Best Shaving Cream for Men

Best shaving cream for men

Shaving cream is a very familiar ingredient by the men for comfortable facial hair shaving. A great shaving cream can make your shaving enjoyable while a bad one can make you scared. All the manufacturers make their shaving creams with many chemicals and natural ingredients. Most of the chemicals are very harmful to facial health and need to avoid. But some manufacturers really make their creams considering the harms of chemicals and implementing healthy ingredients.

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Gillette Fusion5 ProShield Disposable Razor Review

Gillette Fusion 5 proshield

There are some people who love to do a clean shave with a traditional razor rather than an electric shaver.

The Gillette Fusion 5 Proshield is not only a better traditional razor it also takes less time to complete its operation.

There may occur many functional problems of an electric shaver, but this one is pretty simple to use.

The handle is engineered with flex ball and the cartridges are engineered with 2 lubrication lines with mineral oil and other moisturizers.

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Best Beard Oils For a Healthy Beard Maintenance

best beard oil

Beard is the longest running tradition and it has a great heritage. Men have been maintaining their beard since the beginning of mankind. If you go back to the ancient Mesopotamia with the Sumerians in chiptunes, they have not recorded history that they were applying oil to their beards.

Beard oil is a very important product for maintaining who has beards. There are many Beard oils in the market but all the products will offer you the same thing and that’s moisture.

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Braun MGK3020 Multi Grooming Kit Review – Beard and Hair Trimmer

braun mgk3020 multi grooming kit

Nowadays, we have grown habituated with modern gadgets and sometimes they come with multiple tools in one package. The Guy who likes to trim his beard and create a different type of beard style and hairstyle by own, he always searches for an ultimate grooming kit.

In most of the cases, this type of grooming kits are expensive and don’t meet the budget. We have to strive to find the best product in a friendly budget.

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Dorco Pace 6 Plus Shaving Razor Review – 6 Blade Disposable Razor

Dorco pace 6 plus disposable razor for close shaving

DORCO is a Korean grooming product producer company especially famous for shaving razors since 1957.

The DORCO razor Brand makes disposable cartridge razors both for male and female. They offer 3, 4, 6 or 7 blade razors in their category. The DORCO pace 6 plus razor firstly comes with 6 blades shaving system.

DORCO claims the 6 blades will provide the closest shaving experience with less irritation.  

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Braun MGK3060 Trimming Machine Review

Braun MGK3060

Trimming beards and head hairs is really an engaging task for men. To make this task enjoyable, many brands brought many electric trimmers on the market.

Braun is one of the top electric shaver and trimmer companies worldwide. They engineered their combo product Braun MGK3060 trimmer both for head hair and beard trimming.

So, you can use this trimmer to trim your beard in a different style and also cut your hairs in different length.

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