

But Braun Series 7 7893 has 5 personalized shaving modes that allow you to adjust the power to your skin type and style.

Wet/Dry Shaver

The Braun 7893s is a wet dry shaver

The Braun Series 7 7893s is a smart electric shaver designed to shave dry or with water, foam, and gel, and in the shower for a refreshing smooth skin experience.

This feature makes the model more advanced than the older ones.

100% Waterproof

waterproof shaver Braun Series 7 7893s

Braun 7893s electric shaver is 100% waterproof up to 5 meters.

So, you can easily clean your shaver with running water, and no damage will likely be caused by water.

Precision Shaving Head

The precision shaving head delivers an efficient shave in every stroke, and each of the three shaving heads can pivot left and right.

This allows you to reach any difficult areas and remain in contact with your skin.

To provide a close shave, the pivoting head and block work together.

There is a headlock switch to lock the shaver head into a single position.

Pop-up Trimmer

The Braun Series 7 shavers come with a pop-up trimmer for the basic trimming of sideburns and stubborn flat-lying hairs, and it does no harm to the skin.

At the beginning of your shave, trim those stubborn hairs that lie flat against your neck.

But it is not a complete trimming solution – you can’t use it for your facial hair down to stubble or to do fine detailing work.

Battery Life

All the series 7 electric shavers are powered by a lithium-ion battery.

And a lithium-ion battery can deliver its full rated capacity, even at high currents.

The Braun 7893s is no different, and the lithium-ion battery of Braun Series 7 7893s delivers 50 minutes of running juice (cordless) and takes about an hour to charge fully.

When you charge the shaver, you must use the included special cord.

There is a premium display that indicates the remaining battery with 3 different steps –

#Charging lights:

  • When the shaver is being charged or turned on, the green charging light blinks and show the charge status of the battery.
  • After fully charging the battery, all the lights shine constantly.
  • After completing the charging, the shaver switches to the stand-by mode: the display switches off.

#Low charge light:

  • The red low-charge light flashes when the battery is running low, and then you can shave 2 to 3 times with that little charge, and you need to recharge the device.

Built Quality of Braun 7893s

Built quality is one of the most important matters to consider when buying an electric shaver.

The full body of Braun 7893s is made with metal and high-quality chrome plastic.

The Braun series 7 7893 electric shaver is dominated by black rubber, and the rubber makes the shaver easy to grasp when your hand is covered in shaving foam or wet.

Below the power button are two silver semi-circles marked with a ‘’+’’ and ‘’-minus’’ for different speed settings, from sensitive to intensive.

Further down the handle, just below the Braun logo, there is a small little indentation, it is the reset button.

After 18 months of use, the ‘’change shaver head’’ logo will appear on the indicator screen.

The circle LCD screen is placed at the base of the shaver body.

A pop-up-trimmer is for goatees, mustaches,s or sideburns.

The horizontal design makes it easier to see your shaving area, but the trimmer’s performance is unlike the professional trimmers.

There is no cleaning station with this package. So you have to clean it manually.

The shaver head is made up of three individual parts, and they have different names.

#Active lift trimmer:

This part is for lifting and cutting the flat-laying hairs and is placed in the middle of the three parts.


The two outer foil guards provide you with a close and comfortable shave.

The manufacturer has deliberately made The Braun 7893s shaver without a travel lock.

So, it will be a little risky to carry it while traveling because suddenly the power button can be turned ON.

It will not be a problem if you carry the shaver carefully.

My Shaving Experience

Undoubtedly, this shaver is one of the best choices for a close shave and also depends on the shaving experience.

After shaving, it does not leave a rash sensation on my skin.

For the first time, the shaver did not produce satisfactory results in some areas, like – under the chest and around the throat is painful.

But after getting used to the shaver, I do not feel that problem.

After a long shave, the foils get a little hot, but it does not matter to me.

Without micro-vibration, I could not feel any difference in shaving performance between Braun Series 7 and Braun Series 5.

Overall, the shaving performance is not much better when compared with upper qualities like Series 9.

But as a middle-range shaver, it delivers premium shaves with skin comfort.

 Cleaning and Maintenance

Proper cleaning and maintenance will keep your shaver working for a long time. Since the shaver does not come with a cleaning dock, we need to clean it manually.

Manual cleaning is not tough as the shaver is 100% waterproof. Let’s learn how to clean the Braun series 7 7893s electric shaver easily and quickly.

  1. 1stly, turn on the shaver and rinse the shaver head under warm water to remove the hair and dead skin cells from the shaver.
  2. Hold the shaver under the running water, and unlit all residues and foam removes.
  3. For the sake of hygiene, you can use liquid soap.
  4. Let the shaver run for a few more seconds, and next, switch off the shaver. And then, remove the foil & cutter cassette by pressing the release button.
  5. Let the foil and cutter cassette dry.
  6. You cannot use the shaver until it dries fully.
  7. If you regularly clean the shaver under running water, then once a week, you must apply a drop of light machine oil (not included) on top of the Foil & cuter cassette and the pop-up trimmer for better performance.

Replacement Part

There is a replacement symbol on the shaver’s display.

When the replacement symbol lights up, you have to replace the Foil & Cutter cassette, and this symbol will remind you during the next 7 shaves to replace the Foil & Cutter cassette.

The Braun 70S is the suited replacement head for the Braun Series 7 7893s shaver.

The foil & cutter cassette needs to be replaced after 18 months, and replacing at the right time will give you 100% satisfactory shaving performance.


  • Provide powerful, close shave
  • Wet/dry shaver
  • LED display.
  • 100% waterproof
  • Logical price.
  • Powerful motor.
  • The pivoting head can easily follow every contour of the face.


  • Replacement is a bit costly.
  • No cleaning dock
  • No travel lock


I first mentioned that it is a mid-range electric shaver with sturdy built quality.

The built quality of Braun is amazing, but the performance is not comparable with premium shavers like Panasonic arc5, Braun Series 9, or Philips Norelco 9700.

The Braun 7893s must be the best electric shaver and a reasonable solution in its price range.

Even many users are very pleased with this Braun series 7 7893, moreover, such a high score (4.3 out of 5) would not have been possible if not good in quality.

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