Braun 3080s ProSkin Shaver Review: How Efficient and Worth Buying Is the Braun Series 3 3080S Shaver?

Braun updates their products very frequently and releases updated versions with new models. The Braun 3080s is a new generation Series 3 ProSkin shaver that comes in a completely new look. The ProSkin razors are the most advanced creations in Series 3 where Braun focuses on maximum skin comfort. Braun rendered the most popular 3040s model with some new mechanisms in their new ProSkin model which we are going to analyze. In this article, you are going to read what you can expect in this new model and how efficient it is.


  • The new Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3080s comes with a more compelling aqua blue and black casing with a rubberized secure grip.
  • This is the only model in Braun Series 3 that comes with a charging stand.
  • The manufacturer used NiMH rechargeable battery in the shaver that provides 45 minutes of cordless performance and there is a 5-minute quick charge option.
  • There is a hard travel pouch for secured traveling.
  • Completely waterproof and good at wet/dry shaving.
  • Special: precision foil lock for shaving tricky areas.
  • There is a built-in slide-up trimmer for precision trimming and final touches.

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What’s in the Box?

Although a basic-level shaver, it comes with some compelling attachments that give a premium feel. After unboxing the package you will find the following item in the box:

  • A sturdy travel pouch
  • The shaver itself kept in the travel pouch
  • A small cleaning brush
  • Charging stand
  • Charging adapter
  • User manual

You’ll not find the basic foil protective plastic cap in the package whereas the other Series 3 like 3040s come with the protective cap. But I think it’s not a big issue since there is a much-secured travel pouch.

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Features and Specifications Analysis

I didn’t find much more changes in this new Braun Series 3 shaver’s features to tremendously differentiate. But the shaver comes with enough facilities to full fill your regular shaving desire.

3 Shaving Elements:

Braun Series 3 3080s shaver 3 shaving elements

Like the other Series 3 shavers, the Braun 3080s also comes with 3 specialized shaving elements. There are 2 regular foil shaving elements for shaving short stubbles smoothly and a middle trimmer that tackles longer and flat-lying hairs.

Pressure-sensitive Head:

Braun designed the ProSkin razors to provide the best shaving comfort at an affordable price. For that, they used pressure-sensitive shaving elements that are fully flexible at their work. Every shaving element can move and float up/down to minimize skin pressure.

100% Waterproof:

The Braun 3080s is 100% waterproof which makes the cleaning process easier. You can directly rinse it with running tape water and moreover use it under the shower.

Wet/dry Shaver:

Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3080s Wet/dry shaving

All washable shavers are not good for wet shaving. But the Braun 3080s pretty well for both wet/dry. Therefore, you can use your favorite shaving lubricants for refreshing wet shaves or have quick dry shaves.

Precision Headlock:

There is a precision head lock system in the Braun 3080s shaver. You will find a sliding switch just below the shaver head. By sliding the switch, you can up and down the first foil/shaving element to make precision shaving in tricky areas.

Cordless Shaver:

The manufacturer engineered the Braun 3080s only for cordless use. They used a rechargeable NiMH battery in the shaver that offers 45 minutes of continuous cordless shaving with a 1-hour full charge. There is a 5-minute quick charging option as well for an urgent shave.

Precision Trimmer:

Braun 3080s built-in precision trimmer

There is a built-in precision slide-up trimmer in the Braun 3080s shaver. This is not new to the ProSkin solo models where the older 3040s shaver also has a perfectly fitted slide-up trimmer. However, the trimmer is pretty useful and efficient to make edges and precise final touches. Although a basic-level shaver, the precision trimmer feels pretty premium.

3-Stage Battery Indicator:

Braun used 3 segments of LED display for battery and charging indication. The last remaining indicator will warn red after draining the full battery power. Every segment shows 15 minutes of power and you have to put it into an electrical outlet after getting the red warning.

The Extras:

Again, Braun provides a sturdy travel pouch with the package to protect the shaver from outer hits while traveling or storing with other gadgets. There is a charging stand that is used to recharge the shaver safely. Since a solo model, Braun provides the charging stand instead of the cleaning dock to make the shaver more compelling. But I think there is not much need for a charging stand since you can charge the shaver directly with the charging cord.

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Our Test Result

The Braun Series 3 ProSkin shavers are always praised by users for their satisfactory performance.

The new generation ProSkin shaver Braun 3080s provides identical performance to the older models.

You can not differentiate between the 3080s and the predecessors in terms of performance.

However, series 3 ProSkin shavers come with 3 pressure-sensitive shaving elements that ensure maximum shaving comfort.

I found, there is no rival that can beat Braun series 3’s shaving comfort and sensitive skin compatibility.

The Braun 3080s is also good for making close results in regular shaves.

You should have 1-2 days of stubble to get the best result and baby face smoothness.

However, the shaver is not much powerful enough to tackle longer hairs where the shaver may slow down.

In that fact, Braun’s premium line shavers are best in the foil category.

I tried the 3080s for wet shaving and got a good result too.

I used the precision trimmer for trimming off the long hairs for making stubble and shaving off.

The result was pretty fast and good enough.

Undoubtedly the trimmer is a good-fitted addition for precision trimming, edging, and outlining.

So, it’s a good choice to have regular shaves with the shaver with maximum skin comfort.

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Replacement Part

Braun Series 3 is always adorable for inexpensive replacement heads.

The head lasts approximately 18 months whereas the alternatives from other brands last 12 months.

On the other hand, the replacement heads are always available on Amazon.

There is a replacement indicator at the front of the shaver that warns of the next replacement.

After a replacement, you can reset the warning with a long press of the power button.


  • Pressure-sensitive shaving elements for comfortable shaves.
  • The precision foil lock is handy for shaving tricky areas.
  • Good battery life and 5-minute quick charge.
  • Sturdy travel pouch and useful charging stand.
  • Wet/dry shaver and 100% waterproof.
  • Available, inexpensive, and durable replacement head.
  • Textured rubberized secure-grip, stylish design.
  • Useful slide-up trimmer.


  • Expensive than other Series 3 ProSkin solo models.
  • A bit noisy.
  • No foil protective cap.
  • Not good for longer/flat-lying hairs.


Although an entry-level shaver, the Braun 3080s has some advanced features and facilities that are really compelling. There are some limitations too. But this is a smart solution for users who seek affordable shavers with advanced facilities. I think it’s powerful enough to have regular shaves for 1-2 days of stubble. You have to consider more advanced shavers like Series 5, and Series 7 for longer/coarse hairs.

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Braun 3080s vs Braun 3040s

The Braun 3040s ProSkin is the nearest predecessor of the new Braun 3080s shaver.

I found the performance and built quality of both shavers are identical.

The only difference I found is the color combination.

Everyone has a different color choice but I like the 3040s personally whereas other experts liked the 3080s most; so it’s up to you.

However, the new Braun 3080s comes with a precision head lock system that is not available in the 3040s.

The remarkable differences you will find in the extra items that come with the packages.

The Braun 3040s comes with a basic plastic cap for foil protection but the 3080s comes with a hard travel pouch that is a plus for the 3080s.

Moreover, the 3080s comes with a charging stand but the 3040s doesn’t have any stand.

But most of the experts have the same opinion that the charging stand is not much important for a shaver since you can recharge both shavers directly with the charging cord.

Most importantly, the 3040s charges half of the expensive 3080s shaver.

However, the 3080s has some plus points as well including the precision lock, stylish color combination, and extra attachments.

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Braun 3080s vs Panasonic ES-LL41-K

The Panasonic ES-LL41-K is a hybrid men’s grooming machine that comes with 3 foil-shaving elements.

There are 2 guide combs that offer to trim off long hairs in 6 different lengths.

The ES-ll41 is a powerful wet/dry shaver that can handle thicker hairs.

I found the LED display of the Panasonic shaver is more advanced than the Braun 3080s and moreover, the ES-LL41-K has a more powerful battery that provides 50 minutes of runtime.

This is also a waterproof design and comparably easier to clean since it offers separate cleaning of the foils and cutters.

Two aspects of the Braun 3080s that can beat the Panasonic ES-ll41 are; the shaving comfort and the durability of the replacement head.

The shaving process of the Braun shaver is much more comfortable and enjoyable than the Panasonic shaver.

The Panasonic heads last for 12 months and the Braun heads last for 18 months on the other hand.

If you are fond of comfortable shaves and like to save some replacement costs, the Braun 2080s is a better choice.

But Panasonic ES-LL41-K has some compelling features as well that can beat the Braun 3080s.

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Braun 3080s vs Wahl lifeproof Shaver

The Wahl lifeproof shaver is a waterproof and shockproof shaver that comes with 4 different stylish looks (gray, green, yellow, and orange).

The Lifeproof shaver comes with a more powerful Lithium-ion rechargeable battery that offers 90 minutes of cordless runtime + 5-minute quick charge.

Wahl used self-sharpening precision blades in the head with flexible foils for maximum efficient shaves.

Most importantly, the LifeProof shaver comes with a travel lock system that is absent in the Braun 3080s shaver.

This is also a wet/dry shaver and features a full-size stainless steel precision trimmer.

The downside of the Wahl LifeProof shaver is, there is no battery life indicator to show how much power remains.

However, the Lifeproof shaver also has lots of compelling features and even more facilities than the Braun 3080s, and moreover, the price is approximately half or less than half.

But the built quality of Braun 3080s is unbeatable by the alternatives.

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