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best hair clippers

Hair clipper is the most recent and essential electric device for hair grooming. A professional hair groomer or a saloon is almost obsolete without a hair clipper. That’s why every professional keeps a powerful hair clipper for ultimate hair grooming and styling. There are variety of hair clippers on the market and most of them are not for professional use and can not provide satisfactory performance. You do not know about all the available products of the market and all are not similar in quality. To find the actual good and professional hair clipper, you must see expert’s reviews. Some expert bloggers reviewed really best hair clippers according to built quality, performance, brand and customer reactions like ours. In this unbiased review, we collected the best hair clippers considering maximum possibilities of becoming the really best hair clipper. Let’s check which hair clippers get position in our expert’s listing.


1. Oster Classic 76

best hair trimmer

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The Oster brand is highly famous for their personal grooming products.

Their most popular production is the Oster Classic 76 clippers.

There are lots of models in their Oster classic 76 clipper series.

I found the OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper is the best at every angle.

The hair trimmer comes with a powerful, single speed universal motor drive to handle very heavy duty.

Oster designed the clipper for professional use, but you can use it for personal grooming too.

The hair clipper comes with 2 detachable blades (000 size and 1 size) which you can easily attach and detach for maximum personalization and cleaning purposes.

The Oster classic 76 hair trimmer has been made with a very strong body that ensures durable and long life resistance.

Since super powerful motor and stainless steel blades, it can handle any kind of hair even super coarse and long.

Most of the professionals call the clipper as “Workhorse” for its durability and performance.

It comes with a 9 feet long cord to ensure longer distance.

You should purchase the professional combs to get more personalization and length settings. Oster offers 1 year limited warranty for their grooming products.

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2. Panasonic ER1611

hair trimming machine

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The Japanese brand Panasonic is world famous for electrical products and they have a strong reputation in personal grooming industry.

Panasonic has lots of electric shavers, beard trimmers and hair clippers on the market and most of them are very well recognized.

The Panasonic ER1611 is a top grooming product in the hair clipper category.

The Panasonic ER1611 is a cordless and corded hair trimmer that must be a great opportunity for grooming gigs.

It is a Twin voltage clipper that features a very powerful premium motor drive to deliver super speed operation in 10,000rpm.

I think the power is more than desired. The premium hair trimmer comes with world’s premier blades to cut the hair with single pass and reduce typical pressure.

It can handle any kind of hair even any kind of curves and skin contact.

The t-blade trimmer is detachable to allow you cleaning easily.

There are 3 attachment combs with the package which offers 3mm to 15mm hair length cuttings.

That it think allow you to small to bigger hair cutting lengths.

You can also use the trimmer without the attachment combs to have stubble hair trimming and clipping.

The Panasonic ER1611 hair trimmer has an adorable and powerful Ni-MH rechargeable battery which provides 1 hour of continuous juice for cordless hair clipping with 1 hour charge.

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3. Wahl Cordless Magic Clip

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The American electric product Brand Wahl is very famous for electric shavers, trimmers and hair clippers.

They manufactured the hair clippers first in this world in 1919 and they are still very renowned in this category.

The Wahl Cordless Magic Clip hair trimmer is one of the most popular and top-rated hair clippers on the market.

There are very few premium hair saloons which don’t have the Wahl cordless magic clip clipper in their collection.

Wahl designed this powerful device targeting the professionals and implementing enough force to handle super heavy load.

It is a premium hair clipper which offers both cordless and corded hair clipping facility.

The hair cutting machine is powered by a powerful lithium-ion rechargeable battery which offers 90 minutes of continuous performance in one full charge.

This powerful hair trimmer comes with precision stainless steel zero-overlap blades that can cut the hair very smooth and perfect for fading and blending.

The American hair clipper company Wahl included 8 attachment combs with the package to deliver maximum trimming length facility for fashion lovers.

In my view, this is the most attractive hair clipper on the market which has a perfect look and user-friendly design for ease of use.

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